Last Updated: April 23, 2014

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  • Welcome 2014 Players!
  • Fields in Rehoboth, Coventry, Cranston, and Cumberland
  • Two Divisions!
  • 50+ and 58+
  • This is YOUR league!
"Fill-in Player" Roster added to website! Click and see.

Time to send in rosters and manager's information.

Please send team rosters and manger's contact info to as soon as you can.  Adjustments to rosters listed on this website can be made throughout the season.  The season starts on April 26.



2014 RIMA Baseball Rules and Regulations added to the website under "Handouts"


All players and managers MUST read and adhere to the league rules! 

As a reminder, SMOKING and DRINKING of alcoholic beverages at each venue is strickly prohibited!

Winning Manager is reasonsible for calling for "lights out" at Coventry Rice field after each game.  The Home team manager is responsile for calling in rainouts by 4:30 PM to prevent Coventry lights from being turned on.

Winning team is responsible for putting the bases away at Diamond Hill

Playoffs are double eliminination using Winners/Losers bracket format with #1 seed vs #8 seed, etc. Winners bracket finalist must be beaten twice.

Each player must appear in 10 games to qualify for the playoffs.

Send game results to


Have fun and have a safe and healthy season!


Coaches, send rosters to:
50+ AND 58+ Schedules Posted

There are a few games in bothe divisions still to be scheduled based on field availablity. These games will be scheduled near the end of the season.

Spring Training at Adam's Farm Greenhouse (Thank you, Jim Marzalkowski!)


Opening Weekend for 50's in April 26/27...Weather Permitting. 58's Start May 3rd


Get ready!  RIMA Baseball 2014 starts on April 26th.  No more snow.  Goodbye ice. (Except for use on the shoulders and hamstrings, of course!)  The Board of Directors is finalizing rules and schedules for 2014.  With 8 teams rounding out our league, playoffs will be in double-elimination format using the traditional winners/losers bracket.  Once finalized, the league rules with be posted on this website.  It is the responsibility of each play to read and abide by every rule.  If you have any questions about the rules, you can address our umpires or any league official.  We will be using the fields located in Rehoboth (Nike Park), Coventry (Rice Field), Cranston (The Stadium), and Cumberland (Diamond Hill).

Along with excellent talent and very competitive games, sportsmanship has been our league's strong point.  Although we all want to win every game that we play in, it is more important to remain healthy and to that everyone have a great time playing.  Umpiring and coaching can be difficult at times.  Each of us can make it easier for all.

Also, spread the word! RIMA Baseball has been attracting more and more talented players every season...and this includes our 58's Division.  Older players (56and up) should take advantage of the additional games made available through this initiative.  last year saw some excellent competition and we look forward to increasing the number of teams in the future.

This website will also provide a space for listing players who wish to be considered as last minute 'fill-in" players for each division.  Again, another way to not only play in more games, but to know some of the other players much better.

Now...would somebody please change the weather!!



58+ Division Enters 2014 with 4 Teams!


RIMA 58 will have 4 teams during the 2014 season.  The schedule will contain 15 games for each team.  One game per week starting in May.  There will be plenty of night games through July and August to reduce summer heat effects.  Ralph Caruso will join Rob Correia in managing the Raves.


The 58 Division is an excellent opportunity for the league's older players to get more time on the field and to get more at bats thoughout the season!  For players slightly under 58 years of age, inquire as to eligablity to play on one of the teams, or to make yourself available as a fill-in for weekend's that you know you'll have interest in playing!

EXTRA! EXTRA! 58+ Division Looking to Expand in 2014!


RIMA Baseball's 58+ Division is growing quickly.  Playing in the 58+ Division allows older players to compete with players of similar age, which has great benefits in a few ways.  First, the schedule of 15 to 20 games does not interfere with the RIMA 50+ schedule.  So, you can add up to 80% more games to your 50+ schedule, if you play in both divisions! Second, you'll get extra at bats against pitchers who probably won't be 15 years younger!  And third, you get to know and play with a different group of teammates where opportunities to play different positions may be possible.  The setup is such that there will be 1 game per week starting in May.  Each team can have up to 3 players at 56 years of age and older to help fill rosters.  We are looking to create a 4 to 6 team division with just a few night games scheduled for each team.

Contact League President Tom Petrillo, Division Coordinator/Manager Paul Doucette,  Team Managers Rob Correa, Harvey Stone, or Winn Willard for more information.

OR Email: 



58+ Action

Holiday Gift Suggestion - A MUST Read!

If your family, spouse, freind, etc. asks you what you want for the holidays, tell them to get you a copy of this!  The true, and inspiring story about the Macon, Illinois High School baseball team of 1971.  This book has been written about in Sports Illustrated and is a favorite of mine.  For those of you who do a lot of driving, the audio version is terrific.  Get it.  You can thank me next season.  Glenn Wilcox - Silver Foxes





Kevin McBurney Inducted into the Roy Hobbs Baseball Hall of Fame Class of 2013


Roy Hobbs Baseball Hall of Fame Plaque

 From the Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame Programwritten by Glenn Miller

Kevin McBurney was several weeks shy of turning 57 when he died on June 4 of this year. His impact on baseball and his Rhode Island community can be gauged by what folks said when nominating him for the Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame, and also on his memorial page.  Kevin was a powerhouse organizer of Roy Hobbs Baseball in his home state and a supportive teammate and manager.

Joe Pavao wrote this on the Manning-Heffern Funeral Home tribute page: "What a great spirit he had. I played baseball with him and as a teammate he was the greatest."

Paul Lonardo wrote this: "Wherever you are, I hope there's baseball, and if there isn't, I know you will start your own league.  I hope you find peace playing on a field of your dreams."

The phrase from the men who nominated Kevin was crucial in his election to the Hall of fame...for his inspirational leadership, passion for the game, organizational skills, and playing ability.

Kevin, an attorney, was a Roy Hobbs pioneer in Rhode Island, working to start leagues there many years ago. He was also an outstanding player, one who played in an elite collegiate program at the University of Miami.  Yet, the nominators said he never bragged about his own accomplishments and was always willing to help less talented players.

Dick Kissik in his nominating comments wrote, "As a coach, he would build the confidence of the average players and would work with them to improve their baseball skills."

Dave Abate wrote that he played with Kevin for 13 years and that Kevin had been a star high school player who was there for all of his teammates.

"Besides being a very good player, he was also a good person," Abate wrote.  "He would always help players improve thier baseball playing abilities and for those who couldn't afford all the costs of playing baseball in their league, or go to the World Series, he was there to help them."

Kevin was involved in adult baseball in Rhode Isaland for more than 25 years, starting when many teams were involved in MSBL.

Now, at a too-young age, Kevin McBurney is gone from the world of baseball and Roy Hobbs in Rhode Island, but his legacy and memory live on in the hearts of his teammates and friends...and in the Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame.

 Gary Dadekian, Alex, Dave Abate, Dick Kissik, Ashley


Tom Giffen reading Hall of Fame plaque to Kevin's children Ashley and Alex,

with Dave Abate and Jack DeHeer


Dave Abate's acceptance speech for Kevin's induction:

"Thank you to Tom Giffen and the Roy Hobbs Hall of Fame committee.  On behalf of the RI/MA Baseball League, and Kevin's baseball family, I graciuosly accept this award for our, and my, friend Kevin Barry McBurney.  Kevin would be humbled by the award that you have bestowed upon him.  His love for the game and for his baseball friends was paramount to him.  The way Kevin celebtrated his baseball was being on a field the whole year and Kevin got to live that, and that meant more to him than any trophy or plaque.  May Kevin's perpetual smile shine down on us in the months and years to come as a reminder that you, our teammate, is still with us.  Congratulations, Kenin Barry McBurney."



Gary Dadekian, Paul Doucette, and Dick Kissik


Jack DeHeer, Dick Kissik, and Dave Abate




RI Rockies at the 2013 Roy Hobbs World Series

58+ Division Action


Warriors Repeat as Champs for 2013 - Maintain RIMA Website Colors at Green and Gold


All managers wanting to put information into website must submit that information to  The information will be posted for you as soon as possible.

Attention managers! - Please submit scores to

2012 Champion Warriors
2011 Champion Cranston Rockies

Playing in Rehoboth, MA and Cumberland & Cranston, RI with mixed teams going to Ft. Myers, FL to play in the Roy Hobbs World Series yearly!

2010 Champion Waves
Hawks 2009 Champs
Oil Can Boyd autographs for the kids

Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday,  Apr 26
RIMA over 50
Pirates @ Hawks 9:00am Rehoboth
EWG Waves @ Silver Foxes 12:00pm Rehoboth
Sunday,  Apr 27
RIMA over 50
Marlins @ Reds 9:00am Rehoboth
Cranston Rockies @ Braves 12:00pm Rehoboth

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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