Last Updated: January 16, 2016
Spring 2016 Sign ups

Spring Valley Little League

2016 Registration

Baseball for ages 4-15 ( Age as of August 31, 2016)

Sign ups will be held on

Wednesday, December 9, 2015 - 6-8 PM

At Buffalo Wild Wings

$15.00 Discount ( on Fees) this date only


Regular Sign Up Dates ( NO Discounts)

Wednesday, January 13, 2016 - 6-8 PM

Saturday, January 23, 2016 - 10AM-2PM

Wednesday, January 27, 2016 - 6-8 PM

Saturday, January 30, 2016 10AM-2PM


Registration Fees

 T-Ball                   $120.00 (4-6yr. olds)

Rookies                 $140.00 ( 6-8yr. olds)

Minors, Majors         $160.00 ( 8-12yr. olds)

Juniors, Seniors         $175.00 ( 13-15yr. olds)

All Registrations will take place at ......

Buffalo Wild Wings

4280 S. Hualapai Way LV, NV 89147

( Between Flamingo and Tropicana)


***** You must live within or attend a school within Spring Valley Boundaries*******



                                  THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS

 I would like to thank the ones that stepped up during playoffs during my absence and got the tournament done. It was a difficult job making the brackets and dealing with rain delays and getting it completed by T.O.C. Jackie Schwartz, Sarah overland, Susan Moser and Jimmy DaSerio. Thanks again for a job well done.

  As many of you know Spring Valley hosted District 4 T.O.C. I would first like to thank District 4 and all the leagues for giving Spring Valley the opportunity to host this tournament. It was a lot of hard work but was fun. Thank you again and hope we can do it again.

   The tournament had 32 teams from District 4. We used all 4 fields with 3 volunteers at each field to score, announce and do pitch count. The snack bar was open to make revenue to pay for trophies, field prep and baseballs. The grill was going every night.

   SNACK BAR:     Jackie Schwartz, Sarah Overland, Susan Moser, Kim Peterson Roy Ogawa and Jimmy DaSerio. Ken Flynn and Ralph DeSerio had volunteers from their teams help. 

   GRILL:     Jimmy DaSerio and Roy Ogawa filled in on the grill. A very hot job that was done with perfection.

   TABLES : Caroline Byerman ( SNLL), Ken Peterson, Mike Overland, Nimit Boyce, Ralph DeSerio, Ken Flynn, Chris Barden, Tom Crafard, Tom Dillon, Tiquio Gomez, Little Mike Overland, Andrew Overland, Alex Gomez, Little Tiquio Gomez, Kyle Moser.Derick DeSerio, Wyatt Dillon, Derek Reichart and Conor Peterson. These and probably others that I do not Have the names set up tables ran them and broke them down.

   I would also like to thank Calister and Associates for their kind donation of three sound systems. Thank you Jim Cox for setting that up


                    JERRY DAVIS


Spring 2015 Tournament Winners

Major Yankees 1st place & Major Blue Jays 2nd place



Minor Dodgers 1st place & Minor Giants 2nd place




1st place Rookie Purple Dodgers & 2nd place Rookie Purple Diamondbacks




1st place Rookie Silver Mariners & 2nd place Rookie Silver Cubs

2015 Raffle Ticket Winners

April 12, 2015

Congratulations to the 2015 Spring Raffle Winners!

All winners have been contacted.

Thank you to the players, friends, and families for their support.


The winners are:

Christine S. - $200 gift card
Kim W. - $100 movie gift card
Ken J. - $75 gift card
The Perry Family - $75 gift card
Corban P. - $50 movie gift card
Jason K. - $25 ITunes card
Arturo P. - $25 ITunes card
Larry S. - $25 Applebees gift card
John D. - $25 movie gift card
Ken K. - $25 gift card
Adonis C. - $10 Ihop gift card
Brandy H. - $10 ITunes gift card
Nicki A. - $10 ITunes gift card
Cazzopoli Family - $10 gift card
Jon K. - $10 gift card

League Boundaries

For SVLL's 2011 Boundaries please click...2011 Boundary Map

"Assisting youth in developing qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being, with proper guidance and exemplary leadership."

League Phone Number 876-9030

SVLL 2014 Division Champions!!

Congrats to the following teams for winning the Fall 2014 Championships in their divisions:


Minors Marlins

Great job Marlins!!

Rookie Purple Rangers

Great job Rangers!!

Composite Bats

Licensed composite-barreled bats (2 1/4 inch barrels) that meet the Bat Performance Factor (BPF) standard, and the Accelerated Break In (ABI) procedures are listed below.

This list applies for the current season, and will be updated as needed.

This list is representative of licensed composite-barreled baseball bats that are permitted to be used in the Little League (Majors) Division and below, as of the latest revision date shown at the bottom of this page, when this list was updated.

This list may have more licensed models added to it as more bats are tested, and if Little League receives the positive testing results from the manufacturer.

For a complete list of bats that are licensed, please view or download the following PDF