Last Updated: August 1, 2015

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2015 Power Rankings: As Of July 23

May 30, 2015


1.) Western Wildcats- Wildcats have a real chance of going undefeated this season, which has never happened in MLW. Kyle Schultz is once again leading the league in HR, AVG, and ERA, and Noah Daberko and Ryan Gabel have really taken that next step this season and it's paying off for them this year.


2.) Eastern Eagles- What a pleasant surprise Clayton Price has been. Not only is he leading MLW in RBI, but he is second in batting average also. He is providing another weapon to the Eagles offense and that could give them the advantage going in to the playoffs. Ryan Kracht has also become a very reliable two starter behind Daniel Schultz.


3.) Pacific Predators- Alec Warda is having another solid year offensively, as well as Jake Crespi and Brennan Russell. But as always for the Predators, the problem is pitching. It seems the only games this team wins are slugfests, and that will not cut it going in to the second half. We've seen glimpses of good pitching from Warda but he just hasn't seem to limit the home run ball.



4.) Atlantic Astros- Still looking for a win, this Astros team has struggled. Last year this team could get by with their hitting, but the bats haven't come alive this year. Also, their team ERA is 9.96. That is just not good.



2015 Batting Average Leaders

1.) Clayton Price: .652

2.) Brendan Schultz: .645

3.) Kyle Schultz: .622

2015 Home Run Leaders

1.) Daniel Schultz: 17

2.) Kyle Schultz: 15

3.) 2 Tied: 11

2015 RBI Leaders

1.) Clayton Price: 43

2.) Daniel Schultz: 34

3.) Ryan Kracht: 29

2015 Pitching Leaders

1.) Kyle Schultz: 5-0, 1.41 ERA

2.) Daniel Schultz: 6-2, 3.20 ERA

3.) Ryan Gabel: 1-0, 2.45 ERA

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