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Registration Now Open
Open Executive Positions to be voted on at AGM
Value Village Vipers Win SFHA Intermediate Final
Sault Storm Bantam C Provincial Champions
Tryouts for 2015/16 Wildcat Teams
SPRING Annual General Meeting

Sault Female Hockey Association

Registration Now Open

Registration for the 2015-16 season is now open. Several new initiatives are being implemented to promote growth in all divisions from Fundamentals ( ages 4-7) to Intermediate ( ages up to 21). Also, a house league Novice division is being introduced. Please review the new pricing for early bird, new players and Fundamentals! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!



Open Executive Positions to be voted on at AGM

Coaching Evaluation and 2015-16 Survey

SFHA To Have Novice House League Division

The SFHA executive is pleased to announce that a Novice house league division will be implemented for the 2015/16 season. This will provide the players an opportunity to play with their peers of the same age and ability. It will offer a simple transfer from the Fundamentals program without experiencing too great a change in calibre of play.


Novice Wildcats to Follow Storm Guidelines For 2015/16 Season

The SFHA executive wishes to inform the membership that for the 2015/16 season the  Novice Wildcats will operate as a Rep C team following the Storm guidelines. This means that novice age players will play house league and a Novice Wildcat Rep C team will be formed comprised of the players in Novice HL. This team will follow the Storm guidelines. If 54 players are registered in Novice HL, this team can become a stand alone Rep C team.

The executive feels that this will offer the greatest opportunity for a competitive Novice HL division and will make this an attractive option for Novice age girls playing hockey. At the same time, an introduction to Rep hockey will be available to the players and families who are interested in extra ice time and skill development.



The deadline for Wildcat coach applications will be April 5. Please see handouts for applications. Interviews will be held the week of April 13.


Storm and house league coach applications will be due June 1st. Applications are in handouts.


WILDCAT TRYOUTS will be the week of May 3-9. Cost to attend will be $40.



SPRING Annual General Meeting

The Annual Spring AGM will be held on Monday, April 27 at Grand Gardens North starting at 6:00pm. Please plan to attend.

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The SFHA is having an equipment swap



Minutes from recent Membership Meeting

Inintiatives Confirmed to be Implemented For the 2015-2016 Season


In the best interest of all girls involved in SFHA the development of a strong house league program is paramount. Player development is important and we feel the Storm Program will address player development, as will more skills sessions offered by SFHA and Independent Instructors available to all players.  

In an effort to strengthen our house league we are going to be offering a few programs to encourage increased registration of our house league participants. 

  1. We will be offering “FREE FUNDAMENTALS PROGRAM REGISTRATION”, with the parent only having to pay the OWHA insurance fee of $47.50. This will consist of 4 ice time per month for the season, with option to pay the special registration fee of $199 to join house league after Christmas. 
  2. We will be offering a NOVICE DIVISION for the 2015/ 2016 season. This gives girls the opportunity to start playing hockey with their peers in SFHA.
  3. INCREASED EARLY PAYMENT DISCOUNT.       Our fees for next season will remain the same for Bantam and Intermediate/Midget at $600 and $525 for Pee Wee, Atom and Novice. In an effort to improve our early registration to facilitate better planning and programs our early payment discounts have increased. If players are registered and paid by June 30th, the fees will be $500 for Bantam and Intermediate/Midget and $425 for Pee Wee, Atom and Novice.
  4. We also be offering a “FIRST TIME TO SFHA FOR $199”.  Any player new to SFHA will pay a first year fee of only $199. Any division. Registered and paid by June 30th Deadline.



The Sault Female Hockey Association (SFHA) created the Storm Program to offer House League players the opportunity to enhance their skill development through the establishment of the Storm representative teams

A) The Storm Program will operate in all House League divisions as a Representative “C” Team made up of House League players selected through tryouts at the beginning of the season. Tryouts will be scheduled TBD (after/before/during) house league draft games. Maximum team size for these teams will be 17 skaters and 2 goalies. A Storm “C” team will be offered in all divisions Novice to Midget based on interest.

House league is first and foremost and attendance code will be enforced. The Storm coach will not schedule any games or practices that conflict with house league schedules. Storm players cannot miss house league games without valid reasons, permission or consent.  

Storm “C” teams will not play in the house league division above them other than exhibition games, or if is helpful to division above if they are short teams. 

B) The Storm Program can be expanded to include a Stand- alone Storm team that can only be created under the following conditions:

  1. Registration in that house league division reaches the threshold of 54 players by August 15th of that year. 
  2. That there are sufficient goalies to accommodate the house league division teams.
  3. There is sufficient interest in creating a stand- alone team.

That Storm Team will operate as a Representative “B” team and will play in the house league division above them. For example a Pee Wee Storm “B” team will play in the Bantam House League. 

Tryouts for the Storm “B” team will be held and team selected before house league draft games.  The creation of this Storm “B” team will not eliminate the Storm “C” team for that division if there is sufficient interest to field a team. 

The Storm Program Teams will be financially independent of SFHA, A maximum team fee for the Storm Program will be $600 per player with team expenditures not to exceed $25000. All individual team fundraising activities must be pre-approved by the SFHA Executive.

Storm Teams will be allowed to attend up to 4 tournaments in one season including Provincials. The tourneys selected should not interfere with any SFHA Tourneys or Regional tourneys selected by House League coaches. Also sufficient notice must be provided to house league scheduler for proposed tourneys.  Maximum of 6 extra Ice time per month/ average (36 maximum)


Special Thanks

The Sault Female Hockey Association would like to thank Mark Pavoni of Cliffe Printing and Robert Prouse of Prouse Motors for their help and generosity in our SFHA advertising.



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