Last Updated: April 10, 2014

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Spring Valley Little League

November board Meeting

 SVLL will be having a Board Meeting on Friday Nov. 15th,  6pm @ Buffalo Wild Wings (Flamingo and Hualapai). 

2014 Spring signups

Sign Ups 20114

December 11th,  6-8pm @ Buffalo Wild Wings (Flamingo and Hualapai) $15.00 Discount (this day ONLY)

Jan.  15th,  6-8pm @ Buffalo Wild Wings (Flamingo and Hualapai)

Jan. 25th,  11am-3pm @ Buffalo Wild Wings (Flamingo and Hualapai)

Jan. 29th,  6-8pm @ Buffalo Wild Wings (Flamingo and Hualapai)

Feb.  1st,  11am-3pm @ Buffalo Wild Wings (Flamingo and Hualapai)


T-Ball (ages 5-6)-$120

Rookies Silver (ages 6-7)-$140

Rookies Purple (ages 7-8)-$140                   $ 20.00 Raffle Book with registration

Minors (ages 8-11)- $160

Majors (ages 10-12)- $160

Juniors (ages 13-14)- $170

Begining Jan. 1st,  returning players may register online,  if you are a returning player registering online add $5 to the registration fee listed above.  All new players to our league must register in person.  To register online, Click Here!

2013 9-10yr old Allstars

Players;  Michael Carroll,  Andrew Ramirez,  Anaiken Odong,  Derek Desario,  Liam Beckstead,  Conner Peterson,  Wyatt Dillon,  Jason Santistevan,  Demetre Smith,  Phil Murphy,  Chris Cox,  Joe Kedrowski

Manager-Paul Carroll

Coach-Ralph Desario

Coach-Carlos Ramirez


Power Surge!

Congratulations to Michael Byrd (major Dodgers) who hit a homerun on April 27th and a GRANDSLAM on May 23rd,  also to Trestan Hall who jacked one over the fence on May 15th.  Alex Garcia (major Yankees) went yard on May 29th,  Kyle Moser (majors-Sea Dogs) who hit his first homerun over the fence on 4-13-13 and to Mike Overland (Majors-Rangers) who hit not only his first homerun ever but in his next at bat hit his second homerun (2 in one game) on 4-20-13.  Way to go boys!!!!!!!!! 

League Boundaries
For SVLL's 2011 Boundaries please click...2011 Boundary Map
2013 Spring Valley Home Run Club

Kyle Moser (Majors-Sea Dogs) Homerun #1 on 4-13-13

Mike Overland (Majors-Rangers)Homeruns #1 and #2 on 4-20-13

Michael Byrd (Major-Dodgers) homerun on 4-27-13 and a grandslam on 5-23-13

Trestan Hall (Major-Dodgers) homerun on 5-15-13

Alex Garcia (Major-Yankees) homerun on 5-29-13 

Composite Bats
Little League International Issues Update Regarding Composite Bats: Moratorium Imposed Immediately

SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. (Dec. 30, 2010) - Little League International has placed a moratorium on the use of composite bats in the Little League (Majors) Division and all other baseball divisions of Little League, effective immediately.

"Today's decision of the Little League International Board of Directors Executive Committee is based on scientific research data from the University of Massachusetts (Lowell), which was contracted by Little League Baseball," Stephen D. Keener, President and Chief Executive Officer of Little League Baseball and Softball, said. "The maximum performance standard for non-wood bats in the divisions for 12-year-olds and below is a Bat Performance Factor (BPF) of 1.15. The research found that composite bats, while they may meet the standard when new, can exceed that standard after a break-in process."

Local Little Leagues were first informed of the research last September.

"From the beginning, and throughout this process, we wanted to keep everyone informed," Patrick W. Wilson, Vice President of Operations at Little League International, said. "Our intent was to provide local league constituents clear direction regarding composite bats. There is a process through which manufacturers can submit individual models for a possible waiver if they wish to seek it. Going forward, we will let our leagues know which ones meet the standards for the Little League Baseball (Majors) 12-and-under divisions, if any."

On Sept. 1, Little League International placed a moratorium on composite bats in the Junior, Senior, and Big League Baseball Divisions of Little League. Subsequent to that moratorium, some composite bat models have received a waiver and may be used in those divisions. Information on the composite bats that have received waivers for the Junior, Senior, and Big League Baseball Divisions of Little League may be found here:

At present, no composite bats for the Little League (Majors) Division and below have received a waiver. If and when any models do receive a waiver, Little League International will inform its leagues of that decision.


Little League International

"Assisting youth in developing qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being, with proper guidance and exemplary leadership."

League Phone Number 876-9030

Upcoming Games/Practices

Tuesday,  Apr 22
Rookie Silver
Tigers @ Rangers 6:45pm Desert Breeze Field 1
Blue Jays @ Braves 5:30pm Desert Breeze Field 1
D'Backs @ Dodgers 5:30pm Desert Breeze Field 2
Mets @ Yankees 5:30pm Desert Breeze Field 3
Indians @ Mariners 5:30pm Desert Breeze Field 4
Angels @ Yankees 6:45pm Desert Breeze Field 3
Braves @ White Sox 6:45pm Desert Breeze Field 2
Wednesday,  Apr 23
Rookie Silver
Yankees @ Rangers 6:00pm Desert Breeze Field 1
Braves @ Giants 6:00pm Desert Breeze Field 3
Marlins @ Pirates 6:00pm Desert Breeze Field 2
Thursday,  Apr 24
Rookie Silver
Red Sox @ D'Backs 6:00pm Desert Breeze Field 1
Phillies @ Yankees 6:00pm Desert Breeze Field 2
Saturday,  Apr 26
Rookie Silver
D'Backs @ Tigers 10:45am Desert Breeze Field 1
Giants @ Red Sox 12:30pm Desert Breeze Field 2
Rangers @ Yankees 2:15pm Desert Breeze Field 3
D'Backs @ Blue Jays 9:30am Desert Breeze Field 1
Mets @ Indians 9:30am Desert Breeze Field 2
Mariners @ Yankees 9:30am Desert Breeze Field 3
Dodgers @ Braves 9:30am Desert Breeze Field 4
Braves @ Pirates 10:45am Desert Breeze Field 2
Phillies @ White Sox 1:00pm Desert Breeze Field 2
Marlins @ Yankees 3:15pm Desert Breeze Field 2

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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