Last Updated: August 3, 2015
 August MINI League Schedule is now posted. If you missed it and would still like to get in, please call 810-630-2243.  

2015 Women's Elite League

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Thank you to all of the players and coaches for another great College League!  What a fun league with great basketball!  Good luck with your up coming season and we hope to see you back next year!



Upcoming Games

Thursday,  Aug 6
Chesaning @ Girls of Steel 5:30pm Court 2
Flushing Elite @ Lady Raiders 5:30pm Court 3
Goodrich @ Lady Raiders 6:30pm Court 2
Flushing Elite @ Girls of Steel 6:30pm Court 3
Goodrich @ Chesaning 7:30pm Court 2
Thursday,  Aug 13
Chesaning @ Flushing Elite 5:30pm Court 2
Girls of Steel @ Lady Raiders 5:30pm Court 3
Girls of Steel @ Goodrich 6:30pm Court 2
Chesaning @ Lady Raiders 6:30pm Court 3
Flushing Elite @ Goodrich 7:30pm Court 2
Thursday,  Aug 20
Lady Raiders @ Girls of Steel 5:30pm Court 2
Chesaning @ Goodrich 5:30pm Court 3
Lady Raiders @ Chesaning 6:30pm Court 2
Flushing Elite @ Goodrich 6:30pm Court 3
Girls of Steel @ Flushing Elite 7:30pm Court 2
Thursday,  Aug 27
Goodrich @ Girls of Steel 5:30pm Court 2
Flushing Elite @ Chesaning 5:30pm Court 3
Lady Raiders @ Flushing Elite 6:30pm Court 2
Girls of Steel @ Chesaning 6:30pm Court 3
Lady Raiders @ Goodrich 7:30pm Court 2

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