Last Updated: January 29, 2015

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The Ken Hambley tournament played in Chicopee will not be held in 2015.  They are hoping to bring it back in 2016.  Click here for a letter regarding the tournament.  


UMass Men's Basketball is looking to partner with local organizations, click here for more information about their group ticket package.   

League rules, bylaws, roster forms, etc... can all be found under the "Handouts" section.

If you are looking for various tournaments offered throughout the Pioneer Valley, click on the "Outside Tournaments/Clinics" tab for that information.  

Concussion Training:  The Head Coach of every team must complete the NFHS and/or CDC Concussion program.  A certificate for every team must be turned in prior to the season.



Upcoming Games

Friday,  Jan 30
White 7/8th Division
West Springfield B @ West Springfield C 7:00pm West Springfield M.S.
Saturday,  Jan 31
Blue 5/6th Division
Palmer @ Belchertown 9:00am Belchertown Jabish Brook MS
Tantasqua @ Quaboag 12:30pm Quaboag Regional HS
Ware @ South Hadley 4:00pm South Hadley Mount Holyoke College
Green 5/6th Division
Greenfield @ Gateway 9:00am Gateway Regional HS
Turners Falls @ Northampton 2:00pm Northampton JFK M.S.
Southampton @ Pioneer Suburban 5:30pm Pioneer Valley Regional
Blue 7/8th Division
Palmer @ Belchertown 10:15am Belchertown Jabish Brook MS
Tantasqua @ Quaboag 1:45pm Quaboag Regional HS
Green 7/8th Division
Greenfield @ Gateway 10:15am Gateway Regional HS
Southampton @ Rockers 7/8 1:30pm Pioneer Valley Regional
Turners Falls @ Northampton 3:15pm Northampton JFK M.S.
White 5/6th Division
West Springfield @ Westfield (Arooth) 9:00am North M.S.
Tantasqua @ Westfield (Jachym) 2:15pm North M.S.
Falcons Green @ Agawam AA 3:30pm Agawam High School
Southwick @ Longmeadow 4:00pm Glenbrook M.S.
White 7/8th Division
Falcons Green @ Westfield (Garde) 10:15am North M.S.
East Longmeadow @ Westfield (Gartska) 3:30pm North M.S.
Tantasqua @ Agawam AA 4:45pm Agawam High School
Falcons White @ Longmeadow 6:15pm Longmeadow H.S.
Red 5/6th South Division
East Longmeadow @ Longmeadow 5:15pm Glenbrook M.S.
Chicopee Colts @ Agawam 6:00pm Agawam High School
Red 7/8th South Division
Westfield @ East Longmeadow 4:45pm East Longmeadow H.S.
Chicopee Colts @ Agawam 7:15pm Agawam High School
East Longmeadow @ Longmeadow 7:45pm Longmeadow H.S.
Red 5/6th North Division
Northampton @ Westfield 11:30am Westfield North M.S.
Holyoke Knights @ West Springfield 6:45pm West Springfield M.S.
Red 7/8th North Division
Amherst Hurricanes @ Westfield 12:45pm Westfield North M.S.
Holyoke Knights @ West Springfield 5:30pm West Springfield M.S.
Sunday,  Feb 1
Blue 5/6th Division
Quaboag @ Southwick 12:30pm Southwick Powder Mill School
Green 5/6th Division
Pioneer Suburban @ Gateway 12:00pm Gateway Regional HS
Frontier @ Amherst 2:30pm Amherst Middle School
Blue 7/8th Division
Quaboag @ Southwick 1:45pm Southwick Powder Mill School
Green 7/8th Division
Rockers 7/8 @ Gateway 1:15pm Gateway Regional HS
Frontier @ Amherst 3:45pm Amherst Middle School
White 5/6th Division
Westfield (Arooth) @ Falcons White 12:00pm Thornton W. Burgess
Agawam AA @ East Longmeadow 1:00pm Birchland Park M.S.
Southwick @ Falcons Green 1:15pm Thornton W. Burgess
White 7/8th Division
Westfield (Gartska) @ Longmeadow 12:30pm North M.S.
Longmeadow @ Westfield (Garde) 2:00pm North M.S.
Red 5/6th South Division
Wilbraham/Hampden @ Chicopee Colts 9:30am Chicopee Comp HS
Longmeadow @ Holyoke Knights 10:00am Holyoke Peck MS
Red 7/8th South Division
Wilbraham/Hampden @ Chicopee Colts 10:45am Chicopee Comp HS
Longmeadow @ Holyoke Knights 11:15am Holyoke Peck MS
Red 5/6th North Division
Agawam @ Chicopee Pacers 9:30am Chicopee High School
West Springfield @ Westfield 10:00am Westfield North M.S.
Northampton @ Amherst Hurricanes 12:00pm Amherst High School
Red 7/8th North Division
Agawam @ Chicopee Pacers 10:45am Chicopee High School
West Springfield @ Westfield 11:15am Westfield North M.S.
Northampton @ Amherst Hurricanes 1:15pm Amherst High School

For a complete schedule listing, click here!