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Last Updated: March 31, 2015
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Marlboro Youth Baseball & Softball Association is an all-volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to the development of our community's children through the sports of baseball and softball. 

2015 Spring Volunteer Bond

The volunteer site is now active with available slots for the Spring Classic tournament and April (more dates to come).

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Marlboro Little League Night at BlueClaws Apr 24, 2015 7:05PM


The 4th Annual Marlboro Little League night at the Lakewood BlueClaws will be held on Friday, April 24th. This continues to be a lot of fun for the friends and family of Marlboro Little League.  From the first pitch to the last firework, everyone is having a great evening at the ballpark while supporting Marlboro Little League. This year’s game will again take place on a Friday evening to allow the younger kids to enjoy the event as well.  Join us for a fun night! To order tickets, just fill out the order form and return to your manager or drop it off at the kitchen by Field A once the season begins.  
Order forms can also be mailed to:  MYBSA, PO Box 7, Morganville, NJ 07751, Attn: BlueClaws 
MLL players will have an opportunity to participate in several fun events throughout the evening of the game. To be eligible for all the events listed below, your order form must be submitted no later than Sunday, April 19th.  
Please join us for a fun night with family and friends and help us reach our goal of selling over 250 tickets again this year
Questions regarding MLL’s Night with the Lakewood BlueClaws should be sent by email to:  
  • First Pitch –One lucky MLL player will be selected to throw out the first pitch at the BlueClaws game. 
  • Pre-game Parade – All MLL players in attendance will have the opportunity to parade around the field prior to the start of the game. 
  • Post-Game Fireworks Show – Immediately following the game, there will be a fireworks display for all fans in attendance. 
  •  Future BlueClaws – The team with the most player participation will stand on the field with the BlueClaws players during the National Anthem. The tiebreaker will be most tickets sold by the team.
  • Catch on the Field – Players in attendance from the top selling MLL teams will play catch in the outfield prior to the start of the BlueClaws game. 
  • Additional MLL players will be randomly selected to participate in the Future BlueClaws and pre-game catch 


CK Baseball 4u and Marlboro Little Leage Specialty Clinic


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MYBSA and Tri City Seeking Youth Umpires

MYBSA and Tri City are seeking youth umpires, click here for the registration form and info.


 ** A Reminder While Visiting Our Facility **

Please be reminded that there are several restrictions that visitors must comply with while attending functions at the Marlboro Little League Facility. These restrictions are necessary to maintain a safe and fun environment for all.

1. NO Smoking
anywhere on the premises
NO Alcholic Beverages
are permitted on the premises
NO Pets
of any kind are allowed on the premises
Please Refrain
from using inappropriate language while visiting our facility.

We would also like to ask for your help with keeping the Marlboro Little League Complex clean. Please place all garbage in the proper receptacles located throughout the Facility.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Monday,  Apr 13
SB 7/8
Mets @ Fireballs 6:00pm Manalapan 2
Wednesday,  Apr 15
Diamondbacks @ Orioles 5:45pm C
Cardinals @ White Sox 6:00pm B
Cardinals @ Yankees 6:00pm A
Cardinals @ Yankees 7:00pm E
SB 7/8
Thunder @ Tornados 6:00pm CN Cedar Drive 1
Wildcats @ Crimson Tide 6:00pm F
Cyclones @ Wahoos 6:00pm Manalapan 2
SB 9/10
Wildcats @ Bombers 6:15pm Manalapan 3
SB 11/12
Bears @ Jayhawks 6:00pm Freehold 8
Tigers @ Bulldogs 6:00pm Freehold 9
Thursday,  Apr 16
Cardinals @ A's 5:45pm C
White Sox @ Pirates 6:00pm B
A's @ Mets 6:00pm A
A's @ Mets 7:00pm E
SB 9/10
Stars @ Hurricanes 6:00pm CN Cedar Drive 1
Pixies @ Volunteers 6:00pm F
SB 11/12
Diamond Stars @ Stampede 6:00pm CN Cedar Drive 2
Cowgirls @ Sluggers 6:15pm Manalapan 2
Friday,  Apr 17
Cardinals @ Yankees 5:45pm E
Rays @ Yankees 5:45pm B
Rockies @ Mets 5:45pm C
A's @ Diamondbacks 5:45pm A
Mets @ Yankees 8:00pm B
White Sox @ Cardinals 8:00pm A
White Sox @ Cardinals 8:00pm E
SB 9/10
Sun Devils @ Tigers 5:45pm F
Storm @ Lightning 6:00pm CN Cedar Drive 1
SB 11/12
Sun Devils @ Wildcats 8:00pm F
Saturday,  Apr 18
White Sox @ Cardinals 12:00pm H
Marlins @ Mariners 2:15pm H
A's @ Diamondbacks 2:15pm E
Cardinals @ White Sox 4:30pm E
Mets @ Yankees 4:30pm H
A's @ Mets 2:15pm C
White Sox @ Cardinals 4:30pm C
Orioles @ A's 9:45am B
White Sox @ Diamondbacks 9:45am C
Yankees @ Mets 12:00pm C
Rockies @ Pirates 2:15pm B
Rays @ Cardinals 4:30pm B
White Sox @ A's 12:00pm B
Yankees @ Diamondbacks 2:15pm A
Cardinals @ Mets 4:30pm A
Mets @ Yankees 9:45am A
A's @ White Sox 12:00pm A
Mets @ Yankees 9:45am E
White Sox @ A's 12:00pm E
SB 4/5/6
Crimson Tide @ Wildcats 1:15pm G
SB 7/8
Crimson Tide @ Mets 9:00am Manalapan 2
Fireballs @ Wildcats 9:45am F
Wahoos @ Thunder 2:15pm CN Cedar Drive 1
Cyclones @ Tornados 2:15pm CN Cedar Drive 2
SB 9/10
Stars @ Bombers 9:00am Manalapan 3
Sun Devils @ Pixies 11:15am Manalapan 3
Storm @ Lightning 12:00pm CN Cedar Drive 1
Volunteers @ Hurricanes 12:00pm CN Cedar Drive 2
Wildcats @ Tigers 12:00pm F
SB 11/12
Sluggers @ Wildcats 2:15pm F
Sun Devils @ Tigers 4:00pm Freehold 6
Bulldogs @ Jayhawks 4:00pm Freehold 8
Diamond Stars @ Cowgirls 4:00pm Freehold 9
Bears @ Stampede 4:30pm CN Cedar Drive 2
Sunday,  Apr 19
A's @ Diamondbacks 10:45am H
Rays @ Pirates 12:00pm C
Orioles @ Rockies 1:00pm H
Yankees @ Mets 2:15pm C
Mets @ White Sox 9:45am A
Diamondbacks @ Cardinals 9:45am B
Yankees @ A's 9:45am C
Mets @ Yankees 4:30pm B
White Sox @ A's 4:30pm C
Monday,  Apr 20
Yankees @ Orioles 5:45pm C
Yankees @ A's 6:00pm B
Cardinals @ Mets 6:00pm A
Cardinals @ Mets 7:00pm E
SB 7/8
Wahoos @ Fireballs 6:00pm Manalapan 2

For a complete schedule listing, click here!