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Middle and Upper Boys

Players of the Game – Week 3

Middle Boys

·       Cesar Estrada – Jazz

·       Joshua Tapanes – Raptors

·       Isaiah Jimenez – Bulls

·       Sageny Horace Jr. – Lakers

·       Stryker Lewis – Celtics

·       Frito Antoine – Mavericks

·       New Orleans Pelicans Team

·       Tyler Chinapen – Clippers

·       Malik Alexander – Heat

Upper Boys

·       Derrick Sapp – Gonzaga

·       Aman Malik – Duke

·       Jake Debish – Miami


·       Jesse Villegas – UNC 

Upcoming Games

Saturday, Jun 4
Lower Boys Division
Los Angeles Clippers @ Milwaukee Bucks10:30amCivic Center Side A
Miami Heat @ Boston Celtics10:30amCivic Center Side B
Chicago Bulls @ Oklahoma City Thunder11:30amCivic Center Side A
San Antonio Spurs @ Los Angeles Lakers11:30amCivic Center Side B
Memphis Grizzlies @ Golden State Warriors12:30pmCivic Center Side A
Middle Girls Division
Minnestoa Lynx @ Miami Sol12:30pmCivic Center Side B
Connecticut Sun @ New York Liberty1:30pmCivic Center Side B
Middle Boys Division - East
Chicago Bulls @ Indiana Pacers8:30amSouthport Middle
Toronto Raptors @ Detroit Pistons10:30amSouthport Middle
Cleveland Cavaliers @ New York Knicks12:30pmSouthport Middle
Miami Heat @ Boston Celtics3:30pmSouthport Middle
Middle Boys Division - West
New Orleans Pelicans @ Los Angeles Lakers9:30amMinsky Gymnasium
Oklahoma City Thunder @ Minnesota Timberwolves9:30amSouthport Middle
Sacramento Kings @ Los Angeles Clippers11:30amSouthport Middle
Golden State Warriors @ Utah Jazz1:30pmSouthport Middle
Dallas Mavericks @ San Antonio Spurs2:30pmSouthport Middle
Upper Boys Division
North Carolina Tar Heels @ Indiana Hoosiers10:30amMinsky Gymnasium
Gonzaga Bulldogs @ West Virginia Mountaineers11:30amMinsky Gymnasium
Duke Blue Devils @ Miami Hurricanes12:30pmMinsky Gymnasium
Wichita State Shockers @ Kansas State Wildcats1:30pmMinsky Gymnasium
Saturday, Jun 11
Lower Boys Division
Boston Celtics @ San Antonio Spurs8:30amNorthport Middle
Milwaukee Bucks @ Golden State Warriors9:30amNorthport Middle
Miami Heat @ Los Angeles Lakers10:30amNorthport Middle
Memphis Grizzlies @ Chicago Bulls11:30amNorthport Middle
Oklahoma City Thunder @ Los Angeles Clippers12:30pmNorthport Middle
Middle Girls Division
New York Liberty @ Minnestoa Lynx1:30pmNorthport Middle
Miami Sol @ Connecticut Sun2:30pmNorthport Middle
Middle Boys Division - East
Chicago Bulls @ Toronto Raptors8:30amSouthern Oaks Middle
New York Knicks @ Miami Heat9:30amMinsky Gymnasium
Indiana Pacers @ Cleveland Cavaliers9:30amSouthern Oaks Middle
Boston Celtics @ Detroit Pistons11:30amSouthern Oaks Middle
Middle Boys Division - West
Los Angeles Clippers @ Golden State Warriors10:30amSouthern Oaks Middle
Los Angeles Lakers @ Dallas Mavericks12:30pmSouthern Oaks Middle
Sacramento Kings @ Oklahoma City Thunder1:30pmSouthern Oaks Middle
Utah Jazz @ New Orleans Pelicans2:30pmSouthern Oaks Middle
San Antonio Spurs @ Minnesota Timberwolves3:30pmSouthern Oaks Middle
Upper Boys Division
West Virginia Mountaineers @ Wichita State Shockers10:30amMinsky Gymnasium
Indiana Hoosiers @ Gonzaga Bulldogs11:30amMinsky Gymnasium
Kansas State Wildcats @ Miami Hurricanes12:30pmMinsky Gymnasium
North Carolina Tar Heels @ Duke Blue Devils1:30pmMinsky Gymnasium
Saturday, Jun 18
Lower Boys Division
Golden State Warriors @ San Antonio Spurs10:30amCivic Center Side A
Boston Celtics @ Los Angeles Lakers10:30amCivic Center Side B
Chicago Bulls @ Miami Heat11:30amCivic Center Side A
Memphis Grizzlies @ Los Angeles Clippers11:30amCivic Center Side B
Milwaukee Bucks @ Oklahoma City Thunder12:30pmCivic Center Side A
Middle Girls Division
New York Liberty @ Miami Sol12:30pmCivic Center Side B
Minnestoa Lynx @ Connecticut Sun1:30pmCivic Center Side B
Middle Boys Division - East
Cleveland Cavaliers @ Chicago Bulls9:30amMinsky Gymnasium
Toronto Raptors @ Boston Celtics10:30amNorthport Middle
Detroit Pistons @ New York Knicks11:30amNorthport Middle
Miami Heat @ Indiana Pacers3:30pmNorthport Middle
Middle Boys Division - West
Dallas Mavericks @ Utah Jazz8:30amNorthport Middle
Golden State Warriors @ Sacramento Kings9:30amNorthport Middle
New Orleans Pelicans @ Los Angeles Clippers12:30pmNorthport Middle
Minnesota Timberwolves @ Los Angeles Lakers1:30pmNorthport Middle
Oklahoma City Thunder @ San Antonio Spurs2:30pmNorthport Middle
Upper Boys Division
Gonzaga Bulldogs @ North Carolina Tar Heels10:30amMinsky Gymnasium
Wichita State Shockers @ Indiana Hoosiers11:30amMinsky Gymnasium
Duke Blue Devils @ Kansas State Wildcats12:30pmMinsky Gymnasium
Miami Hurricanes @ West Virginia Mountaineers1:30pmMinsky Gymnasium

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