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I will smile be thankful and have fun every day because I am truly blessed with unique gifts and talents given only to a few chosen people on this planet.

I WILL maximize my talents by giving exceptional effort and perform at maximum technique level on every play. Anything less than best is a waste of what was given me.

I will hustle and have great body language on every play, drill, and game.

I will compete to win every snap. Anything less than personal victory is unacceptable.

I will accept coaching and teaching from my coaches as I am blessed to have the best coaches. Their success is unmatched and I know they know best!

I will improve my skills by paying attention to detail and having perfect technique.

I will never complain, gripe, or feel sorry for myself as I know I am blessed. Young American men are fighting and dying in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places in the world to preserve my freedom. I will not disgrace their efforts by loafing, complaining, or making excuses.

I will help someone today who can never repay me because I understand that the true meaning of life is giving to others without expecting a return. I can give…and I will.

I will never make excuses for failure. I will own my life. I am the “director” of a movie called “My Life” and I get to produce and star as well as write the script. My results are my decisions.

I will look in the mirror and be honest at the end of each day. Did I give maximum effort to improve physically, mentally, and spiritually? If I died at the end of this day would I have made a difference and I would be proud of what people said as they looked at me lying in everlasting peace.