Last Updated: January 21, 2017
  • Air Station Shootout CANCELED!

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To stay current on any team happenings, join "remind" by texting 81010 the message @anhslax17.  This will be an important form of team updates, notifications, etc. throughout our season.  Parents are also welcome to join but we encourage communication from the player to Coach.



Wednesday, January 25th in the ANHS Library at 7:00pm

NCAA Lacrosse at Aliso Niguel High School!


Practice Schedule beginning second semester (1/9/17)

Monday - Friday

JV:  7:00pm - 8:30pm (field 7:30 - 8:30)

Varsity:  8:00pm - 9:30pm (field 8:30 - 9:30)

Players should arrive 15 minutes early and be ready to begin ON TIME.


Don't forget to register by Wednesday, January 11th for the Air Station Shootout. 

Attention all Wolverine Players!

In preparation for our upcoming season, we'll be participating in the Air Station Shootout at the Great Park in Irvine January 20th-22nd.

This tournament is separate from our practice schedule. There is a fee to enter this tournament - each player's cost will be $140 (four games guaranteed).  This is a great opportunity for us to check our progress against tough local competition and to improve further.  We will be entering one Varsity and one JV team. Some changes will be made, but for the most part players should expect to play with the team they practice with.

All participants must register, pay their fee, and sign a Victory waiver (found under the "Handouts" tab) to play in this tournament.  Deadline to register is December 22, 2016.  Please give waiver to Coach at practice or scan your signed copy and send to  Once you have registered, you may go to the Donations page on our website to make your payment.  This is a fun, fast paced tournament and a great opportunity to get the boys real game time competition and build TEAM UNITY! All players are encouraged to attend.



Practices until Finals Week will be 3:00pm – 5:00pm Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday on the back field. 


Please join remind if you haven’t yet done so by texting 81010 the message @anhslax17.  This will be an important form of updates, notifications, etc. now and throughout our season.  Parents are also welcome to join.






Thursday, November 17th beginning at 3:00pm - Back Field

Friday, November 18th beginning at 3:00pm - Wolverine Stadium

Saturday, November 19th beginning at 9:00am - Back Field

Please reply to Coach Marshall to confirm your attendance.





  2016-2017 Board Announced 

 The Wolverine Boys Lacrosse would like to officially welcome our new board:

  • New Vice President- Joe Mandichak
  • New Secretary- Eve Lopez
  • New Treasurer- Lauren Styskal
  • New Auxiliary Chair (Fundraising)- Karen Anapoell
  • New Webmaster- Nicci Beimer
  • New At-Large Voting Member- Craig Searson

The following individuals are also gracious enough to lend their services as non voting Auxiliary members:

  • Jeff Turner
  • Pam Carmody
  • Jodi Murphy

The President's role will continue to be Channing Lindsay as he completes his two year term.

The Board wishes to thank the exiting board members for all their services and dedication:

  • Adam Traub
  • Marcia Ravner
  • Mary Lombardo
  • Dale Chassey

You will be missed!


2016 Wolverine lacrosse off-season program 

Here are some details about our summer program, which is fully launching, soon: We intend to phase in to this by the end of this month.  We also intend to have a question and answer meeting in the coming days.  But for now, we wanted to get this information out.

As we’ve stated before, we will be giving a high level, thorough development experience to all players in our program.   

The total price is $700, which is relatively high – but we think it’s a very good value because we’re offering much more than other programs that are similarly priced for a much shorter time span.

In summer: 2 tournaments, maybe 3, team and individual skill practices, AND an organized and efficient strength, speed and skill program – not offered anywhere else.

In fall, until mid December: We will continue the entire program.   We will add on any tournaments/league play as it best serves our teams.Players will finish the program in December much stronger, faster, more skilled and much better prepared to succeed in the spring - and we expect to have a lot of fun in the process.

What we will need from each participant

  • $250 deposit made payable to Wolverine Lacrosse in order to cover tournament, equipment, and coaching costs.  We need this as soon as is convenient.  If there is any problem, just talk to us and we will work it out.
  • Physical clearance from qualified doctor – a great opportunity is coming up May 16th/17th - see attached flyer
  • Please fill out this questionnaire

We are discounting for partial/family participation, but our requirements remain that each player is engaged in some way to become stronger, faster, and better skilled at lacrosse.  This can take many forms, including playing a second sport (we prefer this), we just want each player to clear what they’re doing with us.

You can find a Physical Clearance Day Flyer in the "Handouts" link!


Wolverine Lacrosse Coaching Staff




The Wolverine Lacrosse Teams operate solely on donations from parents and the community. The requested donation is based on a budget to provide a quality program and excellent team experience for every boy who wants to play lacrosse on our teams, minus planned fundraising revenue, then divided equally by the number of expected players. The requested donation covers game day jerseys, balls, nets, busing, and salaries for coaches, referees, trainers, and fields. This sport receives no stipend for assistant coaches and no transportation funding from our school district, we are 100% self funded.

$650 Suggested Player Donation   

Donations via Credit Card.  You may use the Donate button below for any payments to Wolverine Lacrosse. Donations can be made at any time for any amount.

Boys' Wolverine Lacrosse
26895 Aliso Creek Rd.
Suite B-181
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

If necessary, donations can be made over time. Contact Treasurer Lauren Styskal  If the full amount is not feasible, parents and players can contribute the equivalent donation by contacting businesses in the community and selling banners, ads for our game day programs, website ads, etc. See the handout sections of this website for Sponsorship Program. Contact Karen Anapoell for additional fundraising information. 

Thanks for supporting Wolverine Boys' Lacrosse. We're on our way to another great year!  

Get Social with Wolverine Lacrosse!

Wolverine Lacrosse has many ways to connect!   

  • Facebook: Members can post and help get word out, especially to the players. You can use the Facebook icon on the sidebar or click HERE for Wolverine Men's Lacrosse on Facebook.  
  • Email List: We have cleaned up the email distribution list, so if you are not getting occasional emails and would like to receive them, please Join our Email List and keep up with all team news.  

Communication to Coaches 

Just a reminder, please send all communication for or to coaches to their emails.  Several of you have sent emails about missing practice or being ill to the booster club email.  Coaches are not able to read these.

If you need to contact any of the coaches, please use the following emails:

Coach Adam Marshall:   

Coach Zach Henderson: 

Coach Shane Diamond:    

Team Rules 

Click on this link or go to handouts on the left side of the page to access the rules.


US Lacrosse. Membership in US Lacrosse is required for all non-ANHS teams and for tournaments. Becoming a member of US Lacrosse for $35 supports lacrosse at the national level, provides additional insurance benefits, and a subscription to their magazine along with access to other lacrosse resources. Join or renew today at If your son is already a member, please enter your US lacrosse number when you register for an off-season team or tournament.  Wolverine Lacrosse Group ID# 2557118.

Purchasing Equipment: There are many places where you can purchase new or used lacrosse equipment in the area.  Please feel free to reach out to the coaching staff or our booster program for recommendations.  Please note that the booster club and the coaching staff are currently working on securing a deal to purchase new helmets and gloves are an extreme discount.  Stay tuned for details.


HAVE EQUIPMENT TO DONATE? Outgrown your pads or gloves? Have an extra stick? Upgraded your helmet? Support Wolverine Lacrosse by donating your used equipment so new players can give lacrosse a try. Contact Channing Lindsay at to arrange pickup.



Parent Information meeting tentatively scheduled for September 14th, 2016


Off season Tournament Tentatively scheduled in November 11th-13th. 





For the program to operate, we depend on parent volunteers for the following duties. If everyone commits to do a little to run our program, no one has to do a lot. When registering, please let us know how you will help with the following: 

  • Announcer
  • Scorekeeper
  • Game Clock
  • Snack Bar
  • Fundraising
  • Board Position
  • End of Year Banquet

 Get a jump on next season, and let us know if you would like to chair a committee for the 2015-2016 season!

Wolverine Boys' Lacrosse is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our Tax ID No. is 51-0616864. Please consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of your donations. 

Please note that the Constitution of the State of California requires that we provide a public education to you free of charge. Your right to a free education is for all school/educational activities, whether curricular or extracurricular, and whether you get a grade for the activity or class.  Subject to certain exceptions, your right to a free public education means that we cannot require you or your family to purchase materials, supplies, equipment or uniforms for any school activity, nor can we require you or your family to pay security deposits for access, participation, materials, or equipment.  

Any correspondence can be sent to:

ANHS Boy’s Wolverine Lacrosse
26895 Aliso Creek Rd. Suite B-181
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

Upcoming Games

Monday, Feb 27
Aliso Niguel Wolverines @ St. Margaret's6:30pmSt. Margaret's Episcopal School
Wednesday, Mar 1
Aliso Niguel Wolverines @ J Serra5:00pmJ Serra High School
Aliso Niguel Wolverines @ J Serra7:00pmJ Serra High School
Tuesday, Mar 7
Aliso Niguel Wolverines @ Capo Valley5:00pmCapo Valley High School
Aliso Niguel Wolverines @ Capo Valley7:00pmCapo Valley High School

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Sunday, Jan 22
Air Station Shootout (Tournament)Orange County Great Park Sports Complex
Wednesday, Jan 25
MANDATORY Parent Meeting7:00pmANHS Library

For a complete calendar listing, click here!