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Get Your Jingle On! ~ 8th Annual Hoover XC Jingle Bell 2-Mile Fun Run

When: Sat. November 30th / 9:30 a.m. Start
Where: Hoover Stadium Parking Lot on 7th Street
Entry Fee: 5 non-perishable food items or monetray donation to benefit the Stark County Hunger Task Force
Pancake Breakfast immediately following at Dogwood Pavilion:$5.00 for Adults and $3.00 for children (12 and under )
T-Shirts: Pre-Order Only - deadline was November 13th.  No t-shirts will be sold at the event.

End of Season Banquet Awards - 11/10/13

Sideliner MVP
Morgan Bing
Boys: Harrison Hollon

Coaches Award:
Girls: Colleen Bentler
Boys: Ryan Rebillot

Best Teammate:
Girls: Claire James & Maria Stroia
Boys: Tyler Murphy

All Stark County Teams
1st Team: Morgan Bing(Sr)
2nd Team: Caroline Voegele(Soph)
Honorable Mention: Colleen Bentler(Sr)
All Academic*: Colleen Bentler(Sr), Morgan Bing(Sr), Jamie Chovan(Jr), Kaitlyn Ball(Soph), Caroline Voegele(Soph)

1st Team:
Harrison Hollon(Jr)
Honorable Mention: Mark Worley(Frsh)
All Academic*: Harrison Hollon(Jr)

*All Academic is awarded to Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors who have qualified individually or with their team for the Regional Meet and have maintained a 3.5 GPA or higher.

All Federal League Teams
1st Team: Morgan Bing(Sr)
2nd Team: Caroline Voegle(Jr), Madison Kile(Frsh)
Honorable Mention: Colleen Bentler(Sr)

2nd Team:
Harrison Hollon(Jr)

4th Year Letters: Morgan Bing(Sr), Claire James(Sr), Sydney Lautzenheiser(Sr), Helen Meffie(Sr)
3rd Year Letters: Jamie Chovan(Jr), Natalie Landy(Jr)
2nd Year Letters: Colleen Bentler(Sr), Christina Howald(Sr), Kaitlyn Ball(Soph), Caroline Voegele(Soph)
1st Year Letters: Megan Criswell(Sr), Alexa Dorland(Sr), Kindsey Hanny(Sr), Megan Mansfield(Sr), Alexandria Sanford(Sr), Molly Shrum(Sr), Katie Simpson(Sr), Maria Stroia(Sr), Sabrina Hernandez(Soph), Kasey Gonyias(Frsh), Madison Kile(Frsh), Caroline Rownd(Frsh), Emily Rownd(Frsh), Dani Willems(Frsh), Gabi Fatzinger(Sr- Team Manager)

3rd Year Letters:
Harrison Hollon(Jr)
2nd Year Letters: Camden Haverfield(Sr), Jaeger Cook(Jr), Tim Sarver(Jr), Zachary Napholz(Soph)
1st Year Letters: Alex Gonyia(Sr), Alec Greenwald(Sr), Sam Mallamaci(Sr), Gabe Montoya(Sr), Tyler Murphy(Sr), Drew Orr(Sr), Ryan Rebillot(Sr), Joey Shreve(Sr), Alex Art(Jr), Matt Polatas(Frsh), Mark Worley(Frsh)

Regional Meet - Boardman High School - 10/26/13

Baum's Page Regional Meet Info & Results
Canton Repository Regionals Photo Gallery
Congratulations to our all our runner's who battled the wind and cold today to compete at the Regional meet.

Canton Repository October 25, 2013 - Cross Country Bests
Congratulations to Morgan Bing (3), Caroline Voegele (15) and Harrison Hollon (5) for making the County's Best Times list again this week.

District Meet - Malone University - 10/19/13

Baum's Page District Meet Information & Results
Canton Repository Districts Info & Results
Canton Repository Districts Photo Gallery

Congratulations to the Hoover Varsity District Teams as they overcame the mud and rain at the Malone Course this week!
The Varsity Girls Team advanced to Regionals with a 4th place finish:
Morgan Bing - 19:56.6 (5th overall)
Madison Kile - 20:47.9 (18th overall)
Caroline Voegele - 20:57.8 (21st overall)
Colleen Bentler - 21:27.1 (30th overall)
Helen Meffie - 21:29.4 (31st overall)
Jamie Chovan - 21:46.4 (35th overall)
Kaitlyn Ball - 22:01.0 (41st overall)

The Varsity Boys Team placed 5th overall:
Harrison Hollon - 16:48.9 (4th overall and advances to Regionals as an individual)
Marc Worley - 17:29.8 (25th overall)
Jaeger Cook - 17:50.2 (35th overall)
Tim Sarver - 17:54.5 (38th overall)
Zach Napholz - 17:55.3 (39th overall)
Matt Polatus - 18:08.5 (42nd overall)
Alex Art - 19:12.7 (62nd overall)

It was a cold, rainy, muddy day and all of these runners should be admired for their grit, stamina and endurance.  We are so proud of you!

Canton Repository October 18, 2013 - Cross Country Bests
Congratulations to Caroline Voegele (14) for hitting the county's top 15 fastest times this week and to Morgan Bing (3) and Harrison Hollon (5) for remaining!

Federal League Championships - Maize Valley Farms - 10/12/13

Baum's Page  Federal League Info and Results
Canton Repository Federal League Info & Results
Canton Repository Federal League Photo Gallery

Canton Repository October 11, 2013 County's Best
Congratulations to Morgan Bing (1st), Sydney Lautzenheiser (11th) and Harrison Hollon (2nd) for making the county's best list this week!

Les Eisenhart Invitational - Worthington - 10/5/13

Canton Repository Results
Baum's Page Results and Info

Stark County Championship Meet - GlenOak - 9/28/13

Canton Repository Photo Gallery
Canton Repository Results and Info
Baum's Page Results and Info

Todd Clark Cloverleaf Invitational - 9/21/13

Baum's Page Info and Results
Canton Repository Results

Canton Repository Runner of the Week and County's Best 
Congratulations to Harrison Hollon and Morgan Bing for being selected as Runner of the Week! Congratulations also to Harrison Hollon, Morgan Bing, and Sydney Lautzenheiser for making the county's best list!

Galion - Girls/Boardman - Boys - 9/14/13

Hoover Girls - Galion
This weekend, the girls split from they boys to take on teams they normally would not at the Galion Cross Country Festival. The late races had weather that was next to perfect, and congenial teams to compete against! Some of the girls even made friends with some of the kids from Shawnee, who was in the adjacent tent. Essentially, it was the perfect day for running, as proven by many of the girls getting their season or personal PRs!  

The varsity performed admirably, earning 6th place out of 26 teams. Congratulations to our varsity, Morgan Bing (7th), Colleen Bentler (41st), Caroline Voegele (43rd), Helen Meffie (52nd), Jamie Chovan (54th), Kaitlyn Ball (68th), and Sabrina Hernandez (96th). Great work, ladies! 

JV rocked this weekend, too, with our very own freshman Madison Kile stealing 1st place. AWESOME JOB, Maddie! Other honorable mentions go out to Emily Rownd, Caroline Rownd, and Kasey Gonyias, packing together to get 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, respectively. In addition, Dani Willems also did awesome, getting 33rd. Larissa Russert and Suzanne Robinson round out our top seven on JV, earning 60th and 62nd, respectively. Awesome job, everyone! 

A special note goes out to Natalie Landy and Megan Criswell... Natalie suffered from a blood infection this week, and Megan got hurt at the race on Saturday. We hope you ladies feel better and look forward to welcoming you back to the team!

Baum's Page Meet Info and Results
Canton Repository Results

Hoover Boys - Boardman
Baum's Page Meet Info and Results
Canton Repository Results

Bruce Lerch Invitational - Brecksville - 9/7/12

Hoover Boys
The boys did awesome on Saturday. With a 2nd place finish among good competition, the Hoover High School boys have not ran this well since Districts last October. We're really coming together as a team and, in terms of time, way ahead of where we were last year. 

Varsity Places:#4: Harrison Hollon#9: Matt Polatas#18: Jaeger Cook#20: Zach Napholz#37: Mark Worley#39: Tim Sarver#85: Jay Oatley 

JV Top 5:Tom Pasquale, Alex Art, Gabe Montoya, Thomas Campbell, Cam Haverfield

Hoover Girls
The Lady Vikes traveled to Brecksville this weekend to take the Bruce Lerch Invitational. Unfortunately, the weather was not in their favor: hot and dry. However, they brought their A-game, and did not let it get to them. This week, special notes go out to Morgan Bing (8th), Colleen Bentler (22nd), Caroline Voegele (29th), Kaitlyn Ball (32nd), Jamie Chovan (37th), Helen Meffie (51st), and Madison Kile (54th). They worked together to achieve 4th out of 22 teams. 

In addition, the JV pulled together and ran their hardest. Congratulations to Sabrina Hernandez (13th), Dani Willems (22nd), Emily Rownd (25th), Caroline Rownd (36th), Natalie Landy (38th) and Kasey Gonyias (43rd) for breaking the Top 50! Everyone is doing amazing, and the team looks stronger and stronger each week.  

The whole team performed wonderfully, and the coaches are proud to watch them improve week after week. We are so proud of all of you for working so hard, both in your athletics and everything else you've got going on in your lives, be it clubs, or academics, or arts. Keep up the good work, and you'll find yourself reaping the rewards.

Baum's Page Results

Dave Clegg Invitational - 8/31/13

Hoover Boys
Write up to be submitted by Coaches

Hoover Girls
The sun was shining, the music was blaring, and the adrenaline was pumping as the Lady Vikings started the 2013 season off with a bang on their home course with the Dave Clegg Invitational. Congratulations to all the fine young women who have worked so hard to do so well at this meet! Special notes go out to the varsity runners, Morgan Bing (6th), Colleen Bentler (16th), Madison Kile (17th), Caroline Voegele (34th), Helen Meffie (39th), Kaitlyn Ball (42nd), Jamie Chovan (50th), and Sabrina Hernandez (52nd). As a varsity team, they did marvelously, and achieved 4th place overall. 

The JV also produced magnificent results. Being recognized this week includes Caroline Rownd (13th), Claire James (24th), Emily Rownd (26th), Natalie Landy (27th), Kasey Gonyias (29th), Dani Willems (32nd), and Molly Shrum (41st) for making the top 50 out of over 200 runners. This race proved that the team has some wonderful newcomers that will be huge assets to the team.  

Congratulations to all the fine young women who make this team a huge success! Next week, we take on the Brecksville Bees at the Bruce Lerch Invitational!

Canton Repository Write-Up
Canton Repository Photos
Baum's Page Results
6th Grade Fun Run Results

Time Trials - 8/25/13

Click on the Photo Album link to view the awesome photos taken at the time trials and car wash.  A big thanks to Earle Wise and Kevin Art!

Hoover Boys
Write up to be submitted by Coaches

Hoover Girls
Congratulations to all of the ladies who finished the time trial! Our home course is not an easy one! Kudos to our new runners! Cross country in and of itself is not an easy sport. Some say "all you do is run!" I think we all know that this wonderful sport involves so much more. Your hard work and dedication will show through each week as we progress through the season, dropping times. 

The Dave Clegg Invitational is special for many reasons. Namely, it honors a very special man in Hoover cross country history, it's our home course, and we allow 9 runners in the varsity race as opposed to the typical 7. The following girls will represent our varsity team in the upcoming Dave Clegg meet: Sydney Lautzenheiser, Morgan Bing, Helen Meffie, Colleen Bentler, Madison Kile, Caroline Voegele, Kaitlyn Ball, Jamie Chovan, and Sabrina Hernandez.

Thank you to all who were involved to make the time trial a quick and efficient run. I look forward to first competition and, of course, the rest of the season!  

OHSAA Pre-Season Invitational at National Trail Raceway 8/17/13

"Hoover runners shine at OHSAA preseason meet." This is the headline to the online article and there is no better way to describe this past Saturday's race. Sydney Lautzenheiser took an early lead and did not let up after that. She ended up finishing first overall out of 145 runners. Then, the second place girl came into view, also wearing a black jersey. Morgan Bing followed her fellow teammate to take a second place finish. To solidify our third place finish overall as a team, Helen Meffie took 15th place, Colleen Bentler 19th, and Kaitlin Ball took 26th to be our top 5. We're not done there. Jamie Chovan placed 27th, Larissa Russert placed 48th, Claire James in 49th, and Vanessa Snyder took 85th.

I personally thank each lady who ran at this race. Not too many people will voluntarily put themselves out there early in the brutal heat. This is a good start to the season and there are many more good races to come. 

Baum's Page Results
Canton Repository Write-Up and Results

Booster Club - Email Listing

Email and the website will be the primary forms of communication for the booster club throughout the season.  If you have not been receiving emails, please send your name, your email, your child's name, boy/girl, and grade to Suzanne at

President: Scott Vaughn
Vice President: Jennifer Kling
Treasurer: Matt Oatley
Secretary: Suzanne Hollon 
(Thank you Michele Lautzenheizer for your tenure as Secretary for the past four years)

Girls Head Coach: David Neitzelt
Girls Assistant Coach: Tynae Kienzle
Boys Head Coach: Marc Gramley
Boys Assistant Coach: Katelyn Paul

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