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The Woodland Park Rockhounds Baseball Club is a high quality baseball organization serving all of El Paso and Teller County. Through our program, we expose both the family and player to the proper approach to playing the game of baseball.

We use practice drills, game situations, tournament play, and homework assignments to teach the necessary facets of the game. We attempt to give the players the skills they need to continue playing baseball competitively through high school, and potentially into college, if they choose.

Through our program, hopefully players will develop a strong character not just within baseball, but in other parts of their lives as well.


The Woodland Park Rockhounds Baseball Club is a high quality baseball organization based in the Woodland Park area. Currently, the Rockhounds are a 12U team.


To expose both the parent and participant to the Proper Approach of learning the skills to enhance the growth and development of the participant in the activity of baseball. This will include both the physical and psychological approach.


To allow young ballplayers to develop the baseball skills and healthy attitudes that will allow them to move eventually into high school level ball if they choose. To achieve this goal, the club is committed to bringing in quality coaching and dedicated players, and are pleased to have the support and encouragement of family and friends.


In support of the above objective and goals, coaches will use, teach and emphasize:
• Proper technique in throwing and receiving a thrown ball
• Proper technique in fielding a hit ball
• Proper technique in field positioning
• Proper technique in the approach of hitting
• Proper technique in base running
• Proper technique in pitching, catching, and field positions, along with drills for those positions
• Pre-game preparation
• Game strategy
• Baseball communication
• Teamwork and sportsmanship
• Conditioning (strength included), nutrition
• Ongoing drills that will improve eye-hand coordination
• Proper way to break in a baseball glove
• Filming (highly recommended)
• Ongoing positive approach from all (including players, coaches, and parents)

Baseball is a marathon, not a sprint. It's a game of failures, and the above goals need the teamwork of all who participate, including not just the players and coaches, but the parents as well.