Last Updated: February 10, 2016

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 North Texas Junior Basketball League Purpose:

To provide rules and regulations designed to promote and ensure the health and safety of all participants. 

To promote the spirit of good sportsmanship and fair play in all games. To secure the greatest educational, social and recreational benefits for all participants.  To promote among the players and communities a spirit of friendly rivalry and a respect for the rules. To forward the concept of accepting decisions of sports officials without protest. Treating officials as co-partners in the educational process of competition. 


** Dates are subject to change in the event of bad weather **

Upcoming Games

Saturday, Feb 13
1st Boys
VA3 Jackson @ F1 Lair9:00amFarmersville Junior High
S1 Polk @ M1 Lacore9:00amPrinceton Junior High Gym 2
P1 Dixon @ VA1 Henley9:00amVan Alstyne Middle School Gym 2
A2 Merritt @ S2 Jones10:00amPrinceton Junior High Gym 2
VA2 Moore @ M1 Lacore11:00amPrinceton Junior High Gym 2
M2 Lehr @ A1 McGrath11:00amVan Alstyne Middle School Gym 2
M3 Breaux @ S1 Polk12:00pmPrinceton Junior High Gym 2
L1 Pancuck @ S2 Jones1:00pmPrinceton Junior High Gym 2
VA4 Vickery @ M3 Breaux2:00pmPrinceton Junior High Gym 2
1st Girls
M1 Clifford @ VA1 Skinner10:00amVan Alstyne Middle School Gym 2
A1 Bills @ S1 Fuller3:00pmPrinceton Junior High Gym 2
P1 Williams @ S1 Fuller5:00pmPrinceton Junior High Gym 2
2nd Boys
M2 Sauseda @ F1 Smith10:00amFarmersville Junior High
S1 McGinnis @ L1 Cass10:00amLeonard Elementary
VA4 Sikes @ L1 Cass12:00pmLeonard Elementary
VA3 Mack @ P1 Housden12:00pmVan Alstyne Middle School Gym 2
A1 Allison @ VA1 Offill1:00pmVan Alstyne Middle School Gym 2
VA2 Hunter @ P1 Housden2:00pmVan Alstyne Middle School Gym 2
VA2 Hunter @ VA1 Offill4:00pmVan Alstyne Middle School Gym 2
M1 Coco @ S2 Stephens7:00pmPrinceton Junior High Gym 2
2nd Girls
A1 ONeal @ L1 Cass9:00amLeonard Elementary
F1 Coleman @ L1 Cass11:00amLeonard Elementary
VA2 Geer @ F1 Coleman1:00pmLeonard Elementary
P1 Keyes @ VA1 Powers3:00pmVan Alstyne Middle School Gym 2
M1 Newton @ S1 Williams4:00pmPrinceton Junior High Gym 2
P2 Jauregui @ S1 Williams6:00pmPrinceton Junior High Gym 2
3rd Boys
P1 Stephan @ A1 Johnson9:00amAnna Middle School (old)
M3 Rose @ S3 Cole9:00amFarmersville Intermediate Gym
M2 Robbins @ S4 Sturdivan10:00amFarmersville Intermediate Gym
M1 Roberson @ VA1 Carson10:00amVan Alstyne Middle School Gym 1
F1 Matthews @ A2 Barrett11:00amAnna Middle School (old)
S3 Cole @ S4 Sturdivan12:00pmFarmersville Intermediate Gym
L1 Sadler @ VA2 Whitehill12:00pmVan Alstyne Middle School Gym 1
A2 Barrett @ A1 Johnson1:00pmAnna Middle School (old)
S1 Riley @ VA1 Carson1:00pmVan Alstyne Middle School Gym 1
S2 Dowd @ VA2 Whitehill2:00pmVan Alstyne Middle School Gym 1
3rd Girls
M1 Anderson @ VA1 Duncan9:00amVan Alstyne Middle School Gym 1
P1 Rivera @ A1 Renfro10:00amAnna Middle School (old)
F1 Hernandez @ VA1 Duncan11:00amVan Alstyne Middle School Gym 1
L1 Harless @ P1 Rivera12:00pmAnna Middle School (old)
M2 Huth @ L1 Harless2:00pmAnna Middle School (old)
4th Boys
A1 Snodgrass @ M1 Ball9:00amMelissa Intermediate Gym
F1 Norman @ P2 Cable9:00amPrinceton Junior High Gym 1
S1 Lewis @ P1 Massey10:00amPrinceton Junior High Gym 1
L1 LaCook @ S2 Williams11:00amFarmersville Intermediate Gym
S3 Minor @ M1 Ball11:00amMelissa Intermediate Gym
P2 Cable @ P1 Massey12:00pmPrinceton Junior High Gym 1
VA1 Gonzales @ S4 Kumler1:00pmFarmersville Intermediate Gym
M3 Zschau @ S2 Williams2:00pmFarmersville Intermediate Gym
VA2 Skinner @ A2 Taylor3:00pmAnna Middle School (old)
VA3 Johnston @ S4 Kumler3:00pmFarmersville Intermediate Gym
M2 McDowell @ A3 Ogelsby4:00pmAnna Middle School (old)
A3 Ogelsby @ A2 Taylor6:00pmAnna Middle School (old)
4th Girls
P1 Rock @ L1 Denison9:00amLeonard Jr High
S2 Fielder @ L1 Denison11:00amLeonard Jr High
VA1 Mayes @ A1 Redwine3:00pmVan Alstyne Middle School Gym 1
M1 Johnson @ VA2 Williams4:00pmVan Alstyne Middle School Gym 1
F1 Coleman @ A1 Redwine5:00pmVan Alstyne Middle School Gym 1
S1 Brown @ VA1 Mayes6:00pmVan Alstyne Middle School Gym 1
VA3 Miller @ VA2 Williams7:00pmVan Alstyne Middle School Gym 1
5th Boys
A2 Fisher @ L1 Vaughn10:00amLeonard Jr High
P2 Mayfield @ M2 Branstetter10:00amMelissa Intermediate Gym
S3 Traw @ P1 Matthews11:00amPrinceton Junior High Gym 1
VA2 Moncier @ L1 Vaughn12:00pmLeonard Jr High
M2 Branstetter @ M1 Ramos12:00pmMelissa Intermediate Gym
A1 Morgan @ M1 Ramos2:00pmMelissa Intermediate Gym
S2 Plumlee @ S1 Andrews4:00pmFarmersville Intermediate Gym
VA1 McCaslin @ S1 Andrews6:00pmFarmersville Intermediate Gym
5th Girls
VA1 Servati @ F1 Hawkins11:00amFarmersville Junior High
A2 Durica @ P1 Hensley12:00pmFarmersville Junior High
S1 Carter @ L1 Zachary1:00pmLeonard Jr High
P1 Hensley @ F1 Hawkins2:00pmFarmersville Junior High
A1 Whetson @ S2 Owens2:00pmLeonard Jr High
S2 Owens @ L1 Zachary4:00pmLeonard Jr High
6th Boys
A2 Hahn @ F1 Hitt1:00pmFarmersville Junior High
P2 Myers @ M1 Gonzales1:00pmMelissa Intermediate Gym
L2 Nolen @ L1 Brown3:00pmLeonard Jr High
A1 Hunter @ M1 Gonzales3:00pmMelissa Intermediate Gym
S1 Alexander @ F1 Hitt4:00pmFarmersville Junior High
VA1 Montgomery @ S3 Sneed5:00pmFarmersville Intermediate Gym
S2 Daniels @ L1 Brown5:00pmLeonard Jr High
P1 Welborn @ L2 Nolen6:00pmLeonard Jr High
6th Girls
P1 Jones @ F1 Chiappone3:00pmFarmersville Junior High
M1 Chapa @ A1 Wolfe5:00pmAnna Middle School (old)
S2 Jackman @ P1 Jones5:00pmFarmersville Junior High
S1 Downing @ F1 Chiappone6:00pmFarmersville Junior High
VA1 Adams @ L1 Perry7:00pmLeonard Jr High

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