Last Updated: March 25, 2015
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2015 Babe Ruth Bat Rules
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"The Birthplace of Babe Ruth Baseball !"


To Get ready for opening day we will have a "ALL HANDS" clean up on March 28th and 29th from 10-3. Teams will be assigned to a day and time, please check with your managers and coaches.

Babe Ruth Auxiliary Board Members Needed


SEEKING MOM”S, DAD’S, GRANDMA’S and GRANDPA’S for our Auxiliary Board !!!

HBR is a community activity for nearly 100 athletes. All managers, coaches Concession staff are UNPAID volunteers, as are the members of the HBR Board of Directors. We request that parents/guardians willingly volunteer to assist the Directors and our Parents Auxiliary. At registration ask yourself "How Can I Volunteer and help my child, my community, and HBR?"

Our Babe Ruth family is requesting people to join our ranks and help build our kids the experience of their lives. 


With last year’s big success of the new Concession FRESH menu items, this year’s NEW president Rich Egan has asked me to lead the way in creating an Auxiliary BOARD of volunteers, specifically to MANAGE and OPERATE the kitchen during the 2015 season. 


We hope to build a team of committed, competent individuals with consistency and passion for high quality food and responsible kitchen and money management. Our team’s families, especially during the season, live busy lives; we want to provide fresh, healthy (if needed; gluten free and Paleo) menu items during the season.  We also want to act as a team, so no one gets to over worked or burned out from volunteering. 


Auxiliary BOARD members are responsible for staffing, coordinating, managing our Concession stand, parent/grandparent volunteers (cleaning crew of 2, + 1 cook, possibly 2 cooks, + 1 cashier), during the regular season games plus helping to run events during Tournaments. 


From last year’s experience during the Tournaments, we created FRESH menu items with costs and profit sheets for the Board of Directors and specific SIMPLE instructions for how to cook them consistently.


This year the kitchen is being upgraded and reworked to meet the latest clean and safe township regulations. 


As you can see, Auxiliary is the foundation of all we are and WE NEED YOU. We are a Volunteer Organization that relies on the families we serve to keep our facilities running. 


Benefits of joining our BOARD start with earning back your registration fee, $10 Concession “cards” for your kids, free Auxiliary Member meal during your shifts. In addition, it’s the best way to meet new people and lifelong friends. 


HBR Mission Statement:

The Babe Ruth Baseball program, using regulation competitive baseball rules, teaches skills, mental and physical development, a respect for the rules of the game, and basic ideals of sportsmanship and fair play. In all aspects, Babe Ruth League, Inc. is committed to providing our participants the very best educational, sports experience possible. It is our fundamental belief that every child with a desire to play baseball be afforded that opportunity.    


Please contact me by email, phone, or text if you have questions or just want to join…. 


Thank You, 

Karen Slaboda 

President Auxiliary Board 


Cages Times for 2015

Please go to -CALENDAR- tab on left to see cage times for team practices.

2015 Babe Ruth Bat Rules

Please go to the -HANDOUTS- tab on left for a current list of Babe Ruth bat rules for both 13-15 baseball division and the Senior 16-18 baseball division.

Upcoming Events

Sunday,  Mar 29
PIRATES -25U and older RENTAL 10:30am Switlik Park
Coach Land 15U AS 12:30pm Switlik Park
Coach Leidtka 16-18U Wood Bat 2:30pm Switlik Park
NJ Tigers 12-13U RENTAL 4:00pm Switlik Park
NJ Tigers 15-16U RENTAL 5:30pm Switlik Park
Tuesday,  Mar 31
Coach Fanning 6:00pm Switlik Park
Coach Berkenkoph 7:30pm Switlik Park
Wednesday,  Apr 1
Coach Guerrero 6:00pm Switlik Park
Coach Beczo 7:30pm Switlik Park
Thursday,  Apr 2
Coach Leidtka 16-18U Wood Bat 6:00pm Switlik Park
Friday,  Apr 3
Coach Land 6:00pm Switlik Park
Coach Land Softball 7:30pm
Saturday,  Apr 4
Coach Berkenkoph 10:30am Switlik Park
Coach Land Softball 12:00pm Switlik Park
Sunday,  Apr 5
PIRATES -25U and older RENTAL 10:30am Switlik Park
Coach Land 15U AS 12:30pm Switlik Park
Coach Leidtka 16-18U Wood Bat 2:30pm Switlik Park

For a complete calendar listing, click here!