Last Updated: July 6, 2015

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Upcoming Games

Tuesday,  Jul 7
Silver East
Cavs-Brock @ Magada 8:40pm North
Bronze North
Barnes Storm @ Believeland 216 7:00pm North
Novatny @ No Luk Pass 7:00pm South
STEPS @ McGinty's Pub (Meadows) 7:50pm North
The Minority Report @ Mid Town Booths Tavern 7:50pm South
Bronze South
Malone @ Banana Slugs 8:40pm South
Pippen Aint Easy @ Mazzella Lifting 9:30pm North
Lakewood Village Tavern @ Lakewood Legends 9:30pm South
Wednesday,  Jul 8
Silver East
Quest Rim Swish Stars @ Brothers Lounge 7:00pm North
Silver West
Go Hards @ iBallers 9:30pm South
Bronze North
Believeland 216 @ McGinty's Pub (Gallagher) 7:00pm South
STEPS @ Tadic Throwbacks 7:50pm North
Camino Taco Bar @ Novatny 7:50pm South
Mid Town Booths Tavern @ McGinty's Pub (Meadows) 8:40pm North
PPG Industries @ Slow Break 9:30pm North
Bronze South
The Tinder Sherries @ The World Group 8:40pm South
Thursday,  Jul 9
Silver East
Second 2 None @ Public House 7:50pm North
Silver West
King @ Cake Nation 7:00pm North
Fish Window Cleaning @ Go Hards 7:00pm South
Bronze North
Novatny @ McGinty's Pub (Meadows) 7:50pm South
The Minority Report @ Believeland 216 8:40pm North
Bronze South
The World Group @ Mazzella Lifting 8:40pm South

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