Last Updated: May 10, 2015


Additional Registration date


Wakefield Pop Warner will be holding another live registration for the 2015 season on Monday May 4th from 6:30- 7:00 at the Public Safety Building, 1 Union St. Wakefield.  We still have spots available on the cheering squads and most football teams, including our unlimited weight Patriot team for 7th & 8th graders



Online payment now available


 The following forms must be filled out and brought to live registration along with your payment receipt.


2015 Parent code of conduct


2015 Physical fitness/medical history form


2015 Standard player contract


Click on forms above or they can be found in the side menu bar under forms/documents 


Cash or Checks will still be accepted at registration





Wakefield Pop Warner entering new Division 3 for 2015 season 

We believe the new “Division 3” of Pop Warner will be comparable or even better. This new division of play will change the definition of the older-in-age but lighter-in-weight player.  Unless a player is BELOW the minimum weight for their age-based placement, they will play with their age.  Pop Warner is an age- and weight-based program. This change will impact all players in the program with the exception of the the Patriot Division (Minimum of 105 with No Max. Weight).  As a board we feel confident that with the new age and weight restrictions we now have a Pop Warner option that mirrors the way we run our program and we concluded that remaining within Pop Warner and joining "Division 3" would give our teams the best possible experience.




Cheer Competition dates and locations posted under cheerleading tab




See player registration tab for payment information






During the season WE DO practice in the rain, field conditions could change if it gets to bad we will cancel or end practice early we ask that you stay close by to pick up the players.If there are thunder / lightning storms we evacuate the field please stay at field if there are signs of storms as we will need everyone off the field. Please stay in contact with team parent for updates make sure they have all means of contact.

Turf and track rules

1.      Turf Fields

a.       Proper Foot Wear is extremely important – No metal spikes.

b.      Water only allowed on the field (no sports drinks, coffee, soda etc.)

c.       No food (no gum, sunflower seeds, peanuts, etc.)

d.      No alcohol or other controlled substances

e.      No tobacco products

f.        No foul or abusive language

g.       No glass bottles/glass containers

h.      No corner flags/stakes

i.         No bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, strollers

j.        No motor vehicles

k.       No dogs (other than service dogs) or other animals

l.         No fires/grills

m.    No sharp objects

n.      Approved athletic equipment and benches only

o.      Players and coaches only allowed on the field

p.      No marking of lines on field

q.      Spectators and visitors not allowed on turf

r.        Beasley Oval: Crossing the track to the field should only be done on the lay down mat.

s.       Beasley Oval: Spectators should not stand on the track when watching a game

t.        Lawn Chairs or other chairs are not allowed on the field or track. 

u.      Each users group should have two people at the entrance to the facility before each game to insure that unauthorized items are not brought into the field or track area.

v.       At the end of the event, the field should be policed with all trash collected and removed from the facility or placed in trash receptacles.

w.     No sledding onto track.

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