We are accepting registrations for Fall Football 2016 - Kindergarten through 6th grade. 

Registration forms are available in our Handouts section. 

Upcoming Registration Event - Thursday, August 25, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Gale Fields Recreation Center - 1701 Dairy Rd. Garland TX 75040 

Please call your coach to confirm practice days and times.

Here are the steps to find your coach's phone number:

Under Main Menu, select Schools / Teams.  

This will show you the team based on school enrolled.

Under Main Menu, select Team Information.

Use the drop down arrows for Division and Team.

We are finalizing the Kindergarten and 4th grade schedules.  Thank you for your patience. 

Schedules will be finalized for all grades this week, which will depend upon registrations paid this coming Thursday, Aug. 25.

GPWF is a non-profit, community recreational league.

All GPWF Tackle Coaches are USA Football - Head's Up Football - Certified!


Upcoming Games

Saturday, Sep 3
1st & 2nd Grade
Owlets @ Bison12:00pmBradfield Recreation Center
Falcons @ Cougars1:15pmBradfield Recreation Center
Bears @ Colts2:30pmBradfield Recreation Center
Hawks @ Sharks3:45pmBradfield Recreation Center
Lumberjacks @ Panthers5:00pmBradfield Recreation Center
3rd Grade
Owlets @ Bison10:00amNorth Garland High School
Falcons @ Cougars11:30amNorth Garland High School
Bears @ Colts1:00pmNorth Garland High School
Hawks @ Sharks2:30pmNorth Garland High School
Lumberjacks @ Panthers4:00pmNorth Garland High School
4th Grade
Lumberjacks @ Panthers12:30pmJeff Wackett Football Field
Sharks @ Owlets2:00pmJeff Wackett Football Field
Bison @ Cougars3:30pmJeff Wackett Football Field
Falcons @ Bears5:00pmJeff Wackett Football Field
5th Grade
Hawks @ Sharks12:30pmHolford Park
Lumberjacks @ Panthers2:00pmHolford Park
Owlets @ Bison3:30pmHolford Park
Falcons @ Cougars5:00pmHolford Park
Bears @ Colts6:30pmHolford Park
Tuesday, Sep 6
6th Grade
Jackson @ Sam Houston6:30pmHolford Park
Webb @ Austin6:30pmJeff Wackett Football Field
Sellers @ Lyles8:00pmHolford Park
O'Banion @ Bussey8:00pmJeff Wackett Football Field
Wednesday, Sep 7
6th Grade
Schrade @ Coyle6:30pmJeff Wackett Football Field
Hudson @ Brandenburg8:00pmJeff Wackett Football Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!