Last Updated: September 4, 2014

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Viper Lacrosse , a non-profit organization, was formed to provide the highest quality lacrosse training and tournament play to all lacrosse players at a subsidized cost. In addition, Viper Lacrosse, will strive to sponsor any player whose family is experiencing economic or social challenges.

Viper Lacrosse’s belief is that athletics enhances the quality of life for all young participants. Participants in the Viper sports program will learn how to co-operate and act within a team environment. In competitive situations, Viper players will learn how to be resilient by handling victory and defeat with integrity and proper behavior. All of these basic skills are necessary in order to be a success in their personal life and future professional careers.

Viper Lacrosse will always strive to obtain coaches with the highest reputation and skills for all of our young sports participants. Viper realizes that these coaches will be important role-models for our young men and women players.

Finally, Viper Lacrosse will always provide a stable organization that will be actively involved with community parents, business leaders, colleges and other organizations in order to ensure the advancement of these goals.