Last Updated: July 1, 2015

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Spurs 1st Place Winner of the Juniors Division

 Coach Michael Mantz 

Gregory Marraquin, Megan Barone, Seth Otto, Jack Tolnai, Jeremie Lesko, Jimmy Patton,

Issac Morillo, Devon Fried and Brielle Mulvihill

Islanders 2nd Place Winner

 Coach Andrew Wood

Robert Lentz, Saul Hansel, Eric Stanchich, Alex Benedetto, Shane O'Brien, Nick Conway, Daniel Ulmer,

and Noah Pagella

  Warriors 1st Place Majors Division

Coach Greg Muniz

Giancarlo Gomez, Rory McCormick, Chris Albar, Mike Harrison, Nathan Leonard, Dylan Gaffney,

Gavin Muniz, Owen Kohle, Connor Smith, Mike Piteris and Dimitri Piteris



Grizzlies 2nd Place Majors Division

Coach Pat Groh

Robert Fiorilla, Angelo Fernandez, George Barounis, Mike Oswald, Travis Frommelt, Rachel Chandler,

Sarah Chandler, Maggie Spagnoulo, Justin Spagnoulo



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After completing the online course present a copy of your certificate to the office