Last Updated: May 5, 2016
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Reminder: Practices are now starting so please pick up your trash after practices/games. We need to keep all fields safe & clean. Let's all work together and make it a great season.

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BSC Board

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Dates for this season are as follows

Tournament day will be Saturday, May 21st  

Field Layout

Upcoming Games/Practices

Thursday, May 5
Ashley Martin @ Valerie Kupfner6:00pmU8 Play It Again Sports Field
Cole Metz @ Dan Matheny6:00pmU13 FST Images Field
Friday, May 6
Marcus Nichols @ Tim Vaughan6:00pmU10 Jay's Premier Paintworks Field
Joey Fisher @ Seth Johnson6:00pmBelpre Soccer Fields
Saturday, May 7
Amber Lauer @ Kayla Adams10:00amU6 Field A
Ben Sharp @ Kendra Metz10:00amU6 Field C
John Norman @ Tyson Glover10:00amU6 Field E
Joseph Rodgers @ Nathan Crislip11:00amU6 Field A
Ashley Martin @ Keith Brock11:00amU6 Field D
Danny Ball @ Tim Watkins12:00pmU6 Field A
Brandi Dowler @ Kelly Nutter12:00pmU6 Field C
Alexandra Moles @ Shawna Spencer12:00pmU6 Field E
Ericka Diehl @ Mattheau Blair9:00amU8 Hocking Tire Field
Ashley Martin @ Tim Moles10:00amU8 Big Sandy Superstore Field
Tim Watkins @ Kelly Nutter10:00amU8 Play It Again Sports Field
John Norman @ Leonard Wiggins12:00pmU8 Play It Again Sports Field
Tim Vaughan @ Melissa Haught9:00amU10 Jay's Premier Paintworks Field
Curtis Johnson @ Tim Dulaney10:00amU10 Frames Etc. Field
Kelly Sandy @ TJ Sellers11:00amU10 Roberts Corrosion Services Field
Marcus Nichols @ Melissa Haught1:00pmU10 Jay's Premier Paintworks Field
Cole Metz @ Curt Westrick9:00amU13 FST Images Field
Nate Newbanks @ RJ Wynn11:00amU13 FST Images Field
Seth Johnson @ Zach West1:00pmBelpre Soccer Fields
Monday, May 9
Barry Fairbanks @ Valerie Kupfner6:00pmU8 Big Sandy Superstore Field
Melissa Haught @ Tim Dulaney6:00pmU10 Frames Etc. Field
Tim Vaughan @ TJ Sellers6:00pmU10 Jay's Premier Paintworks Field
Tuesday, May 10
Alexandra Moles @ Keith Brock6:00pmU6 Field C
Dan Matheny @ Kelly Sandy6:15pmU13 FST Images Field
Thursday, May 12
Dan Matheny @ Cole Metz6:00pmU13 FST Images Field
Friday, May 13
Barry Fairbanks @ Tim Moles6:00pmU8 Play It Again Sports Field
Zach West @ Seth Johnson6:00pmBelpre Soccer Fields
Saturday, May 14
Ashley Martin @ Kayla Adams10:00amU6 Field A
Danny Ball @ Shawna Spencer10:00amU6 Field C
Kendra Metz @ Nathan Crislip10:00amU6 Field E
John Norman @ Tim Watkins11:00amU6 Field B
Brandi Dowler @ Tyson Glover11:00amU6 Field D
Amber Lauer @ Joseph Rodgers12:00pmU6 Field A
Ben Sharp @ Kelly Nutter12:00pmU6 Field C
Ericka Diehl @ Tim Watkins9:00amU8 Play It Again Sports Field
Kelly Nutter @ Mattheau Blair10:00amU8 Wendy's Field
Ashley Martin @ Leonard Wiggins11:00amU8 Play It Again Sports Field
Valerie Kupfner @ John Norman12:00pmU8 Wendy's Field
TJ Sellers @ Tim Dulaney9:00amU10 Jay's Premier Paintworks Field
Curtis Johnson @ Marcus Nichols11:00amU10 Frames Etc. Field
Melissa Haught @ Kelly Sandy1:00pmU10 Jay's Premier Paintworks Field
Curt Westrick @ RJ Wynn9:00amU13 FST Images Field
Kelly Sandy @ Nate Newbanks11:00amU13 FST Images Field
Joey Fisher @ Zach West1:00pmBelpre Soccer Fields

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