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Basketball General Information - Updated for 2013

All Recreation Basketball activities canceled Saturday, January 24 Due to the Weather



Due to the expected inclement weather, ALL North Haledon Recreational Basketball practices and games have been canceled tomorrow, Saturday, January 24, 2015.

This is for only Recreational Basketball, please contact you coach regarding Travel.



Snow Reported for Friday Night & Saturday

January 23, 2015


With the possibility of snow hitting our area tonight, please be advised that we will determine the status of the games and practices first thing in the morning.  

If you have any questions, please make sure your correct email address is on file in your Community Pass.  We will use that email list when we send messages outs regarding game/practice cancelations, as well as posting info to this website.



RUTGERS Coaches Safety Class

January 14, 2015

Attention ALL Parents / Relatives / Siblings / Anyone interested in Coaching in NH:

In order to coach any sport in NH you must take the RUTGERS Coaching Safety Class.  It is a one-time course.  Once registered, you are covered for life.   

The next RUTGERS Coaching Safety Class is set for:

Date:  Monday, January 19, 2015

Time:  6:30 – 9:00 PM

Place:  Haledon REC Building - Roe Street, Haledon

Cost:  $15.00 for NH residents

To attend class you must pre-register with Ed Furst at 

Please bring exact change or checks can be made payable to:  NH REC


Memorial School Gym opens at 6:00PM

January 6, 2015

The Memorial School Gym is not available to our program until 6:00 PM during the week. Therefore all 6:00 PM games at Memorial School start at 6:15 PM.

This is an issue of the safety of the children in the aftercare program. The aftercare program has protocol in place for children to leave the school safely.  Please do not attempt to enter the school before 6:00 PM, we cannot put any child's safety at risk.

Thank you for your full cooperation.



Mandatory Basketball Coaches meeting

December 11, 2014

We will be holding our mandatory coaches meeting Monday, December 15, 7:00 PM in the High Mountain School gym.

We will be going over the rules, discussing the upcoming season and any other issues that have been brought to our attention. 

There will be no practices scheduled for that time, so please make every effort to be there.

Please pass this along to your assistant coaches.  It would be best for every coach to be involved in this discussion, rather than to hear it second hand.

NH Clinic Basketball Program

December 11, 2014

Our Clinic Basketball Program is scheduled to start Saturday, January 10.

Here is the schedule:

Boys @ North Haledon, Memorial School 

9:00AM – 10:00AM – Kindergarten

10:00AM – 11:00AM – 1st grade

11:00AM – 12:30PM – 2nd Grade


Girls @ North Haledon, High Mountain School 

9:00AM – 10:30AM – Kindergarten, 1st Grade & 2nd Grade 


Due to the limited number of girls registered, we will combine the girls 3 grades together.  If registration increases we will consider splitting up the grades.


Our Clinic Program stresses learning the basics of basketball, dribbling, passing, shooting and defense,  The goal is to teach the children these basics in a fun, competitive way so they have fun doing drills.  The coaches are always coming up with new "drills/competitions" to teach the children the basics.  Once they begin to learn the basics, they will begin using those skills in "games".  

If you'd like to get involved in the program, please contact Joe Lozito (

2015 Rec Basketball League Rules

December 10, 2014

The 2015 Rec Basketball League Rules are now available for download.  Click here or Click Handouts on left menu.

3rd & 4th Grade Girls Needed!!

November 25, 2014

Wanted - 3rd & 4th Grade Girls Basketball Players. We need another 4-6 girls to register at the 3rd & 4th grade level to form another team and give the girls a true basketball experience.  If you are interested please email Scott Wozney ( or Joe Lozito (

Online Registration

September 12, 2014

NH has a new online registration process.  Now you can register online and pay at the same time.  Visit our new website for details....

NH Rec


Our NH League Lineup website will remain active for our schedules, standings and contact information.

2014 Championship Saturday

March 17, 2014

Congratulations Everyone!!

Our Championship Saturday / Skills Competition

was a tremendous success!!!

North Haledon / Hawthorne Rec Basketball League


2014 Rec Basketball League Champions

Girls' 3rd & 4th grade Champions – Team Cornett

Boys' 3rd & 4th grade Champions – Team DeVries

Girls' 5th & 6th Grades Champions – Team Wilkinson

Boys' 5th & 6th Grade Champions – Team Puglisi

Girls' 7th & 8th Grades Champions – Team Wozney

Boys' 7th & 8th Grades Champions – Team Lalley


2014 Rec Basketball League Skills Competition

Girls’ Grades 3rd & 4th Skills

3 point Shot Winner: Bella D

3 point Shot Runner-up: Anjeli

Free Throws: Winner: Claudia  P

Free Throw Runner-up: Bella D


Boys' 3rd & 4th grade Skills  

3 point Shot Winner: Jason D

3 point Shot Runner-up: Jason M

Free Throws: Winner: Joseph C

Free Throw Runner-up: Nick G


Girls' 5th & 6th Grades Skills

3 point Shot Winner: Maria C

3 point Shot Runner-up: Giuliana L

Free Throws: Winner: Maria C

Free Throw Runner-up: MacKenzie S


Boys' 5th & 6th Grades Skills

3 point Shot Winner: Hunter M

3 point Shot Runner-up:  Mikhael K

Free Throws: Winner: Brandon T

Free Throw Runner-up: Alex H


Girls' 7th & 8th Grades Skills

3 point Shot Winner:  Megan P

3 point Shot Runner-up:  Kiana S

Free Throws: Winner:  Alexa S

Free Throw Runner-up: Kelsi T


Boys' 7th & 8th Grades Skills

3 point Shot Winner: Anthony C

3 point Shot Runner-up:  Mark F

Free Throws: Winner:  Martin L

 Free Throw Runner-up:  Jeff B

Our Behavior in the NH Schools

January 16, 2014


It has been brought to my attention that some children while attending our Rec basketball games or waiting to play their games are not behaving in an appropriate manner.  Myself or Scott Wozney cannot be at every game, every night in 2 gyms.  We are volunteers just as the coaches are.  We cannot police what is going on.  We are guests in the schools and must act accordingly or we may lose the use of the gyms at High Mountain and Memorial Schools.  The North Haledon Recreation Commission and the NH Board of Education are separate entities trying to help each other give our children a chance to enjoy the sport of basketball. 

These are the guidelines that must be followed while you and your child or any other child are attending a basketball game in a North Haledon school.   



















If anyone has any problem with any of these guidelines, please let me know.


Thank You, 

Joe Lozito 




Good video regarding the spirit of Rec Sports

February 14, 2013



I'd like to suggest every parent and young athlete watch this video.  It may not be based on basketball, but the coach's message is applicable to all Rec sports.


Here is the link -

Reporting of Game Scores

February 6, 2013


Every coach is responsible for reporting their game score.  I would rather have two scores reported than zero.  We are missing 13 different game scores.  Please check your team's schedule on this website and if you are missing a game score, please shoot me an email with the score.  If you are unsure of the actual score, just give me the winner and we'll list it as 1-0 game.  All that matters is the winner, not the actual score.

Thank you for your cooperation,


NH Gyms Set-up and Clean-up

January 10, 2013



The first game coaches at either NH gym are responisble to set-up for the game and the last NH coaches are responsible to clean-up after the game.

High Mountain School - Set-up:

  • Take out the benches - stored in boys locker room
  • Take out Scorers table - in room between gym and boys locker room
  • The score keeper will set up scoreboard

Memorial School Set-up:

  • Put out 12 green chairs for each team from the stacks near the stage
  • Take out Scorers Table - in storage closet on the right near the gym emergency exit to parking lot
  • The score keeper will set up scoreboard


When your game concludes, please gather all your stuff, balls, clothing, garbage and move your team away from the bench so the next team can get ready for their game


Clean-up - Both gyms:

  • Put chairs or benches back where they belong
  • Put Scorers table back where it belongs
  • Clean-up all garbage around benches and bleachers
  • ** at High Mountain School baskets must be raised back up to 10'

Equal Playing Time Rule Reminder - Updated

March 5, 2011


Below is a recap of our Equal Playing Time Rule. The playoffs are right around the corner and we’d like to remind all coaches of the Equal Playing Time Rule.

As per the rules of our North Haledon / Hawthorne Recreation Basketball League:
Each player must have equal playing time.  No one player should be playing the whole half or game, even if you only have 6-9 players. This is REC, and we want each player to have the opportunity to play in pressure situations.

There will be people monitoring the remainder of the games to help coaches understand this rule.

We understand how easy it is to get caught up in a game and forget to make substitutions, which is why we started the 5 minute substitution rule. This rule is to remind coaches to make substitutions. Please make it a priority to give all your players EQUAL playing time.

This does not mean every player has to play at least 50% and some players can play the whole game.

It means that every player should play an EQUAL amount of time.

If you have 10 players, every player would play 20 minutes.

Unless you have only 5 players, every player should sit the bench an equal amount of time.

We do not want any team to be forced to sit a player because a coach did not understand the rule.

If you have any questions at all about this or any rule, please ask them now.

Please use the final week and a half of games to make sure you understand and follow this rule.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Accident Report

February 13, 2012
NH Accident Report

NH Coaches,

Under Handouts in the left Menu is an accident report. If any of your players are injured during a practice or game please complete a report ASAP and forward it to Mike Oliver, Basketball Commissioner. The report has to be filed with the town for insurance purposes.

Thank you for your full cooperation.

Parking & Children roaming

February 7, 2012


We have received notices from the NH schools and the town asking us to bring two issues to light and one we need to remind everyone about.

1). Please DO NOT park in the church parking lot on the opposite side of the street from Memorial School. There is plenty of parking in the lower Memorial School parking lot. Please use the lower lot and walk around the school to the Gym entrance in the back.

2). Please DO NOT allow children to roam the halls of either school, including on the stage and behind the curtains at Memorial School. The school allows us to use the facility and we do not want to jeopardize that privilege. Young children are very inquisitive and they like to explore. However every school has equipment and other gear the children find fascinating which could be damaged or cause injury. Please do not leave your children unattended. Also, please do not allow children to climb under or on top of the bleachers in either gym These are not children safe areas. There are gears and other moving parts as well as sharp corners that could cause injury. Most nights the bleachers in High Mountain School are not pulled fully out for our games and children love to climb to the top to sit. Parents need to supervise their children on the bleachers.

3). No balls, except those brought in by the coach, are permitted in NH gyms. Non-Players and Children are not permitted on the court at any point during the game. They are not permitted to shoot baskets during timeouts, halftime or after the game. The players and coaches need to prepare for the game and go over game plans and discuss their next game, so please show them that respect.

I’d like to thank everyone in advance for their understanding and immediate cooperation.

Run-a-way Games

January 26, 2012


Please remember this is a Recreational Basketball league. Our goal is to give every child in the program the opportunity to play basketball. Some are more interested than others. All deserve an equal chance. Its easy to coach the player that works hard every practice. The challenge of every coach and teacher is the player that doesn't. We have to pass along the positive virtues we have learned from sports; good sportsmanship, being part of a team, and teams win games not individuals.

Most will not play high school basketball, so we have to make sure they enjoy and learn from their experiences in our program.

Some games will be one-sided. As coaches, we have to be aware of that fact and do what we can to limit the embarrassment of either team.

Here are a few rules to follow if you are in that situation:
Once a team has a 15 point lead:
1. Ask the score keeper to stop putting scores on the board. Keep the differential at no more than 15
2. Ask your better shooters to stop shooting and to pass the ball to your other players
    a. Give players that normally don’t score a chance to score
3. No defense outside the 3-pt arc
    a. Let the opposing team bring the ball across half court and set up an offense
    b. NO more fast break lay-ups
        i. If you steal the ball, cross half court then set up your offense
    c. If that still does not work, instruct your defense to stay only in the paint and give up the outside jump shot
4. Encourage both teams to continue to play basketball. Use the game to give the lesser players a chance to have a bigger role
    a. Playing keep away, passing the ball around the perimeter may cause the girls to get frustrated and create other problems

If we are aware of this now, we can make this season more enjoyable for all.

If you have any questions, please email your program director:
North Haledon - Joe Lozito ( and Mike Kurzynski ( or Scott Wozney -

Cheers not Jeers - UPDATED

January 25, 2012

Attention all Rec and Travel Fans & COACHES (this messages applies to the coaches as well):

After watching a few games this season I would like to remind ALL fans to remember why you are in the gym. We are there to cheer on our children as they learn how to be part of a team and that teams win games, not individuals. We need to encourage their achievements and downplay their mistakes.

Please refrain from negative comments in the stands for these two reasons:
1.) Yelling at a 10 year child in front of their friends in public has no positive effect.
2.) You never know who is sitting in the stands next to you.

Remember, these children are not paid professionals. They are our children trying to learn to play the game and more importantly to BE part of a TEAM, trying to accomplish their goal of winning a basketball game. They will make mistakes, we all do. However, if we use encouragement rather than negative comments, they will be able to learn from their mistakes, instead of fearing what they will hear if they do. EVERY child on that court WILL make a mistake. Let me repeat that - EVERY child on that court WILL make a mistake. The successful ones will learn from their mistakes. The ones afraid to make the mistake often give up on the game. Please don’t make our children afraid to make mistakes. As one very successful person put it – "A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new." - Albert Einstein

Thanks for listening,
Coach Scott Wozney

Amazing Video with young basketball whiz

June 16, 2011
If you like basketball and would like to see some amazing skills follow this link and let 12 year old Jordan McCabe amaze you.

Jordan McCabe on You Tube

And this one on the Ellen Degeneres Show

Jordan McCabe on the Ellen Degeneres Show

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October 14, 2010
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Basketball General Information - Updated for 2013

November 7, 2012
General Info
• We have separate boys and girls basketball teams.
• We are partnered with Hawthorne and play each other in our own league. Games can be in either town’s gym.
• If the schools are closed there is no basketball on snow days, vacations, holidays and early dismissal etc.

• Grade K, 1 & 2 participate in our Clinic program with each grade having its own division.
• Clinic normally begins after the Christmas/Winter break in early January and concludes around Mid-March.
• Clinic will usually meet once a week to practice and play games. We have had tremendous success with our clinic program as is evident with our growing numbers.

Grades 3-8
• Grade 3 & 4, 5 & 6 and 7 & 8 are grouped together, respectively.
• Grades K – 2 play at an 8’ to 8.5’ high rim, grades 3 & 4 at 9', higher grades play at regulation 10’ rim.
• Grades K – 4’s foul line is 2-3’ closer than the regulation 15’ used by higher grades.

• Grades 3 – 8 will start practicing in early December with games normally beginning after the Christmas/Winter break. The season usually ends in early March with playoffs (every team makes the playoffs) beginning immediately after.
• Team practices are usually one week day and one time slot on Saturday.
• Once games start, for Grades 3 – 8, there are only games. We have many teams and limited gym space, even with the new gym.

• Once games start, they can be any day of the week. The weekday games will be, 6:00, 7:00 and 8:00 pm. Only the older children will play the late games. On Saturday games should run from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. Game start times are every hour on the hour.

• Travel – we normally offer a Travel team for each the 5/6 grades and 7/8 grades. Travel is for the more advanced and competitively minded and skilled athlete. Participation is subject to organization’s discretion. Watch website for tryout time and date.

• Clinic (K, 1 & 2 grade) - $50.00
• Grades 3-8 Grade - $75.00
• Make checks payable to North Haledon Recreation or NH Rec

Upcoming Games/Practices

Sunday,  Jan 25
Boys Travel 5/6 Travel
NH Boys Travel B6 @ North Bergen 2:00pm North Bergen Rec Center
Girls Travel 5/6 Grade
North Haledon 5/6 Travel @ Saddle Brook 5/6 T 2:10pm Saddle Brook - Middle School
Monday,  Jan 26
Boys Recreation 3/4 Grade
NH34B2 Ajami @ H34B4 Puzos (Silva) 6:00pm High Mountain School
NH34B3 Faasse @ H34B1 Dart Promotions (Ponticelli) 7:00pm High Mountain School
Boys Travel 5/6 Travel
Wyckoff National @ NH Boys Travel B6 7:30pm E.C. High School
Boys Travel 7 Grade
Wyckoff National @ NH Boys Travel 7th grade 8:30pm E.C. High School
Boys Travel 78 Grade
North Haledon 78 Boys Travel @ Kinnelon 7:45pm Kinnelon High School
Girls Travel 5/6 Grade
West Milford @ North Haledon 5/6 Travel 6:30pm Memorial School
Girls Travel 7/8 Grade
West Milford @ North Haledon 7/8 7:45pm Memorial School
Tuesday,  Jan 27
Boys High School Division
PRACTICE NHHS1 - 8:00pm High Mountain School
PRACTICE NHHS2 - 8:00pm High Mountain School
Boys Recreation 3/4 Grade
NH34B3 Faasse PRACTICE 6:00pm High Mountain School
Boys Recreation 5/6 Grade
NH56B1 Dockray @ H56B1 Mohawks (Castellanos) 7:15pm Hawthorne Boys & Girls Club
Boys Recreation 7/8 Grade
H78B3 Angelina's (Kozlowski) @ H78B1 Mohawks (Ponticelli) 6:00pm Hawthorne Lincoln Middle School
H78B5 Shortways (Renzo) @ H78B4 Hot Diggity (Poindexter) 7:00pm Hawthorne Lincoln Middle School
NH78B4 Tolerico @ NH78B2 Foster 7:00pm Memorial School
H78B2 Browning Forshay (Harmer) @ NH78B1 DeVries 8:00pm Memorial School
Girls Recreation 3/4 Grade
H34G1 Mohawks (DiFilippo) @ H34G2 PBA (McLean) 6:00pm Hawthorne Boys & Girls Club
NH34G2 Conklin @ NH34G1 Conklin 6:15pm Memorial School
Girls Travel 7/8 Grade
North Haledon 7/8 @ Pompton Lakes TBA Pompton Lakes - Lakeside Middle School
Wednesday,  Jan 28
Boys High School Division
PRACTICE NHHS1 - 8:00pm Memorial School
PRACTICE NHHS2 - 8:00pm Memorial School
Boys Recreation 3/4 Grade
H34B1 Dart Promotions (Ponticelli) @ NH34B1 Aloutto 6:00pm Hawthorne Boys & Girls Club
NH34B3 Faasse @ H34B2 Mohawks (Alston) 6:15pm Memorial School
H34B4 Puzos (Silva) @ H34B5 Tanis Hardware (Poindexter) 7:00pm Hawthorne Boys & Girls Club
Boys Recreation 5/6 Grade
NH56B2 Venezia @ H56B4 PBA (Iznaga) 7:15pm Hawthorne Lincoln Middle School
Girls Recreation 5/6 Grade
NH56G1 Cangelosi @ H56G2 Advance Fire Protection (Cornett) 6:00pm Hawthorne Lincoln Middle School
Girls Recreation 7/8 Grade
NH78G3 Wozney @ NH78G2 Kurzynski 7:00pm Memorial School
NH78G1 DeVries @ H78G2 Re/Max (Penna) 8:00pm Hawthorne Lincoln Middle School
Thursday,  Jan 29
Boys Recreation 5/6 Grade
NH56B3 Winkler @ H56B1 Mohawks (Castellanos) 7:15pm Hawthorne Lincoln Middle School
H56B2 Tri-Partner (Slootmaker) @ NH56B2 Venezia 8:00pm Memorial School
H56B5 Tiffany's Florist (Harmer) @ H56B3 Villa Rosa (Green) 8:15pm Hawthorne Lincoln Middle School
Boys Recreation 7/8 Grade
NH78B3 Puglisi PRACTICE 8:00pm High Mountain School
Boys Travel 78 Grade
Saddle Brook @ North Haledon 78 Boys Travel 7:30pm E.C. High School
Girls Recreation 3/4 Grade
H34G1 Mohawks (DiFilippo) @ NH34G1 Conklin 6:15pm Memorial School
Girls Recreation 5/6 Grade
H56G3 E Care Car Services (Hoyt) @ H56G1 Carney Tree Service (Corriero) 6:00pm Hawthorne Lincoln Middle School
H56G4 Shane P Home Improvements (Fay) @ NH56G2 Duval 7:00pm Memorial School
Friday,  Jan 30
Boys Recreation 3/4 Grade
H34B3 Empress Diner (Cambian) @ NH34B2 Ajami 6:00pm Hawthorne Boys & Girls Club
NH34B1 Aloutto @ H34B2 Mohawks (Alston) 6:00pm High Mountain School
Boys Recreation 5/6 Grade
H56B2 Tri-Partner (Slootmaker) @ H56B4 PBA (Iznaga) 6:15pm Hawthorne Lincoln Middle School
Boys Recreation 7/8 Grade
NH78B2 Foster PRACTICE 8:00pm High Mountain School
Boys Travel 7 Grade
NH Boys Travel 7th grade @ Wayne PAL 8:30pm Wayne PAL
Girls Recreation 3/4 Grade
NH34G2 Conklin @ H34G2 PBA (McLean) 7:00pm Hawthorne Boys & Girls Club
Girls Recreation 7/8 Grade
NH78G3 Wozney @ H78G1 Mohawks (DiFilippo) 7:00pm Hawthorne Lincoln Middle School
NH78G2 Kurzynski @ H78G2 Re/Max (Penna) 8:00pm Hawthorne Lincoln Middle School
Saturday,  Jan 31
Boys Clinic
Boys Clinic Kindergarten PRACTICE 9:00am Memorial School
Boys Clinic 1st Grade PRACTICE 10:00am Memorial School
Boys Clinic 2nd Grade PRACTICE 11:00am Memorial School
Boys Recreation 5/6 Grade
H56B3 Villa Rosa (Green) @ NH56B1 Dockray 1:00pm High Mountain School
Boys Recreation 7/8 Grade
H78B5 Shortways (Renzo) @ NH78B3 Puglisi 1:00pm Memorial School
H78B4 Hot Diggity (Poindexter) @ NH78B2 Foster 2:00pm High Mountain School
H78B3 Angelina's (Kozlowski) @ NH78B4 Tolerico 2:00pm Memorial School
Girls Clinic
Girls Clinic K - 2nd Grade PRACTICE 9:30am High Mountain School
Sunday,  Feb 1
Girls Travel 7/8 Grade
North Haledon 7/8 @ Wayne B&G Blue 12:00pm Wayne Boys & Girls Club
Monday,  Feb 2
Boys Recreation 3/4 Grade
NH34B2 Ajami @ NH34B3 Faasse 6:00pm High Mountain School
NH34B1 Aloutto @ H34B3 Empress Diner (Cambian) 7:00pm High Mountain School
Boys Travel 5/6 Travel
Clifton @ NH Boys Travel B6 7:30pm E.C. High School
Boys Travel 7 Grade
Saddle Brook @ NH Boys Travel 7th grade 8:30pm E.C. High School
Girls Travel 5/6 Grade
Saddle Brook 5/6 T @ North Haledon 5/6 Travel 6:30pm Memorial School
Girls Travel 7/8 Grade
Parsippany @ North Haledon 7/8 7:45pm Memorial School
Tuesday,  Feb 3
Boys Recreation 3/4 Grade
H34B5 Tanis Hardware (Poindexter) @ H34B1 Dart Promotions (Ponticelli) 6:00pm Hawthorne Boys & Girls Club
Boys Recreation 7/8 Grade
NH78B2 Foster @ H78B3 Angelina's (Kozlowski) 6:00pm Hawthorne Lincoln Middle School
NH78B1 DeVries @ H78B5 Shortways (Renzo) 7:00pm Hawthorne Lincoln Middle School
NH78B3 Puglisi @ NH78B4 Tolerico 7:00pm Memorial School
Girls Recreation 3/4 Grade
H34G2 PBA (McLean) @ NH34G2 Conklin 6:00pm High Mountain School
NH34G1 Conklin @ H34G1 Mohawks (DiFilippo) 7:00pm Hawthorne Boys & Girls Club
Girls Recreation 5/6 Grade
H56G2 Advance Fire Protection (Cornett) @ NH56G1 Cangelosi 7:00pm High Mountain School
H56G1 Carney Tree Service (Corriero) @ H56G4 Shane P Home Improvements (Fay) 8:00pm Hawthorne Boys & Girls Club
Girls Recreation 7/8 Grade
H78G2 Re/Max (Penna) @ NH78G3 Wozney 6:15pm Memorial School
NH78G1 DeVries @ NH78G2 Kurzynski 8:00pm Memorial School

For a complete schedule listing, click here!