Last Updated: December 1, 2015

Harrington Parks & Recreation Department Procedure

*All accounts and registration fees from past or current programs must be in good standing in order to register for a new program.
*All fees are non-refundable.

*If any registrations are accepted after the deadline, there will be a $10 late fee per participant applied. This applies to all programs.

Office Hours

Monday ~ Thursday
114 East Liberty St
Harrington, DE 19952
phone 302-398-7975
fax 302-398-7945
**When visiting the Recreation Center, please do not park in front of the open gate. This blocks cars in and out of the parking lot.

Christmas Tree Lighting/Caroling


The 2015 Annual Harrington Christmas Tree Lighting and Caroling service at the Norman Barlow Pavilion will be on Tuesday, December 1st at 6pm.  The lake Forest Central and Lake Forest High School Choruses will be on hand to welcome in the holiday season.  Hot chocolate and cookies will be served.  Rain date will be Wednesday, December 2nd at 6pm.

Harrington Christmas Parade

The annual Harrington Christmas Parade will be on Friday, December 4th beginning at 7pm.  This years theme is CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. To register for the parade, click on REGISTRATION FORMS located on the menu at the left side of the screen or stop in at the rec center during normal business hours.  (The rain date is Saturday, December 5th at 7pm).

Little Spartans Basketball

Little Spartans Basketball will begin on Saturday, Dec 5th.

     Ages 5, 6 & 7 will be from 11:00am-12:00pm.

     Ages 8 & 9 will be from 12:00pm-1:00pm.

    Ages 10, 11 & 12 will be from 1:00pm-2:00pm.

All sessions will be held on Saturdays. The first week all age groups will be held at Harrington Parks and Recreation.     

Mat Ratz Wrestling

Registrations are currently being accepted. This program will begin on Wednesday, November 18th at 6:15pm at HPR. This is an instructional program for children ages 5-12 years old.  Fee:  $60.  Registration form is under the main menu.

Pop Warner Football and Cheer

The Annual Harrington Pop Warner Banquet is on Saturday, January 23, 2016 at the Harrington Fire Hall.  Tickets will be available soon.

Beyond the Movement Dance

Registrations for our dance program have begun. Programs are offered for children as young as 3 1/2 years old.  This is a 10 month program with a recital at the end of the program year.  Classes are held weekly at our dance studio.  This is an instructional program that places emphasis on the art of dance and the whimsy of childhood.  The dance program not only focuses on the technical aspect of dance but the personal growth of our dancers as well. 

Classes offered are: Monday~Intermediate to Ballet, Beginner Ballet, Musical Theater.  Tuesday~Intro to Ballet & Tap 1, Intermediate Hip-Hop, Tap1.  Wednesday~Creative Movement for Tots, Intro Ballet/Tap2, Jazz, Adult Jazz Days (TBA).  Thursday~Intermediate Ballet, Pre-Point Ballet, NEW: Teen~Adult Jazz

One time Registration Fee $40.00, ($15.00 + $25.00 Costume Deposit).

Creative Movement for Tots ~ $45.00 per month.

Intermediate Ballet, (2 night classes per week), $80.00 per month. *Add Pre~Point $100.00 per month.

1 Regular Class ~ $55.00 per month.

2 Classes ~ $90.00 per month.   ($110.00 if one of the classes is Intermediate Ballet).

3 Classes ~ $120.00 per month.  ($140.00 if one of the classes is Intermediate Ballet).

4 Classes ~ $140.00 per month.  ($160.00 if one of the classes is Intermediate Ballet).



YOUTH Indoor Field Hockey

Registrations are being accepted for YOUTH Indoor Field Hockey.  This is an instructional program for grades 2 - 5 to be held at the recreation center during the month of February.  Class exact date and time to be determined based on registration numbers.  Cost:  $75 w/equipment; $50 for registration only.

Adult Fitness

The Harrington Parks & Recreation Center will be open for any adult wishing to get out of the elements and walk. Treadmills, Nautilus Machines, exercise bikes and elipticals are available for use also. Adults will be able to use the center Monday through Friday while we are open. All participants must be 18 years of age or older and sign a registration form and provide valid ID before using fitness room or gym. Registration for the fitness program is $50/person and $75/couple annually. If you have any questions please call our office at 398-7975.

Ladies Fit CLasses

Teen/Adult Jazz classes will be on Thursday evenings from 5:45-6:30pm.



Thank you to everyone who participated and donated to our annual golf tournament.  Your continued support and dedication to our program is key to making HPR successful.

Pop Warner Football and Cheer Meetings

The monthly Executive Board Meeting for Pop Warner Football and Cheer will be at 6:oopm, on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, at the Rec center.   Meetings will be open to the public after the executive session around 6:30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend if they wish.

Friends of Harrington Parks & Recreation

Mission Statement:
The mission of the organization is to support and promote Harrington Parks and Recreation for the benefit of the citizens of Harrington and outlying areas, to include to Kent & Sussex County Delaware. Further, the group will support and cooperate with the Harrington Parks and Recreation in developing parks and recreation services and facilities; to establish and maintain funds to accomplish these goals.
The Friends of Harrington Parks & Recreation meet the third Tuesday of each month at 7pm at the Recreation Center.  Everyone is welcome.

HELP THE First State Animal Center & SPCA AT HPR!!!

The Harrington Parks and Recreation Center is helping the First State Animal Center & SPCA by collecting items on their wish list. The First State Animal Center & SPCA struggles to keep up with the flow of animals, attempting to provide for their health needs and physical comfort. In order to assist the animals at this time, they are asking for your help.
Please consider helping in whatever capacity you are able. The staff, volunteers and animals will love you for it. Remember, together we can create miracles.
For information on volunteering or becoming a foster family please call the shelter at 302-698-3006. For information on adopting a new pet, please visit the animals at the shelter, 32 Shelter Circle, Camden, DE. “They” will direct you from there…..

Wish List


Parrot Food/Toys, Rubbing Alcohol, Dish Liquid, Bleach, Detergent, Paper Towels, Blankets, Cloth Towels, Rabbit Hay & Food, XL Trash Bags, CatScratch Boards, Cat/Dog Toys, Cotton Balls, Ferret Food/Toys, Leashes/Collars, Hand Soap, Dog/Cat Treats, Kitty Litter, Kiddie Pools

You can drop off any of the items listed on the wish list in the collection box at the Recreation Center.
Thank you for your help!!!!

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, Dec 1
Christmas Tree Lighting & Caroling

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