Last Updated: April 16, 2015

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Upcoming Games/Practices

Monday,  Apr 20
Monday Co-Rec C Singles McMurray
Cups Half Full @ Got The Runs 6:15pm McMurray #1
Let the Girls Play @ The Rumchatas 7:15pm McMurray #1
Monday Men's D Doubleheaders RA
Jobu's Rum @ Blue Door 6:00pm Rice/Arl #2
National Fantastic @ Schroeder's 6:00pm Rice/Arl #4
Pawtucket Patriots @ McCarron's Pub 6:00pm Rice/Arl #5
Jobu's Rum @ Blue Door 7:00pm Rice/Arl #2
National Fantastic @ Schroeder's 7:00pm Rice/Arl #4
Pawtucket Patriots @ McCarron's Pub 7:00pm Rice/Arl #5
Little Urban Achivers @ The Reapers 8:00pm Rice/Arl #2
Boo Zhoo Stix @ UMN 8:00pm Rice/Arl #4
Honeybadgers @ Regulars 8:00pm Rice/Arl #5
Little Urban Achivers @ The Reapers 9:00pm Rice/Arl #2
Boo Zhoo Stix @ UMN 9:00pm Rice/Arl #4
Honeybadgers @ Regulars 9:00pm Rice/Arl #5
Monday Men's B/C Fastpitch Dunning
BLVD/Tavern @ St. Paul Snappers 6:15pm Dunn. East
Minnesota Computers @ Len's Auto 6:15pm Dunn. West
RFG @ St. Paul Pawns 6:15pm Dunning South
Fireplace Specialist @ Gallagher's 8:00pm Dunn. East
Mudhens @ Castle Rock 8:00pm Dunn. West
Monday Men's D Singles McMurray
Anytime Fitness @ Brokebat Mountain 6:15pm McMurray #2
Pigs Eye @ Security Bindery 7:15pm McMurray #2

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