Last Updated: April 20, 2015
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Spring 2015 Election Nomination
Craft/Vendor Show Application

We are now accepting nomination for the Spring election of new board members.  The positions that will be elected on tournament day, May 30th are Vice President, Treasurer and Registrar.  If you would like to know more about each position feel free to contact a current board member.  The form to nominate is on the right hand side of this page or you can contact Laura Fisher or Lori Alcaraz to nominate someone. 

BSC will be holding a Craft/Vendor Show May 16th from 8am-3pm.  If you have a product or craft you would like to sell we are offering spaces for $30.  There is a form to the right of this page you can fill out that also provides contact information for Karen Hall and Amber Lauer who are organizing the event.  They will be happy to answer any questions.

Registration for spring season is now closed.  If we have any openings for any reasons we will post here.  If you have not submitted payment for your spring registration please send your check or money order to:

Belpre Soccer Club
PO Box 157
Belpre, OH 45742

Coaches -- Please click on this link,, to complete the required concussion training course.



Field Layout

Upcoming Games/Practices

Thursday,  Apr 23
Curtis Johnson @ Dan Matheny 6:00pm Field B
Friday,  Apr 24
Joey Fisher @ Seth Johnson 6:00pm Field A
Saturday,  Apr 25
Kendra Metz @ John Norman 10:00am Field C
LaDawn Joy @ Charity Blair 11:00am Field A
Jason Fountaine @ Angela Reeder 11:00am Field B
Brandi Dowler @ Bobby Brogan 11:00am Field C
Keith Brock @ Tim Watkins 11:00am Field D
Erin Bennett @ Andrew Traugh 12:00pm Field A
Kelly Nutter @ Shane Perdue 12:00pm Field B
Ron Kestner @ Brenda Godfrey 9:00am Field A
Donnie Earley @ Leslie Radcliff 10:00am Field A
Courtney Byrd @ Barry Fairbanks 10:00am Field B
James Randolph @ Kurtis Whitlach 11:00am Field B
Matheau Blair @ Tim Watkins 12:00pm Field A
Josh Sandy @ Eric Reeder 9:00am Field B
Jason Haught @ Tim Vaughan 10:00am Field B
TJ Sellers @ Dan Matheny 10:00am Field C
Curtis Johnson @ Curt Westrick 11:00am Field A
Derek Davis @ Keith Brock 9:00am Field A
Nate Newbanks @ Dan Matheny 11:00am Field A
Seth Johnson @ Mike Barrett 1:00pm Field A
Friday,  May 1
Seth Johnson @ Joey Fisher 6:00pm Field A
Saturday,  May 2
Erin Bennett @ Charity Blair 9:00am Field A
Brandi Dowler @ Kelly Nutter 10:00am Field B
Jason Fountaine @ Bobby Brogan 10:00am Field C
Kendra Metz @ Tim Watkins 11:00am Field A
Shane Perdue @ Angela Reeder 11:00am Field C
John Norman @ Keith Brock 11:00am Field D
LaDawn Joy @ Andrew Traugh 12:00pm Field B
Ron Kestner @ Kurtis Whitlach 9:00am Field A
Barry Fairbanks @ Donnie Earley 10:00am Field B
James Randolph @ Brenda Godfrey 10:00am Field C
Matheau Blair @ Courtney Byrd 11:00am Field A
Leslie Radcliff @ Tim Watkins 12:00pm Field B
Josh Sandy @ Curtis Johnson 9:00am Field B
Tim Vaughan @ Curt Westrick 10:00am Field C
TJ Sellers @ Eric Reeder 11:00am Field A
Jason Haught @ Dan Matheny 12:00pm Field C
Dan Matheny @ Keith Brock 9:00am Field A
Nate Newbanks @ Derek Davis 11:00am Field A
Joey Fisher @ Mike Barrett 1:00pm Field A
Friday,  May 8
Seth Johnson @ Mike Barrett 6:00pm Field A
Saturday,  May 9
Kelly Nutter @ Andrew Traugh 10:00am Field A
LaDawn Joy @ Kendra Metz 10:00am Field B
John Norman @ Charity Blair 10:00am Field D
Erin Bennett @ Jason Fountaine 11:00am Field A
Angela Reeder @ Tim Watkins 11:00am Field B
Brandi Dowler @ Keith Brock 11:00am Field C
Shane Perdue @ Bobby Brogan 11:30am Field D
Matheau Blair @ Donnie Earley 9:00am Field B
Barry Fairbanks @ Kurtis Whitlach 10:00am Field A
Brenda Godfrey @ Courtney Byrd 10:00am Field C
James Randolph @ Leslie Radcliff 11:00am Field D
Ron Kestner @ Tim Watkins 12:00pm Field B
Josh Sandy @ Curt Westrick 9:00am Field A
Dan Matheny @ Curtis Johnson 9:00am Field B
Jason Haught @ TJ Sellers 10:00am Field A
Eric Reeder @ Tim Vaughan 11:00am Field C
Nate Newbanks @ Keith Brock 9:00am Field A
Dan Matheny @ Derek Davis 11:00am Field A
Mike Barrett @ Joey Fisher 1:00pm Field A
Tuesday,  May 12
Charity Blair @ Angela Reeder 6:00pm Field B
Thursday,  May 14
James Randolph @ Matheau Blair 6:00pm Field A
Friday,  May 15
Joey Fisher @ Seth Johnson 6:00pm Field A

For a complete schedule listing, click here!