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Updated 4/21/14 

Please check your schedule this week!! Games are scheduled at 3 gyms (HOMS, HUIZ & REDEEMER) and some teams have doubleheaders due to Holidays and the lack of gym time this season.

Also We Have Sunday Games at Redeemer.

Tuesday April 22nd HOMS


           CT1                                                   CT2


6:00 Sharks vs Stallions                        6:00 Eagles vs Falcons

7:00 Lions vs Rams                              7:00 Pirates vs Hammerheads

8:00 Dream vs Sky                               8:00 Starz vs Shock


Friday April 25th HOMS


          CT1                                                    CT2

6:00 Rams vs Jags                                6:00 Wolverines vs Hoosiers

7:00 Lions vs Stallions                           7:00 Hurricanes vs Gators

8:00 Lynx vs Sky                                  8:00 Starz vs Shock


Saturday April 26th HOMS


          CT1                                                    CT2

8:15 Dream vs Storm                            8:15  Eagles vs Pirates

9:15 T-Birds vs Sharks                          9:15  Falcon vs Bulldogs

10:15 Wildcats vs Spartans                   10:15 Tigers vs H.Heads

11:15 Blue Devils vs Shockers                11:15 Orangemen vs Buckeyes

12:30 Bulls vs Pistons

1:30 76ers vs Celtics

2:30 Bucks vs Heat

3:30 Thunder vs Blazers

4:30 Lakers vs Spurs


Saturday April 26th HUIZ

 8:30 Pelicans vs Mavericks

 9:30 Grizzlies vs Suns

10:30 Hawks vs Pacers

11:30 Cavs vs Magic

12:30 Knicks vs Wizards

 1:30 Bobcats vs Nets

 2:30 Jazz vs T-Wolves

 3:30 Clippers vs Warriors

 4:30 Cavs vs Bulls

 5:30 Kings vs Sonics


Saturday April 26th Redeemer 

 8:30 Hawks vs Knicks

 9:30 Jazz vs Kings

10:30 Mavs vs Rockets

11:30 Grizzlies vs Nuggets

12:30 T- Wolves vs Blazers

 1:30 Sonic vs Warriors

 2:30 Spurs vs Suns

 3:30 Pistons vs Nets

 4:30 Nuggets vs Rockets

 5:30 Clipper vs Thunder


Sunday April 27th Redeemer

1:00 76ers vs Bucks

2:00 Wizards vs Pacers

3:00 Heat vs Magic

4:00 Bobcats vs Celtics

5:00 Pelicans vs Lakers








"Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming."...Basketball Legend - John Wooden

Rance Newland - League Director



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