Last Updated: August 24, 2015

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With Gratitude and Thanks

February 10, 2015

We want to take this opportunity to thank our Sponsors from 2014 that have helped in our pursuit of building a winning program. Without their support a football program in this area would be near impossible. Please share and visit these fine businesses:

Carson City Toyota

Café at Adeles

Express Systems

Karwoski Dental

Dayton Valley Dental Care

Rice Hydro

All About Insurance

Battle Born Ammunition

If your business is interested in joining these Sponsors for the 2015 DYFL & Cheer please contact Dana at (775) 720-9168

Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday,  Aug 29
Reed @ Dayton (M) 10:00am Dayton High School
Reed @ Fernley 12:00pm Dayton High School
Reno @ Dayton (F) 2:00pm Dayton High School
Reno @ Dayton (JV) 4:00pm Dayton High School
Reed @ Dayton (V) 6:00pm Dayton High School
Reed @ Dayton (Col) 8:00pm Dayton High School
Saturday,  Sep 5
Dayton (Col) @ Reno 8:00am Reno High School
Dayton (M) @ Wooster 12:00pm Yerington High School
Dayton (F) @ Carson 2:00pm TBA
Reed @ Dayton (JV) 4:00pm TBA
Dayton (V) @ Reno 6:00pm Reno High School
Saturday,  Sep 12
Fallon @ Yerington 8:00am Dayton High School
Fallon @ Dayton (M) 10:00am Dayton High School
Fallon @ Reno 12:00pm Dayton High School
Fallon @ Dayton (F) 2:00pm Dayton High School
Fallon @ Dayton (JV) 4:00pm Dayton High School
McQueen @ Dayton (V) 6:00pm Dayton High School
Fallon @ Dayton (Col) 8:00pm Dayton High School
Saturday,  Sep 19
Dayton (M) @ Spanish Springs 10:00am Spanish Springs High School
Dayton (F) @ McQueen 12:00pm McQueen High School
Dayton (JV) @ McQueen 4:00pm McQueen High School
Dayton (V) @ Spanish Springs 4:00pm Spanish Springs High School
Dayton (Col) @ McQueen 8:00pm McQueen High School
Saturday,  Sep 26
Fernley @ Yerington 8:00am Dayton High School
Damonte Ranch @ Dayton (M) 10:00am Dayton High School
Damonte Ranch @ North Valleys 12:00pm Dayton High School
Damonte Ranch @ Dayton (F) 2:00pm Dayton High School
Damonte Ranch @ Dayton (JV) 4:00pm Dayton High School
Damonte Ranch @ Dayton (V) 6:00pm Dayton High School
North Valleys @ Dayton (Col) 8:00pm Dayton High School
Saturday,  Oct 3
Dayton (M) @ North Valleys 12:00pm Lassen High School
Dayton (JV) @ North Valleys 4:00pm Lassen High School
Fernley @ Dayton (V) 6:00pm Hug High School
Dayton (Col) @ Lassen 8:00pm Lassen High School
Saturday,  Oct 10
Reed @ Carson 10:00am Dayton High School
Hug @ Dayton (M) 12:00pm Dayton High School
Spanish Springs @ Dayton (F) 2:00pm Dayton High School
Wooster @ Dayton (JV) 4:00pm Dayton High School
Fallon @ Dayton (V) 6:00pm Dayton High School
Wooster @ Dayton (Col) 8:00pm Dayton High School

For a complete schedule listing, click here!