Last Updated: July 21, 2016

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  • Kyle Schultz Wins HRD
  • NL Wins ASG, 1-0
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Second Half Preview
2016 Power Rankings: All Star Break
All-Star Break
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Second Half Preview

With the second half of the season beginning next week, we're going to take a look at the remaining schedule for each team, analyze their season so far, and give them a prediction for the upcoming playoffs.

First up, the Coastal Cobras.

The Cobras shocked some people with how good they played in the first half. Even when they lost all three to the Eagles, Drew Davis was able to throw a no-no in his first career start, and more importantly was able to keep every game close. He then took it to the Wildcats, beating them twice. Davis looks like he will be the first rookie MVP candidate since Zach Hopman in 2012; but we'll see if he can keep it going in the second half. The Cobras will have to finish the series against the Wildcats (2 games left), and then will play a series against both the Seahawks and Predators. This looks very manageable for them, and if Davis continues to pitch well, and if Zach Whalen continues to provide an above-average bat behind him, watch out for these Cobras.

Prediction: 6-8, Lose in Semifinals

Next, the Pacific Predators.

Warda is hitting very well once again, leading MLW in HR. Russell will also go deep occasionally but he is leading the league in K's this year. They really need to go out and get someone who can get on base consistently. As for pitching, Warda has been decent and Brennan Russell has become a very solid option behind Warda. He's got a 2.50 ERA and 15 K's. For the second half, their schedule consists of the Cobras and Eagles- two pretty good teams. As I do think they can beat anybody on any given day, I don't see them getting to the World Series this year- but hey upsets happen.

Prediction: 4-10, Lose in Wild Card Game

Up next: Southern Seahawks.

The Seahawks can be a dangerous team. Daberko is leading the league in RBI, and Gabel is pitching with a very low ERA. You can expect them to make every game exciting, and with the right combination of clutch hitting and solid pitching, they could be a legit contender. The remaining schedule for them includes games against the Wildcats and Cobras, so it won't be easy. But if you've watched them play over the past few years you know that they can beat anybody.

Prediction: 7-7, Lose in Semifinals

Now, for the Western Wildcats.

When the whole Wildcat team is there, we know they play very well. It's hard to tell how they would've done against the Cobras with a full roster, but they do play them again in the second half. They also will play the Eagles and Seahawks, so it looks like they have the hardest remaining schedule of any team. Kyle Schultz will do his best to lead House and Stachelski to yet another World Series.

Prediction: 8-6, Lose in World Series

And last, but not least: the Eastern Eagles.

The Eagles are looking like the most complete team so far, and it's not close. They have everything it takes to win it all, and their remaining schedule is manageable. They play the Preds and Wildcats, and look to be favored in both series'. When everything comes together for them, they won't lose.

Prediction: 10-4, Win World Series

All-Star Break











The 2016 All-Star Week was very successful once again. This year's Home Run Derby was won by Western Wildcat Kyle Schultz, who battled it out against Noah Daberko in the final round. This is his second HRD title, with the other one coming in 2010. The annual All-Star Game was won by the National League 1-0, with Daniel Schultz providing the only run of the game with a solo HR. He earned his 3rd consecutive ASG MVP award as well, which is an MLW record.



2016 Batting Average Leaders

1.) Alec Warda: .472

2.) Alex House: .467

3.) Noah Daberko: .437

2016 Home Run Leaders

1.) Alec Warda: 6

2.) 3 Tied: 5

3.) 3 Tied: 4

2016 RBI Leaders

1.) Noah Daberko: 11

2.) Kyle Schultz: 10

3.) Daniel Schultz: 9

2016 Pitching Leaders

1.) Daniel Schultz: 3-2, 1.62 ERA

2.) Kyle Schultz: 6-2, 1.75 ERA

3.) Drew Davis: 2-4, 2.06 ERA

Cultz Field

Ever wondered how far the bases were apart from each other? Or how far the fence and pitchers mound are? Take a look!

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Upcoming Games

Wednesday, Jul 27
MLW 2016
Western Wildcats @ Eastern Eagles1:00pmCultz Field
Eastern Eagles @ Western Wildcats2:00pmCultz Field
Western Wildcats @ Eastern Eagles3:00pmCultz Field
Saturday, Jul 30
MLW 2016
Coastal Cobras @ Southern Seahawks1:00pmCultz Field
Southern Seahawks @ Coastal Cobras2:00pmCultz Field
Coastal Cobras @ Southern Seahawks3:00pmCultz Field
Saturday, Aug 6
MLW 2016
Pacific Predators @ Eastern Eagles1:00pmCultz Field
Eastern Eagles @ Pacific Predators2:00pmCultz Field
Pacific Predators @ Eastern Eagles3:00pmCultz Field
Eastern Eagles @ Pacific Predators4:00pmCultz Field

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