Last Updated: September 1, 2015

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Upcoming Games/Practices

Wednesday,  Sep 2
Fall Wednesday Men's D Rice & Arlington
Backdoor Sliders @ RCHS 6:00pm Rice/Arl #6
Son of a Slider @ The Turtles 7:00pm Rice/Arl #6
Booze Hounds @ Crackers 8:00pm Rice/Arl #5
Battle Creek @ HOT ManBearPigs 9:00pm Rice/Arl #5
Fall Wednesday Co-Rec D/E Dunning
Incrediballers @ Alary's 6:00pm Dunning East
Sunrise Banks @ Pobody's Nerfect 6:00pm Dunning West
The Crew @ Overrated 7:00pm Dunning East
Business Time @ Gabe's 7:00pm Dunning West
Swingers @ Chuck Norris All-Stars 8:00pm Dunning East
Fall Wednesday Men C/D Doubleheaders R&A
Slowskys @ Tin Cups 6:00pm Rice/Arl #2
Allied Park/Tav on the Ave @ Caribes 6:00pm Rice/Arl #4
The Crew @ Regulars 6:00pm Rice/Arl #5
Slowskys @ Tin Cups 7:00pm Rice/Arl #2
Allied Park/Tav on the Ave @ Caribes 7:00pm Rice/Arl #4
The Crew @ Regulars 7:00pm Rice/Arl #5
One Hit Wonders @ S&S 8:00pm Rice/Arl #2
Minnetronix @ Turf Club 8:00pm Rice/Arl #4
One Hit Wonders @ S&S 9:00pm Rice/Arl #2
Minnetronix @ Turf Club 9:00pm Rice/Arl #4

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