Last Updated: February 14, 2016

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Playoff Info 2016:

  • The regular season officially ends Feb 22nd so playoff games can begin Feb 23rd.  If the brackets are known before that time, playoff games could be scheduled earlier if the division commissioner allows. 
  • The finals will be Saturday, March 5 at Westfield North Middle School.  The specific schedule for that day will not be announced until March 2 or 3 to allow us some flexibility in scheduling.
  • All divisions this year will be looking at splitting up their groups into NCAA/NIT brackets based on records.  As we did last year, we may look at taking the bottom teams in each division and having a third division just for those teams.  
  • The Blue Champions will play versus the Green Champions on March 5.
  • Tantasqua in the Blue Division will be moved to the Red Division for the playoffs.  


League rules, bylaws, roster forms, etc... can all be found under the "Handouts" section.

Tournament information is listed under the "Outside Tournaments/Clinics" in the column at the left. There is no Hambley Tournament this year; however, another group may take that over.  

UMass Men's Basketball is offering some great group ticket options this year.  Click here for more information.  

Concussion Training:  The Head Coach of every team must complete the NFHS and/or CDC Concussion program.  A certificate for every team must be turned in prior to the season.



Upcoming Games

Sunday, Feb 14
Blue 5/6th Division
Tantasqua @ Granby12:15pmGranby Jr/Sr High School
Ludlow @ Ware12:15pmWare Middle School
Palmer @ Southwick12:30pmSouthwick Powder Mill School
Green 5/6th Division
Northampton @ Edge1:45pmPioneer Valley Regional
Blue 7/8th Division
Ludlow @ Ware1:30pmWare Middle School
Palmer @ Southwick1:45pmSouthwick Powder Mill School
Green 7/8th Division
Greenfield @ Amherst2:30pmAmherst Middle School
Northampton @ Edge3:00pmPioneer Valley Regional
White 5/6th Division
Falcons Green @ Falcons White2:30pmHampden Thornton W. Burgess
White 7/8th Division
Tantasqua @ Falcons1:15pmHampden Thornton W. Burgess
Red 7/8th South Division
East Longmeadow @ Wilbraham Falcons12:00pmHampden Thornton W. Burgess
Red 5/6th North Division
Northampton @ Amherst12:00pmAmherst High School
Westfield @ Chicopee Pacers4:45pmChicopee High School
Chicopee Colts @ West Springfield6:00pmWest Springfield Middle School
Red 7/8th North Division
Northampton @ Amherst1:15pmAmherst High School
Westfield @ Chicopee Pacers6:00pmChicopee High School
Chicopee Colts @ West Springfield7:15pmWest Springfield Middle School
Monday, Feb 15
Green 5/6th Division
Greenfield @ Turners Falls5:00pmTurners Falls High School
Green 7/8th Division
Greenfield @ Turners Falls6:30pmTurners Falls High School
Tuesday, Feb 16
Green 5/6th Division
Turners Falls @ Southampton6:00pmSouthampton William E. Norris School
Green 7/8th Division
Turners Falls @ Southampton7:15pmSouthampton William E. Norris School
Red 7/8th North Division
East Longmeadow @ Amherst6:00pmAmherst Middle School
Thursday, Feb 18
Blue 5/6th Division
Quaboag @ Ludlow6:00pmLudlow Boys and Girls Club
Blue 7/8th Division
Quaboag @ Ludlow7:15pmLudlow Boys and Girls Club

For a complete schedule listing, click here!