Last Updated: September 2, 2015
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 Opening Day Ceremony- Aug 29th starting @ 10 am-11am. See game schedule below as to some games may start before and after that time frame. 

***Rosters are updated on the left hand column of our website*** At this point, all U10 and U14 slots are full... if you have a child in U8 or U6,  please email You will need to fill out a paper form from the link on the left column.⚽️⚽️

Fall 2015-Schedule:

- Fall registrations ****are only accepted until teams are full. **** 

-Opening Day Aug 29th  *** stay tuned here for schedules ****

-Team Pictures TBA

-Fall Festival Oct 24th

-Last Regular Games Oct 24th

-Tournament week ending Oct 31st


 Coaches -- Please click on this link,, to complete the required concussion training course.


Field Layout

Upcoming Games/Practices

Thursday,  Sep 3
Nate Newbanks @ Josh Sandy 6:00pm Field A
Saturday,  Sep 5
Achele Earley @ Andi Ervin 8:30am Field A
Leonard Wiggins II @ Tim Watkins 10:00am Field B
Jason Fountaine @ Joseph Rodgers 10:00am Field C
Brandi Dowler @ John Norman 11:00am Field A
Amber Lauer @ Bobby Brogan 12:30pm Field B
Kurtis Whitlach @ Tyson Glover 1:00pm Field C
Brenda Godfrey @ Kelly Nutter 9:00am Field B
Curtis Johnson @ Leslie Radcliff 10:20am Field A
Matheau Blair @ Valerie Kupfner 10:20am Field B
Mark Wilcoxen @ Tim Watkins 11:40am Field A
Chris Carpenter @ Kelly Sandy 9:00am Field B
Tim Vaughan @ Timothy Dulaney 10:20am Field A
Curtis Johnson @ TJ Sellers 11:40am Field B
Bobby Brogan @ Kimberly White 9:00am Field A
Dan Matheny @ Nate Newbanks 11:00am Field A
Tuesday,  Sep 8
Josh Sandy @ Kimberly White 6:00pm Field A
Saturday,  Sep 12
Brandi Dowler @ Joseph Rodgers 9:00am Field A
John Norman @ Tim Watkins 9:00am Field B
Jason Fountaine @ Kurtis Whitlach 11:00am Field C
Achele Earley @ Bobby Brogan 11:00am Field D
Amber Lauer @ Andi Ervin 12:00pm Field B
Leonard Wiggins II @ Tyson Glover 1:00pm Field A
Curtis Johnson @ Kelly Nutter 9:00am Field B
Matheau Blair @ Tim Watkins 10:20am Field A
Brenda Godfrey @ Leslie Radcliff 10:20am Field B
Mark Wilcoxen @ Valerie Kupfner 11:40am Field B
Chris Carpenter @ Tim Vaughan 9:00am Field A
Kelly Sandy @ TJ Sellers 10:20am Field A
Curtis Johnson @ Timothy Dulaney 11:40am Field B
Nate Newbanks @ Bobby Brogan 9:00am Field A
Dan Matheny @ Josh Sandy 11:00am Field A
Monday,  Sep 14
Kelly Nutter @ Tim Watkins 6:00pm Field B
Friday,  Sep 18
Dan Matheny @ Bobby Brogan 6:00pm Field A
Saturday,  Sep 19
Achele Earley @ Brandi Dowler 9:00am Field A
Andi Ervin @ Tim Watkins 9:00am Field B
Joseph Rodgers @ Leonard Wiggins II 10:00am Field C
Bobby Brogan @ Kurtis Whitlach 11:00am Field A
Jason Fountaine @ John Norman 12:00pm Field B
Amber Lauer @ Tyson Glover 1:00pm Field C
Curtis Johnson @ Valerie Kupfner 9:00am Field A
Brenda Godfrey @ Mark Wilcoxen 10:20am Field A
Leslie Radcliff @ Matheau Blair 11:40am Field A
Kelly Sandy @ Timothy Dulaney 9:00am Field A
Chris Carpenter @ TJ Sellers 10:20am Field B
Curtis Johnson @ Tim Vaughan 11:40am Field A
Nate Newbanks @ Kimberly White 9:00am Field A
Josh Sandy @ Bobby Brogan 11:00am Field A
Monday,  Sep 21
Tim Vaughan @ TJ Sellers 6:00pm Field B
Thursday,  Sep 24
Dan Matheny @ Nate Newbanks 6:00pm Field A
Saturday,  Sep 26
Achele Earley @ Jason Fountaine 9:00am Field A
Amber Lauer @ Brandi Dowler 10:00am Field B
Kurtis Whitlach @ Tim Watkins 10:00am Field B
Andi Ervin @ John Norman 11:00am Field C
Bobby Brogan @ Leonard Wiggins II 12:00pm Field D
Joseph Rodgers @ Tyson Glover 1:00pm Field A
Brenda Godfrey @ Matheau Blair 9:00am Field A
Leslie Radcliff @ Valerie Kupfner 10:20am Field A
Kelly Nutter @ Mark Wilcoxen 10:20am Field B
Curtis Johnson @ Tim Watkins 11:40am Field B
Chris Carpenter @ Timothy Dulaney 9:00am Field A
Curtis Johnson @ Kelly Sandy 10:20am Field B
Nate Newbanks @ Bobby Brogan 9:00am Field A
Josh Sandy @ Kimberly White 11:00am Field A

For a complete schedule listing, click here!