Last Updated: March 27, 2015
  • Congrats ELIJAH SALDIVAR, Angels (9yrs) for OTP Home Run!
  • Congrats CHARLES FLORES III, Diamonbacks (mjrs) for OTP HR!
  • Congrats CASE ANKER, Yankees (9yrs) for OTP Home Run!
  • Congrats GILBERT RETIZ, Diamondbacks (mjrs) for OTP HR!
  • Congrats MAX BAKKER, Yankees (9yrs) for OTP Home Run!
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             Concessions Stand Duty

Please help the league keep costs down. By showing up for your scheduled concession stand duty you are helping staff a position that would otherwise cost the league money to hire people to work. If we end up staffing the concession stands with paid employees, registration costs will be increased to cover wages. This park is owned and operated by the Tulare Baseball Association. IT IS NOT, by popular belief, owned by the City of Tulare. Our park is one of the few parks in the state of California that operates as such. We could not and would not be one of the premier youth baseball parks, if it wasn't for our parents, fans and volunteers. Thank you! - TBA Board


GameChanger update!

If you are having difficulty downloading, installing, setting up, using the GameChanger app you can email our GameChanger rep directly. Eddie should be able to walk you through any problem you may be experiencing. If you have a stat correction or score correction, please have your Team Manager contact TBA via email or text/call 559-804-4218. Thank you! - TBA Board


Board Member Coverage Schedule

(Click Here) to view or print the coverage schedule.

Any and all changes approved through Mike Powell.




Cole Sappinton - Dodgers - 9yrs

Tristen Lopes - Mets - Majors 

 Carson Lopes - Mets - Majors

 Landon Peredo - A's - 6/7 yrs

Broden Van Essen - Dodgers - 8yrs 

Colby Van Essen - Braves - Majors


Alex Thorpe - Thunder - AAA

Opening Night!

Thank you to all that attended Friday nights opening ceremonies and help make it a success! We would like to extend a special thank you to Small Town Cruisers for providing some beautiful classic cars to line the outfield, and another thank you to Teddy Salmon for his outstanding performance of the National Anthem on an electric guitar.


National Anthem! Thanks Teddy.

First pitch of the 2015 season by Darren Poston, caught by son Landon.


TBA Is Now Using GameChanger!

This year TBA has fully integrated the GameChanger app into our league! Specifically pertaining to ages 8-15yrs, all scorekeeping is now being performed using GameChanger. This will allow all fans, parents and players to track their season stats, their team stats, and their teams standings with live updates. There are 2 versions of this app, a free version and a pay version. The pay version allows you see real time game play diagrams, real time box scores, and when game is completed you will receive a news article highlighting the game. The free version still allows you to track your player, and received real time score updates. If you would like to download this app to your iPhone, iPad, iPod, other iOS device go to Apple's App Store and download today.

Unfortunately at this time, GameChanger is not offered on any other format for download.

If you do not have an iOS device, you can still register and follow your player via GameChanger website.

Madatory Volunteer Application

All volunteers must go through a minor background check prior to begining the season. If you are planning to coach, assistant coach, or be the team parrent, you must fill out the Volunteer Application and turn it into Mike Powell, Kristi Barnhart, or Gabe Gallegos. The background check is confidential, and will only be seen by those required to see it.

(Click Here) to download and print the Volunteer Application. If you have any questions contact: Mike Powell (559) 901-6054, Kristi Barnhart (559) 786-0227, or Gabe Gallegos (559) 308-6736 (text)/559-329-5660 (home phone)

New! Babe Ruth Pitch Count Rules

Coaches/Parents - New for this 2015 Season, Tulare Baseball has instated new pitch count and mandatory rest rules for the Babe Ruth levels only. These rules were put in place to protect our players well being. You can find the new rules in the "Coaches Corner", or (Click Here) to view or print them.

The new pitch count rule, supersedes, the previous innings allowed rule.


Coaches Mandatory Certification

Coaches must be certified BEFORE opening day. Please click on the link below to go to the certification page. Select the "Coaching Youth Baseball" course. A copy of this and a volunteer form MUST be turned in before you may coach on the field. Thanks for assisting us in being sure our kids are kept safe and trained properly.Click the link below to be sent to the Babe Ruth website for coach certification.
All coaches 8 year olds and up must be certified to be on the field OR in the dugout. 5, 6, AND 7'S must have AT LEAST 1 certified coach at each practice and game!
IF YOU ARE NOT CERTIFIED, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE FIELD OR IN DUGOUTS! Click below to routed to certification website.
(Coaches Certification)

CR & BR Coaches, 2015 Rules Are Available

2015 Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth local rules are now available to view and print.

Click on Coaches Corner in the left menu.

Game Photos Wanted!

Attention parents and fans. If you have photos of your team you would like posted on our website please submit them. We will try our best to get your photos up on the website but there are no guarantees. We are looking for action shots! Game time action shotsPlease do not submit practice photos or candids. Please submit your photos to as an attachement in jpg format. Please give us the name(s), team(s), and age group of the players appearing in the photos.

Once submitted please be patient, we will get them posted sooner or later.

Thank you, and remember to check back here often for updates, news, game results, and important information regarding our program.



 Click picture above to zoom or print.


Lost and Found

Please turn in all items left behind or found at the ball park to the snack bars. The snack bar has a box for all lost and found items. Please, turn in all items. Do not take items home that do not belong to you. Please be considerate of your fellow ball players!

Thank you, TBA Board.

PLEASE, Keep Our Park Clean

This is the trash left behind after a typical Saturday!
Please help keep our park clean, by throwing away your trash at the end of your game. Doing so will help keep our costs and registration fees low. TBA hires hires out to clean up our park between each game day. This ensures the park is clean and ready for you and other spectators the next day. Please keep those cost low and clean up after yourselves.
Thank you! - TBA Board

2015 Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth Bat Regulations

There have been no changes for the 2015 Approved Bat Regulations for Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth. Regulations are the same as the 2012 regulations.

(Click Here) to view or print these regulations. Be aware, these regulations will be inforced at all times.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday,  Mar 28
CR T-Ball
Giants @ Diamondbacks 8:00am Field 3
Mariners @ Cubs 10:00am Field 3
Red Sox @ Angels 12:00pm Field 3
Yankees @ A's 2:00pm Field 3
CR 6/7
Twins @ Reds 8:00am Field 6
Dodgers @ Pirates 8:00am Field 8
Yankees @ Tigers 10:00am Field 6
Cubs @ Diamondbacks 10:00am Field 8
Padres @ Braves 12:00pm Field 6
A's @ Blue Jays 12:00pm Field 8
Angels @ Giants 2:00pm Field 6
CR 8yrs
Reds @ Angels 8:00am Field 4
Padres @ A's 10:00am Field 4
Indians @ Dodgers 12:00pm Field 4
Brewers @ Phillies 2:00pm Field 4
Giants @ Rangers 4:00pm Field 4
CR 9yrs
Cubs @ A's 8:00am Field 7
Pirates @ Yankees 10:00am Field 7
Angels @ Giants 12:00pm Field 7
Orioles @ Dodgers 2:00pm Field 7
Mudcats @ Flying Squirrels 8:00am Field 2
Thunder @ Rawhide 10:00am Field 2
River Bandits @ Durham Bulls 12:00pm Field 2
Sand Gnats @ Scrappers 2:00pm Field 2
Hot Rods @ Mudville 9 4:00pm Field 2
CR Majors
Mets @ Giants 8:00am Field 1
Orioles @ Diamondbacks 10:00am Field 1
Cubs @ Dodgers 12:00pm Field 1
Rangers @ A's 2:00pm Field 1
Yankees @ Braves 4:00pm Field 1
BR 13yrs
Nationals @ Brewers 10:00am Field 5
Pirates @ Giants 12:30pm Field 5
Monday,  Apr 6
CR T-Ball
Giants @ Yankees 5:30pm Field 3
CR 6/7
Angels @ Pirates 5:30pm Field 6
CR 8yrs
Dodgers @ Giants 5:30pm Field 4
Phillies @ A's 5:30pm Field 8
CR 9yrs
Angels @ A's 5:30pm Field 7
Durham Bulls @ Mudcats 5:30pm Field 1
Mudville 9 @ River Bandits 5:30pm Field 2
CR Majors
Dodgers @ Mets 7:30pm Field 1
Braves @ Cubs 7:30pm Field 2
BR 13yrs
Pirates @ Phillies 6:00pm Field 5
Tuesday,  Apr 7
CR T-Ball
Mariners @ Red Sox 5:30pm Field 3
CR 6/7
Tigers @ Twins 5:30pm Field 6
CR 8yrs
Angels @ Indians 5:30pm Field 4
Padres @ Brewers 5:30pm Field 8
CR 9yrs
Orioles @ Yankees 5:30pm Field 7
Flying Squirrels @ Hot Rods 5:30pm Field 1
Thunder @ Sand Gnats 5:30pm Field 2
CR Majors
Giants @ Yankees 7:30pm Field 1
Orioles @ Rangers 7:30pm Field 2
BR 13yrs
Brewers @ Nationals 6:00pm Field 5
Wednesday,  Apr 8
CR T-Ball
A's @ Diamondbacks 5:30pm Field 3
CR 6/7
Yankees @ Braves 5:30pm Field 6
CR 8yrs
Rangers @ Reds 5:30pm Field 4
CR 9yrs
Yankees @ Dodgers 5:30pm Field 1
A's @ Giants 5:30pm Field 2
Angels @ Orioles 5:30pm Field 7
Pirates @ Padres 5:30pm Field 8
Scrappers @ Rawhide 7:30pm Field 2
CR Majors
A's @ Diamondbacks 7:30pm Field 1
Thursday,  Apr 9
CR T-Ball
Angels @ Cubs 5:30pm Field 3
CR 6/7
Cubs @ Reds 5:30pm Field 6
CR 8yrs
Indians @ Padres 5:30pm Field 4
Brewers @ Rangers 5:30pm Field 8
CR 9yrs
Dodgers @ Giants 5:30pm Field 7
Mudcats @ Thunder 5:30pm Field 1
Sand Gnats @ Mudville 9 5:30pm Field 2
CR Majors
Mets @ Orioles 7:30pm Field 1
Rangers @ Braves 7:30pm Field 2
BR 13yrs
Brewers @ Pirates 6:00pm Field 5
Saturday,  Apr 11
CR T-Ball
Cubs @ A's 8:00am Field 3
Diamondbacks @ Yankees 10:00am Field 3
Dodgers @ Red Sox 12:00pm Field 3
Giants @ Mariners 2:00pm Field 3
CR 6/7
Reds @ Diamondbacks 8:00am Field 6
Yankees @ Giants 8:00am Field 8
Dodgers @ Blue Jays 10:00am Field 6
Twins @ Braves 10:00am Field 8
Angels @ A's 12:00pm Field 6
Cubs @ Tigers 12:00pm Field 8
Padres @ Pirates 2:00pm Field 6
CR 8yrs
Giants @ Brewers 8:00am Field 4
A's @ Angels 10:00am Field 4
Reds @ Dodgers 12:00pm Field 4
Rangers @ Padres 2:00pm Field 4
Indians @ Phillies 4:00pm Field 4
CR 9yrs
Cubs @ Angels 8:00am Field 7
Padres @ Orioles 10:00am Field 7
A's @ Dodgers 12:00pm Field 7
Giants @ Yankees 2:00pm Field 7
Hot Rods @ Sand Gnats 8:00am Field 2
Rawhide @ Durham Bulls 10:00am Field 2
River Bandits @ Flying Squirrels 12:00pm Field 2
Mudville 9 @ Thunder 2:00pm Field 2
Mudcats @ Scrappers 4:00pm Field 2
CR Majors
Yankees @ Rangers 8:00am Field 1
Diamondbacks @ Dodgers 10:00am Field 1
Cubs @ Giants 12:00pm Field 1
Braves @ Orioles 2:00pm Field 1
Mets @ A's 4:00pm Field 1
BR 13yrs
Phillies @ Nationals 10:00am Field 5
Giants @ Brewers 12:30pm Field 5
Monday,  Apr 13
CR T-Ball
Mariners @ Dodgers 5:30pm Field 3
CR 6/7
Dodgers @ Diamondbacks 5:30pm Field 6
CR 8yrs
Dodgers @ Padres 5:30pm Field 4
Reds @ Giants 5:30pm Field 8
CR 9yrs
Angels @ Padres 5:30pm Field 7
Flying Squirrels @ Thunder 5:30pm Field 1
Sand Gnats @ Rawhide 5:30pm Field 2
CR Majors
Giants @ Orioles 7:30pm Field 1
Rangers @ Diamondbacks 7:30pm Field 2
BR 13yrs
Nationals @ Giants 6:00pm Field 5

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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