Last Updated: August 30, 2015

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League Meeting

September 8, 2015


Attention managers and coaches :

The league is requesting your presence for an extremelly urgent and important meeting that literally will improve or affect your participation in this Tournament. You and your team are a vital part of this organization. If you think that your vote and opinions do not count, you are wrong. We need you there.

TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 8 th, 2015  - CENTENNIAL PARK - LIVE OAK ROOM - 7 PM  ( 600 Nickerson Blvd, Paso Robles)

Esta Liga solicita su presencia para una junta extremadamente uirgente e importante, que de una forma u otra va a mejorar o empeorar su participacion en este torneo. Ud y su equipo son una parte vital de esta organizacion. Lo necesitamos con ideas y positivismo. Actue con responsabilidad, empezando con su presencia para un mejor futuro.

All Stars Competition - Seleccion Liga

August 25, 2015

This League has accepted an invitation to participate in a one day Tournament with the Central Valley Soccer League, in Delano , Ca

Sunday October the 4th, 2015. We need your cooperation with players willing to participate. MOre information at the league meeting.


Esta Liga a aceptado una invitacion para un Torneo de la Central Valey Soccer League in Delano California para el Domingo 4 de Octubre. Planes para formar la seleccion ya estan en marcha. Mas informacion en la junta.

Upcoming Games (Proximos Juegos)

Sunday,  Aug 30
Premier Summer/Fall
DYNASTY @ SLO JAYS 10:00am Barney Schwartz #3
MORELIA @ ATLETICO SAN JUAN 10:00am Barney Schwartz #1
BRAZIL @ NAPOLI 12:00pm Barney Schwartz #3
First Summer Fall
CENTRO BANCARIO @ ARSENAL 8:00am Barney Schwartz #3
SHOCKERS @ REAL SAN LUIS 8:00am Barney Schwartz #1
COLONIA MODERNA @ SANTA CRUZ 12:00pm Barney Schwartz #1

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