Last Updated: April 27, 2017
 Birth Certificates Needed Your coach will be contacting you to collect birth certificates for all players. Deadline is May 31st.   [More Info]
2017 Opening Day
Saturday, April 29, 2017   9:00 AM

Coaches:  Please email homeruns and 10+ strikeout games to


Picture Update

Picture schedules have been posted as well. Most of the league will have theirs taken on Opening Day (4/29) but a few will have them taken on May 6th.  Please be sure to note the time and location for your team.  You can view the schedules by clicking here.


2017 NNLL Hit-a-Thon

Thank you for such wonderful support of our 2nd Annual Hit-a-Thon.  The generosity of our families and community is very much appreciated.  We are now working to put the money toward increased safety and hopefully add shade to the park. A special thanks to Big League Sports for allowing us to use their facility.


Background Checks: Coaches needing to complete a background check (all head and assistant coaches) can click HERE to complete the form. If you have a completed background check you can submit a copy of the board. We must have an a new background check or a copy of a valid background check submitted for this season. 

Concussion Training: Coaches needing to complete the concussion training can click HERE.



Buying a new bat for the 2017 season?  Before you spend a lot of money, please be aware that new standards for youth bats will go into place effective for the 2018 season.  Many of the expensive composite bats will not be allowed in Little League after this season.  Please click the links below for more information.


Release from USA Baseball

Release from Little League Baseball



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Upcoming Games/Practices

Thursday, Apr 27
Edward Jones @ Newark Optometry6:00pmEvans 1
PNB @ Pappy's Grill6:00pmEvans 2
Dan's Family Pizza @ Lee's Famous Recipe6:00pmEvans 3
LMH @ DorMar6:00pmEvans 4
Mattingly Landscape @ MedBen6:00pmEvans 5
Saturday, Apr 29
Lee's Famous Recipe @ Edward Jones9:00amEvans 1
LMH @ PNB11:00amEvans 1
DorMar @ Mattingly Landscape11:00amEvans 2
Pappy's Grill @ Dan's Family Pizza11:00amEvans 4
MedBen @ Newark Optometry11:00amEvans 5
Pappy's Grill @ LMH1:00pmEvans 1
Edward Jones @ Dan's Family Pizza1:00pmEvans 2
Newark Optometry @ PNB1:00pmEvans 3
Lee's Famous Recipe @ Mattingly Landscape1:00pmEvans 4
DorMar @ MedBen1:00pmEvans 5
Derek Holland League
Roosters Reds @ Angeletti Overhead Door Cardinals3:30pmEvans 1
Hopewell Dental Marlins @ Mid-Ohio Warehouses Expos3:30pmEvans 2
TSS Photography Pirates @ Northpoint Ohio Architecture Braves3:30pmEvans 3
Dairy Queen Dodgers @ Fast Track Sports Cubs3:30pmEvans 4
Donatos Pizza Diamondbacks @ City Barbeque Giants3:30pmEvans 5
Jeremy Tate Trucking Astros @ Moundbuilder Motor Group Indians9:00amEvans 2
Orme Hardware Orioles @ Malherbe & Sons Painting Twins9:00amEvans 4
Packaging Corporation of America Tigers @ Church Street Floor Covering Yankees9:00amEvans 5
Energy Cooperative Rays @ Antritt's Lawn Sensation A's10:00amEvans 2
Coughlin Newark Royals @ Eagle Wings Academy Mariners10:00amEvans 3
Rent 2 Own Red Sox @ State Security White Sox10:00amEvans 4
CrossFit Newark Angels @ Beverage Source Blue Jays10:00amEvans 5
Monday, May 1
Dan's Family Pizza @ Newark Optometry6:00pmEvans 1
LMH @ PNB6:00pmEvans 2
Mattingly Landscape @ Edward Jones6:00pmEvans 3
MedBen @ Pappy's Grill6:00pmEvans 4
DorMar @ Lee's Famous Recipe6:00pmEvans 5
Tuesday, May 2
MedBen @ Pappy's Grill6:00pmEvans 1
Edward Jones @ Mattingly Landscape6:00pmEvans 2
Dan's Family Pizza @ LMH6:00pmEvans 4
Newark Optometry @ Lee's Famous Recipe6:00pmEvans 5
PNB @ DorMar6:00pmLevin 1
Wednesday, May 3
Derek Holland League
City Barbeque Giants @ TSS Photography Pirates6:00pmEvans 1
Northpoint Ohio Architecture Braves @ Mid-Ohio Warehouses Expos6:00pmEvans 2
Fast Track Sports Cubs @ Roosters Reds6:00pmEvans 3
Angeletti Overhead Door Cardinals @ Hopewell Dental Marlins6:00pmEvans 4
Donatos Pizza Diamondbacks @ Dairy Queen Dodgers6:00pmEvans 5
Thursday, May 4
Lee's Famous Recipe @ Pappy's Grill6:00pmLevin 1
Pappy's Grill @ Lee's Famous Recipe6:00pmEvans 1
Dan's Family Pizza @ Mattingly Landscape6:00pmEvans 2
PNB @ MedBen6:00pmEvans 3
Edward Jones @ DorMar6:00pmEvans 4
Newark Optometry @ LMH6:00pmEvans 5
Friday, May 5
DorMar @ Edward Jones6:00pmLevin 1
PNB @ Dan's Family Pizza6:00pmLevin 2
Mattingly Landscape @ Newark Optometry8:00pmLevin 1
LMH @ MedBen8:00pmLevin 2
Derek Holland League
Mid-Ohio Warehouses Expos @ City Barbeque Giants6:00pmEvans 1
Angeletti Overhead Door Cardinals @ Fast Track Sports Cubs6:00pmEvans 2
Hopewell Dental Marlins @ Northpoint Ohio Architecture Braves6:00pmEvans 3
Roosters Reds @ Donatos Pizza Diamondbacks6:00pmEvans 4
TSS Photography Pirates @ Dairy Queen Dodgers6:00pmEvans 5

For a complete schedule listing, click here!