Last Updated: April 20, 2016

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North Henry Youth Baseball Association

Kickball season has started!  NO BASEBALL is allowed in the park on Sundays.  Thanks for your cooperation NHYB

NH Rainout Number 770-288-7303

North Henry Youth Baseball Association is home to some of the finest baseball in Henry County. North Henry is one of the core Associations of baseball in Henry County. NHYB plays at Cochran Park in Stockbridge, which is on East Atlanta Road at the intersection of Old Conyers Road, across from Publix. Please click here if you need a map or directions (opens in a new window).

The goal of North Henry Youth Baseball Board of Directors is to promote teamwork, fundamentals, good sportsmanship and respect for authority all while having fun playing the wonderful game of baseball. Our Board of Directors looks forward to working with you in order to make the NHYB experience a positive one for our fans, parents, and most importantly our kids.

Thank you for visiting our Website. We hope you find it helpful. Please check back often for important information regarding the happenings at North Henry Youth Baseball.




Absolutely NO PETS OF ANY KIND are allowed in ANY part of the park during practice or games!  This does not apply when the park is empty.  Please make sure to inform any guests you may have of this.  In the event that someone brings a pet, they must leave the pet they bring in a car, if weather conditions are safe to do so, or take the pet home.  This is, although not specifically defined here, a Henry County Ordinance.  In addition, NO SMOKING is allowed at any time in any park within Henry County.  This is also a Henry County Ordinance.  Thank you for your cooperation with this! 

Background Check Process and Coaches Certification


As part of its ongoing efforts to prevent child abuse, Henry County requires everyone, including coaches and other volunteers 18 years of age and older, to obtain a background check. Background checks are required regardless of the length of time someone has been associated with North Henry Youth Baseball, or youth sports in general, and must be renewed annually.

Upon successful completion of the background check, a personalized clearance card with the person's name and photograph will be issued. This card should be carried at all times, and is required to be obtained before being permitted to be on the field, in the dugout, etc. when any child(ren) other than their own are present. Should someone be asked to present a clearance card and they cannot do so, they will be asked to immediately leave the field or dugout areas, and may be subject to penalties up to and including arrest.

Details on how to obtain a background check and clearance card can be found here.


Each coach, specifically head coach, with North Henry Youth Baseball must be certified to coach baseball.  It is highly recommended for all coaches as you receive valuable information that will help for years to come.  We do not "endorse" any certification agency, but Simply The Best has been providing a service to NHYB for several years.  There are various other agencies, but feel free to click on the link below that takes you to the online version of the Simply The Best Certification process.  It is a small price to pay for the knowledge you will get.