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Saturday, April 29, 2017   9:00 AM
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Fall Ball Week 4 Schedule
*Home team is listed on the right


9:00am NNLL Field #1- Lakewood vs. Pappy's
9:00am NNLL Field #5- Fastrack vs. Clubhouse
9:00am Levin Field #1- DorMar vs. Roosters
9:00am Bye: Robertson


11:00am NNLL Field #1- Clubhouse vs. Pappy's
11:00am NNLL Field #5- Fastrack vs. Lakewood
11:00am Levin Field #1- DorMar vs. Robertson
11:00am Bye: Roosters



9:00am Field #2- Fastrack vs. Clubhouse
9:00am Field #3- Lakewood vs. Pappy's
9:00am Field #4- DorMar vs. Roosters

11:00am Field #2- Clubhouse vs. Pappy's
11:00am Field #3- Lakewood vs. DorMar
11:00am Field #4- Roosters vs. Fastrack



1:30pm Field #1- Fastrack vs. Clubhouse
1:30pm Field #2- Ed's Sleds vs. Keener Roofing
1:30pm Field #4- Utica vs. House of Hahn
1:30pm Field #5- Roosters vs. DorMar