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New for 2015
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2015 Season

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January 6, 2015

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April 6, 2015


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Coaches meeting Tuesday 3/31- 7 pm @ ball field concession stand - League Rules to be discussed - and uniforms will be passed out. One coach per team or an assistant - we have limited space.






 Fields Open Please Rake when done




UPDATE - Babe Ruth players will not be chosen on teams until April - we are still allowing signups- please keep eye on website for updates 



    2015 Practice Schedule
    Major Minor Coach Pitch Tball  
    Field 1 Field 2 Field 3 Field 4 Field House
Monday 6:00-7:15 Cardinals - Odom Yankees -Cacciatori Cardinals- Crosswhite Cardinals-  J Smith Red Sox- Gaddy
Monday 7:30-9:00 Royals -Lupo Royals- Allen Angels- Williams   Cardinals- Crosswhite
Tuesday 6:00-7:15 Royals -Lupo Dodgers- Hollingshead Orioles-Freeland Athletics- Griffin Phillies-Briggs
Tuesday 7:30-9:00 Padres- Coleman   Braves-Shearer Red Sox- Bridges  
Thursday 6:00-7:15 Red Sox- Sorey Rangers-Austin Red Sox- Gaddy Royals-Anderson Braves-Shearer
Thursday 7:30-9:00 Marlins - Casey Cardinals-Holliman Phillies-Briggs Tigers- Davidson Red Sox- Bridges
Friday 6:00-7:15 Red Sox- Sorey  Yankees-Cacciatori   Braves -Easley Orioles-Freeland
Friday 7:30-9:00         Athletics- Griffin
Saturday 9:00 Cardinals - Odom Yankees - Smith    Braves -Easley Yankees - Smith 
Saturday 10:30 Red Sox- Sorey Rangers - Woodall Red Sox- Gaddy Cardinals-  J Smith Rangers - Woodall
Saturday 12:00 Royals -Lupo   Cardinals- Crosswhite Red Sox- Bridges Cardinals-  J Smith
Saturday 1:30 Marlins - Casey   Braves-Shearer Tigers- Davidson Angels Williams
Saturday 3:00 Padres- Coleman   Angels- Williams Athletics- Griffin  
Saturday 4:30 Cardinals - Keen   Phillies-Briggs Royals-Anderson Cardinals - Keen
Saturday 6:00     Orioles-Freeland    
Any questions with Practice schedule - Call Bob McCurry @ 917-9321







2015 Teams & Coaches
5U Tball- Beginner-52 Pro Team Coach
BMH Rangers Eddie Woodall
Razorback Timber  Dodgers David Hollingshead
Roof Connect Yankees Dennis Smith
Satco Cardinals Luke Keen
6U Tball - Competitve Pro Team Coach
Nugent Logging Royals Tim Anderson
Day N Night Tigers Shane Davidson
Forestry Associates Cardinals Jeremy Smith
MNB of Sheridan Red Sox Bradley Bridges
Pulpwood Producers Athletics Kevin Griffin
Kohler Braves Cody Easley
8U Coach Pitch Pro Team Coach
Peoples Bank Angles Clay Williams
B&K Electric Red Sox Anthony  Gaddy
Shippers Phillies Aaron Briggs
Sheridan Excavating Cardinals Donnie Crosswhite
Sheridan Tractor Supply Braves Carol Shearer
Vondran's Ortho Orioles Justin Freeland
10u Minor Pro Team Coach
Stockton Equipment Cardinals Jason Holliman
Mosely Holdings Ranger Charlie Austin
Allen Gate & Panel Royals John Allen
Shelby Taylor Yankees John Cacciatori
Armor Pests Dodgers David Hollingshead
12u Major Pro Team Coach
McCoy Tygart Royals Jay Lupo
Taylor&Lunsford Red Sox Matt Sorey
Harper Construction Marlins Ron Casey
State Farm Cardinals Jeremy Odom
Ben E Keith Padres Steve Coleman



For more information you can contact:
  • e-mail:
  • Ron Casey 917-9206
  • John Allen 942-6992
  • Bob McCurry 917-9321
  • John Cacciatori 942-8769
  • Carroll Shearer 917-5219
  • Mike Carraway 941-8272
  • Steve Coleman 917-2239
  • Donnie Crosswhite 501-352-0733
  • Ball Field 942-4808

Concession Stand Duty Instructions

Please go to handouts to get instructions for your team

Upcoming Games/Practices

Monday,  Apr 6
Concession Stand Duty
Cardinals - Coach Pitch @ Concession Stand Duty 5:30pm Concession stand
4-5 yr old Instructional T-Ball
BMH Rangers @ Razorback Timber Dodgers 6:00pm Field 3
Roof Connect Yankees @ SATCO Cardinals 7:00pm Field 3
5-6 yr old Competitve T-Ball
Day N Nite Tigers @ Peoples Bank Royals 6:00pm Field 4
Forestry Assoc. Cardinals @ Kohler Braves 7:15pm Field 4
9-10 yr old Minor League
Mosley's Rangers @ Allen Gate Royals 6:00pm Field 2
11-12 yr old Major League
Harper Const. Marlins @ State Farm Cardinals 7:30pm Field 1
Tuesday,  Apr 7
Concession Stand Duty
Cardinals - Comp Tbal @ Concession Stand Duty 5:30pm Concession stand
5-6 yr old Competitve T-Ball
MNB Red Sox @ Pulpwood Producers Athletics 6:00pm Field 4
Kohler Braves @ Peoples Bank Royals 7:15pm Field 4
7-8 yr old Coach Pitch
B&K Electric Red Sox @ People's Bank Angels 6:00pm Field 3
Shippers Phillies @ Sheridan Excavating Cardinals 7:15pm Field 3
9-10 yr old Minor League
Allen Gate Royals @ Stockton Equipment Cardinals 6:00pm Field 2
Armor Pests Dodgers @ Shelby Taylor Yankees 7:30pm Field 2
11-12 yr old Major League
Taylor&Lunsford Red Sox @ Harper Const. Marlins 6:00pm Field 1
Ben E Keith Padres @ McCoy Tygart Royals 7:45pm Field 1
Thursday,  Apr 9
Concession Stand Duty
Royals - Minor @ Concession Stand Duty 5:30pm Concession stand
5-6 yr old Competitve T-Ball
Day N Nite Tigers @ Pulpwood Producers Athletics 6:00pm Field 4
Forestry Assoc. Cardinals @ MNB Red Sox 7:15pm Field 4
7-8 yr old Coach Pitch
Sheridan Excavating Cardinals @ Sheridan Tractor Supply Braves 6:00pm Field 3
Shippers Phillies @ Vondran's Ortho Orioles 7:15pm Field 3
9-10 yr old Minor League
Armor Pests Dodgers @ Allen Gate Royals 6:00pm Field 2
Stockton Equipment Cardinals @ Shelby Taylor Yankees 7:30pm Field 2
11-12 yr old Major League
Harper Const. Marlins @ McCoy Tygart Royals 6:00pm Field 1
State Farm Cardinals @ Ben E Keith Padres 7:30pm Field 1

For a complete schedule listing, click here!