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TryOuts Are Here!!!



When: OCT. 29TH AND 30TH

TIME: 8-10AM each day (Registration is at 7:30am

Where: South Hills Park - 1100 S. Lincoln Ave. Lebanon, Pa.

How does it work:

Any player from any organization is welcome to try out. Players should attend both days. (Sunday will be low impact due to games that day)The top 20 at each level are picked. The first hour of each day players may try out for any position that they choose. For the second hour, if a player does not look like that is the position for them in our organization they may be asked to try a different position that would be better suited. Each player will receive a phone call with in 2 weeks to notify them if they will be invited to play for the KNIGHTS or if they need a little more work first.

What to wear:

Wear your regular season practice or game gear. This is a full contact tryout so bring all of your equipment!

When does it actually start:

This is somewhat TBD but vacations and schedules should try to avoid roughly Feb 1st. to the first week of May (if we make Superbowl)

Practice: Practices are held on Grace Ave. in Lebanon and will be every day for the first two weeks. After that players will practice only 2 days per week. It is very important that players are there for each practice as we don't have huge teams to fill in with and instruction is taught quickly and a few days out can be very difficult to catch up from.


Games are on weekends and in Reading Pa. for 8 weeks. (about 30-40 minutes from Lebanon)

Fee: As we have to pay league fee's on top indoor space rental and everything else that comes along with running this type of program there is a cost to be in the program. Each player will pay $175 by Jan 15th before drawing equipment. In addition, players will need to sell a minimum of 20 Discount cards or by out in the beginning for the cost of the cards ($200).

*Note- Part of the funds pay for each player to get a Customized Bag, Jersey, Compression shirt, and Socks that they get to keep after the season.

Important side notes:

There are NO weight limits

What ever age they will be on June 31st determines what level they will play

While players are guaranteed to play... the amount of reps is determined by the coaches based on gameplay abilities.

In 8 man Football there are 3 down linemen and 5 backs











I will smile be thankful and have fun every day because I am truly blessed with unique gifts and talents given only to a few chosen people on this planet.

I WILL maximize my talents by giving exceptional effort and perform at maximum technique level on every play. Anything less than best is a waste of what was given me.

I will hustle and have great body language on every play, drill, and game.

I will compete to win every snap. Anything less than personal victory is unacceptable.

I will accept coaching and teaching from my coaches as I am blessed to have the best coaches. Their success is unmatched and I know they know best!

I will improve my skills by paying attention to detail and having perfect technique.

I will never complain, gripe, or feel sorry for myself as I know I am blessed. Young American men are fighting and dying in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places in the world to preserve my freedom. I will not disgrace their efforts by loafing, complaining, or making excuses.

I will help someone today who can never repay me because I understand that the true meaning of life is giving to others without expecting a return. I can give…and I will.

I will never make excuses for failure. I will own my life. I am the “director” of a movie called “My Life” and I get to produce and star as well as write the script. My results are my decisions.

I will look in the mirror and be honest at the end of each day. Did I give maximum effort to improve physically, mentally, and spiritually? If I died at the end of this day would I have made a difference and I would be proud of what people said as they looked at me lying in everlasting peace.