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 UPDATED 4/19/15

Playoff schedule will be posted by Wednesday in the Handout section


Monday April 20th Pine School Stuart, 1300 East 10th street

6:00 Hornets vs Cavs

7:00 Legends vs Skyforce

8:00 Rockets vs Blazers

Thursday April 23rd HUIZ

6:00 Charge vs Jam

7:00 Energy vs D-Fenders

8:00 Bighorn vs Vipers


Friday April 24th Anderson Middle School

5:45 Viper vs Drive

6:45 Clippers vs Rockets

7:45 Spurs vs Blazers

Friday April 24th HOMS

                CT1                                                  CT2

6:00 Sky vs Starz                                    Tar Heels vs Buckeyes

7:00 Lynx vs Mystics                               Wolverine vs Wildcats

8:00 Hurricane vs Blue Devils                 Shockers vs Gators

Saturday April 25th HOMS
             CT1                                                     CT2
 8:15 Rams vs Lions                               Pirates vs Tigers
 9:15 Sharks vs Stallions                        Falcon vs Eagles
10:15 Jaguars vs T-Birds                       Bulldogs vs Titans
11:15 Dream vs Starz                            Hurricane vs Shockers
12:15 Lynx vs Mystics                           Blue Devils vs Wolverines
 1:15                                                      Tar Heels vs Gators
 2:30 Knicks vs Magic                                                     
 3:30 Pistons vs Raptors
 4:30 Skyforce vs Energy
 5:30 Vipers vs Legends
Saturday April 25TH HUIZ
 8:30 Shock vs Liberty
 9:30 Hawks vs Raptors
10:30 Jam vs Drive
11:30 Heat vs Pistons
12:30 Lakers vs T-Wolves
 1:30 Thunder vs Rockets
 2:30 Energy vs Vipers
 3:30 Blazers vs Kings
 4:30 Drive vs Bighorns
 5:30 D-Fenders vs Charge
 6:30 Hornets vs Nets
Saturday April 25th SMS
 8:30 Bighorns vs Skyforce
 9:30 Blazers vs T-Wolves
10:30 Bulls vs Celtics
11:30 Clippers vs Thunder
12:30 Hornets vs Hawks
 1:30 Clippers vs Grizzlies
 2:30 Spurs vs Warriors
 3:30 Bulls vs Nets
 4:30 Spurs vs Grizzlies
Monday April 27th Pine School Stuart, 1300 East 10th Street
6:00 Bulls vs Hornets
7:00 76ers vs Cavs
8:00 Viper vs Jam

 "To be the Best, Work harder than the rest"
Rance Newland - League Director