Last Updated: April 16, 2014 

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Last Week to get tickets!   OLL Fun Night Details

OLL Team selling the most tickets will be introduced on the field along with the Threshers and get to stay on the field for the National Anthem.  OLL will get $2.50 for each ticket sold!


MLB District 12 Day at the Trop, Red Sox vs Rays - Sunday, May 25

Sign up at the concession stand to get your tickets for District 12 Day at the Trop.  Red Sox vs Rays.  Game starts at 1:30pm, but Little League festivities begins at 12:30 with a Little League field parade.  Then after the game, kids get to run the bases!


MLB Pitch, Hit & Run - Morning April 26

OLL will be hosting a local Pitch, Hit & Run competition at Canal Park, Saturday morning, April 26. Stop by the concession stand to get your registration form.  Competition will be all morning to provide plenty of time for those with games scheduled.

Compete in three skills:

  • Pitching - Accuracy
  • Hitting - Accuracy and distance
  • Running - Speed running bases

Highest scoring participants in the different age categories will get to compete at Tropicana Field, with the top 24 finalists nationwide getting to travel to Target Field in Minneapolis to compete during this year's MLB All-Star week.

Saturday April 26, exact time will be sent when finalized.

For more information, check out the official MLB PH&R site


Closing Ceremonies - Saturday, May 17

Further details as the event approaches, but mark it on your calendar now!


Board Openings

A couple board positions have opened up including SoftBall, T-Ball, and A-Ball.  Send an email to if you are interested in making this a better league!







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