Last Updated: April 18, 2016

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  • 2016 Opening Day- June 12
  • MLW will introduce 'tree cam' this year
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2016 Opening Day scheduled for June 12!

2016 Opening Day scheduled for June 12!

The 8th season of MLW is set to take off on June 12th! The teams playing in the opening day series are still unknown, as there are still team/roster changes going on. As of now, all players from 2015 are returning, and there are a few new players that will be introduced in a video shortly. A new team is in the works as well, so it looks to be another interesting year in the league.


Cultz Field

Ever wondered how far the bases were apart from each other? Or how far the fence and pitchers mound are? Take a look!

Wildcats Win 2015 World Series!

The Wildcats win their 5th World Series of all-time, winning in a Game 5 vs. a very good Eagles team.

2015 Batting Average Leaders

1.) Clayton Price: .652

2.) Brendan Schultz: .645

3.) Kyle Schultz: .541

2015 Home Run Leaders

1.) Kyle Schultz: 19

2.) Daniel Schultz: 17

3.) Ryan Gabel: 16

2015 RBI Leaders

1.) Clayton Price: 43

2.) Kyle Schultz: 36

3.) Ryan Gabel: 35

2015 Pitching Leaders

1.) Kyle Schultz: 8-0, 1.38 ERA

2.) Ryan Gabel: 4-0, 2.20 ERA

3.) Daniel Schultz: 6-2, 3.20 ERA

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