Last Updated: April 23, 2014

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  • Congrats Nic Alvarado(majors) for his 1st OTP Home Run!
  • Congrats Jacob Berbereia (majors) for his 2nd OTP Home Run!
  • Congrats Gilbert Retiz (majors) for his 1st OTP Home Runs!
  • Concession Schedule Posted
  • 2014 Pacific SW Regionals Are Coming to Tulare
Register Online
TBA 2014 Babe Ruth 14-15 Year Player Registration
TBA Board Meeting, Wed, April 23th, 7:30pm @ Ball Park


 Click picture above to zoom or print.

2014 TBA Babe Ruth 14-15 Registration Is Now Open

Register "ONLINE" now for Tulare Baseball Association's Babe Ruth 14-15 year old league.

Go to the "Online Forms" section in the Menu column to the left.


You can sign at the park in person April 24, 5:30-7:30pm.


Saturday, April 26 @ 5pm

Wednesday, April 30, 6-8pm

You must be registered prior to tryouts.

If you have any questions pleae contact:  Kristi Barnhart @ 559-786-0227 or Tracy Miller @ 559-936-7580.

All Star Manager Application

Starting this year, all coaches who wish to be considered for an All Star Manager, must fill out the application attached below. Once the application is returned, no later than April 12th, you will be called and scheduled for an interview by a committee panel. Again, if you are interested in being an All Star Coach for the 2014 season, YOU MUST FILL OUT AND RETURN THE APPLICATION.

(Click Here) to view and print the All Star Manager application.

Game Photos

If you have game day photos, please share them with us!

Email them to


Jonathan Callison (9yr A's)


Sonny Pena (9yr Angels)



Jayden Ortega (9yr Mets)


Dax Kornewinder (BR 13 White Sox)



Blake Tinker  (5yr Giants)



Ethan Arteaga (9yr Angels) "sliding"

2014 Opening Day Ceremonies

Thank you, players, parents, fans, and coaches! The 2014 Tulare Baseball Association Opening Ceremonies, went smoothly and was a great success. A special thank you goes out to Luciano Aguirre and Katie Griesbach. Without them this organization and park would not be what it is today! Because of your hard work and dedicationto the youth of Tulare, they get to continue playing baseball at the Babe Ruth level.

Thank you!


Katie Griesbach and Luciano Aguair.

 First pitch of 2014 thrown by Luciano Aguair.


Cal Ripken has selected the Tulare Baseball Association Ballpark as the site of the

2014 Cal Ripken 12yr-60ft Pacific Southwest Regional Tournament!

This tournament will bring the the top teams from the Southwest area of the United States to Tulare for some great baseball action!

We will see the best teams from Arizona, Central California, Guam, Hawaii, Nevada,

Northern California, Northern Utah, Southern California, and Southern Utah. 

Mark your calendars now, and plan on coming out to show your support.

The tournament starts July 20th and runs through July 27.

Check back here for more info at a later date. 


CR & BR Coaches, 2014 Rules Are Available

2014 Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth local rules are now available to view and print.

Click on Coaches Corner in the left menu.

Concession Schedule

The Concession schedule is finalized and can be viewed or printed by clicking below.

You can also access the schedule through the Parent Info section or Coaches Corner.

(Click Here) for Concession Schedule

Game Photos Wanted!

Attention parents and fans. If you have photos of your team you would like posted on our website please submit them. We will try our best to get your photos up on the website but there are no gaurantees.

We are looking for action shots! Game time action shots. Please do not submit practice photos or candids. Please submit your photos to as an attachement in jpg format. Please name the child, team, and age group of the players appearing in the photos.

Once submitted please be patient, we will get them posted sooner or later.

Thank you, and remember to check back here often for updates, news, game results, and important information regarding our program.


Madatory Volunteer Application

Starting this year, 2014, all volunteers must go through a minor background check prior to begining the season.

If you are planning to coach, assistant coach, or be the team parrent, you must fill out the Volunteer Application and turn it into

 Tracy Miller, Kristi Barnhart, or Gabe Gallegos. The background check is confidential, and will only

be seen by those required to see it.

(Click Here) to download and print the Volunteer Application.

If you have any questions contact:

Tracy Miller (559) 936-7580, Kristi Barnhart (559) 786-0227,

or Gabe Gallegos (559) 308-6736 (text)/559-329-5660 (home phone)

Coaches Mandatory Certification

Coaches must be certified BEFORE opening day. Please click on the link below to go to the certification page. Select the "Coaching Youth Baseball" course. A copy of this and a volunteer form MUST be turned in before you may coach on the field. Thanks for assisting us in being sure our kids are kept safe and trained properly.Click the link below to be sent to the Babe Ruth website for coach certification.

All coaches 8 year olds and up must be certified to be on the field OR in the dugout. 5, 6, AND 7'S must have AT LEAST 1 certified coach at each practice and game!


Click below to routed to certification wedsite.

(Coaches Certification)


PLEASE, Keep Our Park Clean
This is the trash left behind after a typical Saturday!
Please help keep our park clean, by throwing away your trash at the end of your game. Doing so will help keep our costs and registration fees low. TBA hires hires out to clean up our park between each game day. This ensures the park is clean and ready for you and other spectators the next day. Please keep those cost low and clean up after yourselves.
Thank you! - TBA Board

Lost and Found

Please turn in all items left behind or found at the ball park to the snack bars. The snack bar has a box for all lost and found items. Please, turn in all items. Do not take items home that do not belong to you. Please be considerate of your fellow ball players!

Thank you, TBA Board.

2014 Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth Bat Regulations

There have been no changes for the 2014 Approved Bat Regulations for Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth. Regulations are the same as the 2012 regulations.

(Click Here) to view or print these regulations. Be aware, these regulations will be inforced at all times.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Thursday,  Apr 24
CR 6/7
Indians @ Dodgers 5:30pm Field 3
DiamondBacks @ Tigers 5:30pm Field 6
CR 8yrs
DiamondBacks @ Dodgers 5:30pm Field 7
Cubs @ A's 5:30pm Field 8
CR 9yrs
Pirates @ Mets 5:30pm Field 4
Hot Rods @ Mudville 9 5:30pm Field 2
CR Majors
Dodgers @ A's 5:30pm Field 1
Mets @ Orioles 7:30pm Field 1
BR 13yrs
Red Sox @ Cardinals 6:00pm Field 5
Saturday,  Apr 26
CR T-Ball
DiamondBacks @ Yankees 11:00am Field 3
Giants @ DiamondBacks 1:00pm Field 3
CR 6/7
A's @ Tigers 9:00am Field 3
Cubs @ Giants 9:00am Field 6
Dodgers @ Yankees 11:00am Field 6
Angels @ Padres 11:00am Field 8
Rangers @ Indians 1:00pm Field 6
Pirates @ DiamondBacks 1:00pm Field 8
Orioles @ Rays 3:00pm Field 8
CR 8yrs
Mariners @ Cardinals 9:00am Field 7
Pirates @ A's 11:00am Field 7
Angels @ Cubs 1:00pm Field 7
Giants @ DiamondBacks 3:00pm Field 7
CR 9yrs
Angels @ Dodgers 9:00am Field 4
Tigers @ Giants 11:00am Field 4
Pirates @ A's 1:00pm Field 4
Mets @ Padres 3:00pm Field 4
Mudcats @ River Bandits 9:00am Field 8
Rawhide @ Scrappers 11:00am Field 2
Flying Squirrels @ Sand Gnats 1:00pm Field 2
Thunder @ Hot Rods 3:00pm Field 2
CR Majors
Mets @ DiamondBacks 9:00am Field 1
Orioles @ A's 9:00am Field 2
Braves @ Giants 11:00am Field 1
Rangers @ Dodgers 1:00pm Field 1
Yankees @ Cubs 3:00pm Field 1
BR 13yrs
Yankees @ A's 9:00am Field 5
Cardinals @ White Sox 11:30am Field 5
Red Sox @ Indians 2:00pm Field 5
Monday,  Apr 28
CR 6/7
Marlins @ Angels 5:30pm Field 3
Padres @ Orioles 5:30pm Field 6
CR 8yrs
Cardinals @ Angels 5:30pm Field 7
Mariners @ Cubs 5:30pm Field 8
CR 9yrs
A's @ Giants 5:30pm Field 1
Padres @ Pirates 5:30pm Field 4
Scrappers @ River Bandits 5:30pm Field 2
CR Majors
A's @ DiamondBacks 7:30pm Field 1
Dodgers @ Orioles 7:30pm Field 2
BR 13yrs
Cardinals @ A's 5:30pm Field 5
White Sox @ Yankees 8:00pm Field 5

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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