Last Updated: August 23, 2016

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  • Predators win thrilling Wild Card Game
  • Kyle Schultz Wins Triple Crown
2016 Power Rankings: As of August 1
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2016 Playoffs

After an incredible regular season, the postseason stage is set. For the first time ever, the #1 seed will be the Eastern Eagles. They will be taking on the winner of the Predators vs. Seahawks Wild Card game. As for the other side of the bracket, the Wildcats will take on the Cobras. The Eagles look to be the favorite for this year's playoffs, but you can never count out Kyle Schultz and the Wildcats, or even Drew Davis and his Cobras. One thing is sure though for the Eagles- you can't look passed the semifinals. Last year, the 4-10 Predators took them to a Game 3 and nearly knocked them out, and when you look at the Predators or the Seahawks this year, they could definitely make it interesting.





Playoffs will begin this week.

2016 Batting Average Leaders

1.) Kyle Schultz: .465

2.) Noah Daberko: .462

3.) Casey McCarthy: .400

2016 Home Run Leaders

1.) Kyle Schultz: 16

2.) Alec Warda: 12

3.) Noah Daberko: 11

2016 RBI Leaders

1.) Kyle Schultz: 25

2.) Daberko, Davis: 23

3.) Kracht, Warda, McCarthy: 19

2016 Pitching Leaders

1.) Daniel Schultz: 6-2, 1.09 ERA

2.) Drew Davis: 6-4, 1.82 ERA

3.) Kyle Schultz: 9-3, 2.04 ERA

Cultz Field

Ever wondered how far the bases were apart from each other? Or how far the fence and pitchers mound are? Take a look!

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Upcoming Games

Wednesday, Aug 24
MLW Playoffs 2016
Pacific Predators @ Eastern Eagles12:00pmCultz Field
Eastern Eagles @ Pacific Predators12:30pmCultz Field
Coastal Cobras @ Western Wildcats1:00pmCultz Field
Western Wildcats @ Coastal Cobras1:30pmCultz Field

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