Last Updated: April 22, 2014

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Baseball Opening Day 2014
3 Days




Everett Little League 

62nd Opening Day Parade

Saturday, April 26th


Where: Old Everett High School - 538 Broadway

When: Meet at 10:15am

Please be sure to come on time so that we can organize the teams for the parade. 



The events of the day

11am Parade

12pm First pitch by Mayor Carlo DeMaria

2pm Minor/Major League Games

4pm Minor/Major League Games

6pm Minor/Major League Games


Invite all your friends and family down to

Sacramone Park to enjoy a great day of baseball

as we start up the new season!! 




Please send an email if you have any questions.

 or by calling George @ (617) 294-2447
Everett Little League
P.O. Box 490032
Everett, Ma. 02149 



Upcoming Games/Practices

Wednesday,  Apr 23
PRACTICE Orioles 4:00pm Sac A
PRACTICE Giants 4:00pm Sac B
PRACTICE Astros 5:30pm Sac A
PRACTICE Athletics 5:30pm Sac B
Farm League
PRACTICE DiamondBacks 5:30pm Swan St Park
Thursday,  Apr 24
PRACTICE Giants 4:00pm Sac A
PRACTICE Orioles 5:30pm Sac A
PRACTICE River Dogs 4:00pm Sac B
PRACTICE Rattlers 5:30pm Sac B
Farm League
PRACTICE Pirates 5:30pm Swan St Park
Friday,  Apr 25
PRACTICE Red Sox 5:30pm Sac B
PRACTICE Braves 7:00pm Sac A
PRACTICE Astros 7:00pm Sac B
PRACTICE RockHounds 4:00pm Sac A
PRACTICE MudHens 4:00pm Sac B
PRACTICE Rattlers 5:30pm Sac A
Farm League
PRACTICE Cardinals 5:30pm Swan St Park
Saturday,  Apr 26
Red Sox @ Athletics 2:00pm Sac A
Astros @ Braves 4:00pm Sac A
Giants @ Orioles 6:00pm Sac A
MudHens @ River Dogs 2:00pm Sac B
Sea Dogs @ Storm 4:00pm Sac B
Rattlers @ RockHounds 6:00pm Sac B
Sunday,  Apr 27
PRACTICE Astros 9:00am Sac A
PRACTICE Orioles 9:00am Sac B
PRACTICE Braves 3:00pm Sac A
PRACTICE Red Sox 3:00pm Sac B
PRACTICE Athletics 5:00pm Sac A
PRACTICE Giants 5:00pm Sac B
Tee Ball
PRACTICE Angels 11:00am The Meadows
PRACTICE Red Sox 11:00am The Meadows
PRACTICE Rays 1:00pm The Meadows
PRACTICE Twins 1:00pm The Meadows
PRACTICE Orioles 3:00pm The Meadows
PRACTICE White Sox 3:00pm The Meadows
PRACTICE Indians 5:00pm The Meadows
Monday,  Apr 28
Astros @ Athletics 5:30pm Sac A
Giants @ Red Sox 7:15pm Sac A
Orioles @ Braves 7:15pm Sac B
Farm League
Cardinals @ Phillies 5:30pm Sac B
Pirates @ Nationals 5:30pm Swan St Park
Tee Ball
Orioles @ Red Sox 5:30pm The Meadows
Tuesday,  Apr 29
Rattlers @ Storm 5:30pm Sac A
Sea Dogs @ River Dogs 7:00pm Sac A
MudHens @ RockHounds 7:00pm Sac B
Farm League
Braves @ DiamondBacks 5:30pm Swan St Park
Tee Ball
White Sox @ Indians 5:30pm Sac B
Angels @ Rays 5:30pm The Meadows

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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