Last Updated: April 27, 2016
  • CT Bears Wins 1st CFFL Tittle....
  • ..... CT Bears 2015 Spring Champions

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Competitive, Safe, Fun!!!
The CFFL is the best Adult Flag Fotball League in the North East! Whether you need to scracth your extreme competitive itch, or just want some good old exercise and social fun. The CFFL's goal is to offer the  right  format you need safe, fun and competitive games week after week.
9vs9 "PLAY   LIKE A PRO"
No League on the East Coast provides a more a more real "simulated" football exprerience than our 9vs9 PRO DIVISION . We offer full stat tracking for each  players games, seasons and careers. 9vs9 Pro  includes down field blocking, stiff arms, and 35  minute halfs. Pro, College and High School experience is preferred in the league with ages ranging from 18 to 50.
"Its More Than Just A Game," Join The Fratenity!

Upcoming Games/Practices

Sunday, May 1
2016 9vs9 Pro
Assassins @ Wolves2:00pmRentschler Field
Young Gunz @ Revolution2:00pmRentschler Field
Hitsquad @ Ravens3:30pmRentschler Field
Vikings @ Cowboys3:30pmRentschler Field
Buc Da World @ Bears5:00pmRentschler Field
Bulldogs @ Chiefs5:00pmRentschler Field

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