Last Updated: May 19, 2016
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C & L - Letterman Jackets - Saturday May 21st in GHS parking lot - bring your Letterman jackets & patches.

Graduation Water Sale  -  Wednesday May 25th @ Citrus College 4:15 pm

Pep Club Booster Meeting - Wednesday June 15th (Time & Location TBD)

Pep Club Welcome BBQ - Huntington Beach July 9th - more info to come

July 11th 2016  -  Pep Club Practice Begins  (Time TBD)

July 28th - 31st 2016  -  USA Camp @ University of Calif Irvine  

August 2016 - March 2017   Schedules will be posted on website 


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2015-16 Commissioners/Captains
Head Commissioner:
Tatum Rhorer

Co-Commissioners: Elle Haines & Braianna Martinez

Varsity Cheer Captains: Emilee Cain & Jasmin Serrano

Varsity Song Captains: Alyssa Hayne & Natalie Kitt

Varsity Pep Flags Captains:  Celest D'Amore & Ariana Jara

Varsity Mascots Captain:  Tara Ruiz

JV Cheer Captains:  Kendall Bullinger & Klaudia Gallardo

JV Song Captain:  Karina Gray

Frosh Cheer Captains:  Alexis Aguirre & Madison Penn

Pep Club Advisor

Robin Perez


Assistant Advisors

Audra Aguirre

Brittany Wooldridge





Jerri Silva - Head Coach

Michael Serrano - Head Coach








Upcoming Events

Wednesday, Jun 15
Pep Club Booster Meeting
Saturday, Jul 9
Pep Club BBQ @ Huntington Beach
Monday, Jul 11
Pep Club Practice Begins
Thursday, Jul 28
USA Camp @ UCI Irvine
Friday, Jul 29
USA Camp @ UCI Irvine
Saturday, Jul 30
USA Camp @ UCI Irvine
Sunday, Jul 31
USA Camp @ UCI Irvine

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