Last Updated: October 16, 2014

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The following is due to your division commissioner by November 11:

  • ·         Home play dates:

o   A minimum of 10 per team. 

o   Please include at least one weeknight with this availability if possible. 

o   Super Bowl Sunday (Feb 1, 2014) will not be accepted as a play date after 3pm.

  • ·         No Play Dates:

o   Please look at school events, field trips, tournaments, holidays, etc…

o   Doing your homework ahead of time avoids conflicts later in the season.  If teams do this properly, we will not have to move games for reasons other than weather. 

  • ·         Home gym site/address


  • ·         Coach’s names and information (include home, work and cell numbers, address, email, etc…).


Click here for the divisional format for the 2014-15 season. 

UMass Basketball is looking to partner with local organization for the 2014-15 season.  Click here for information about that program.  

League rules, bylaws, roster forms, etc... can all be found in the "Handouts" section.

If you are looking for various tournaments sponsored by other organizations, click on the "Outside Tournaments/Clinics" tab for that information.  Those include the Chicopee Hambley Tournament, Wilbraham Turkey Day Jamboree, Junior Hoop Hall, West Side, etc... 

Concussion Training:  The head coach of every team must complete the NFHS and/or CDC Concussion program.  A certificate for every team must be turned in prior to the season. 





Boys Suburban Amateur Basketball League

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