Parents Corner

We have extended the deadline to April 1 to sign up for Spring 7 on 7 Flag Football.

The registration forms are available on our Handouts page. 

Please leave a voicemail at 972-272-0846, if you are interested in signing up.

We will call you back with your coach's phone number and sign-up information.    

Coaches Corner

We are interviewing Head Coach candidates for the following teams:  

5th Grade - Colts and Hawks

3rd Grade - Colts, Cougars, Falcons, and Owlets

Flag           - Bears, Bison, and Hawks

If you are interested, please leave voicemail at 972-272-0846.  

GPWF is a non-profit, community recreational league.

All GPWF Tackle Coaches are USA Football - Head's Up Football - Certified!