Last Updated: April 21, 2014

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Apex Division
Dynasty Division
Opening Day 2014!!!
Welcome to the home of the
R&R Softball League

ST Johns Park
9am HOME RUN Derby
12pm Apex Vs Dynasty
1:30pm All Star Winner Vs Umpires

Come Enjoy BBQ and Music 

Apex Division


Sunday 4/13/14

Corazol face the Gashouse Gorillas. The battle was intense going extra innings. In game 1 the international rule was in affect and the Gashouse Gorillas scored leading 3-2 but Corazol came back and scored 2 more at the bottom of the inning winning the game 4-3. In game 2 Corazol did not let the Gorilla bring 1 run in and shut them out 6-0

Tigers blew out Sajoma 16-4 in game 1 but Sajoma fought back in game 2 and let the Tigers know they were contenders. Tieing up the game in the 6 8-8 the tigers took back their lead in the top of the 7th with a 3 run shot the left field and a run batted in Tigers took their lead by 4 and held it. Sajoma is off to a bad start but they will bounce back. 

Sping Season Champs vs the Fall season Champs. The Rays showed the Brooklyn Dodgers they are champs for a reason. Allowing only 3 runs in 2 games the Rays beat the Brooklyn Dodgers 16-2 and 5-1.  

Tropix got the 1st 2 wins off of the A's in an interdivisional game. Too bad the A;s couldnt get all their players in time to stop the forfiet. Both game were forfieted due to lack of players. Hopfully they get it together for next Sunday.

Heavy Hitters and Caton Ballers was the game to watch. Both games were only won by 1 run and it was excitement in every inning. Heavy Hitters swept 1-0 and 11-10. So far the Heavy Hitters and Corazol are tied for 1st place in the Apex Division. 

Two new teams join us this year D-Block and STL. They went at it on Sunday showing no compassion for one another. These 2 teams work together during the week and destroy eachother on the weekend. In this interdivisional game STL showed D-Block who was boss on Sunday, beating them in the doubleheader 13-3 and 6-3. 


Sunday 4/6/14 Opening Day!!!

I think this was the most talked about game this week. The reining Champs the Rays vs the talked about Best Team in the League the Tigers. Not many runs were scored as the Tigers showed the Rays why they are a force to be reconed with and took the 1st game 4-1. The Rays took it right back to them and beat the Tigers in the 2nd game 3-2. Both defences and Offences works their tails off to make sure there wasn't a blow out. I see these teams facing off in the Playoffs.

Corazol showed Sajoma who they were. Sajoma thought they were going to run over this team and that wasn't the case. Sajoma took the early lead and wound up being tied most of the game. Then Corazol just took off and took a 6 run lead to end the game with winning the 1st game 8-2. In game 2 it was close, losing by 1 run Corazol pick up their 2nd win sweeping Sajom 4-3

Caton Ballers and the Gashouse Gorillas have met before in a different league. The battles between the two are epic and they did not dissapoint on Sunday. As the 2 teams went at it they split the doubleheader game 1 Caton Ballers 2 Gashouse Gorillas 1 and game 2 Gashouse Gorillas 4 Caton Ballers 0.

Heavy Hitters lived up to their name destroying Tropix in both games 16-0 and 13-3. The Heavy Hitters looked like they were well put together and they were ready to compete with the big boys. They are looking to be the top team this season. 

Dynasty Division

Sunday 4/13/14

The competition just went from 0 to 60! Bad Intentionz making their debut and making a statement. 30 runs totalled and pitching a no hitter in game 1. Bad intentionz out muscled and out played the Knights on Sunday. Hopfully they keep this momentum alive when they face their next opponent!

Tropix picked up their first 2 wins of the season off of the A's due to forfiet. A's were short players and it cost them big time. A's first time out for the season is not looking too good.

Sundevils took Tabu to town beating the 21-9 in the 1st game and 8-2 in the 2nd. Panther has ran his gums for months on facebook but he is backing everything up so far. who would be able to beat this team with the momentum they have heading into Sunday? 

Two new teams join us this year D-Block and STL. They went at it on Sunday showing no compassion for one another. These 2 teams work together during the week and destroy eachother on the weekend. In this interdivisional game STL showed D-Block who was boss on Sunday, beating them in the doubleheader 13-3 and 6-3. 

Ghost Squad were POWs on Sunday against the Black Yankees. Black Yankees came in hot and wouldnt put down their weapons of mass destruction... Their bats. The Black Yankees took it to them beating them in both games 10-0 and 15-0. Black Yankees came to play and they are looking good right now.

Lions took it to the Black Sox in game 1 but could not finish the job. it was a back and fouth battle between both clubs but Black Sox came out victorious winning 8-6. In game 2 it looked like the Lions were just battered and bruised and could not go on. The Black Sox took full advantage and brought the bats to the Lions. 21-2 was the final score in game 2. 


Sunday 4/6/14 Opening Day!!!

1st game out of the season the reining fall champs the Brooklyn Dodgers played against Panther and his Sundevils. This game has been talked about for weeks on Facebook as Panther has called out Manny from the Dodgers numorus times. This game was put up or shut up. Sundevils came out swinging as they said they were going to do but the Dodgers were not laying down for them either. 1st game went to the Sundevils 9-5 giving Panther more to facebook about and the Brooklyn Dodgers came back to win game 2 3-1 

Knights and the Lions a rivalery that started 2 years ago came to light on Sunday as they faced eachother at St. Johns Park. As the Knights could not hold the lead in game 1 they lost it to the Lions in the 6th inning. Lions took the W 6-3. Game 2 Lions took a big lead right off the 1st inning and kept it throughout the entire game beating the Knights 11-4

Tabu is returning from last season being the only team to beat the Rays, This season the Black Sox came prepared and ready to play. Thinking Tabu was going to run over them, The Black Sox had other plans. Black Sox took the fight to Tabu and swept 13-4 and 5-2

Our thoughts and prayers are with Carlos from the Lions ball club. Last Sunday 4/13/14 Carlos suffered a massive heart attack on the field at an earlier event. Carlos was rushed to the hospital where he is now in stable condition. Thank you to those teammates that performed CPR and saved his life. 

Hope see you soon, make a speedy recovery!


R & R Softball league is a Brooklyn and Queens area Adult Softball League Open to all Individually run teams or Organizations playing Open Modified fast pitching. We have Spring/Summer League. We have Sunday games. All Dues payable before League starts. Your team will win Trophies and a cash prize.

Cost: $950.00 League Fees for the Season is Being formed now! If you have a Team or would like to join a team in the New York City Area and are Interested in Joining the league, Please contact the Commissioner Fall League Starts This April through August. Registration STARTS NOW!! Note: We do accept Paypal but there is a 5% service fee.


This 2014 season is going to start off with a bang! 16 of the most competitive teams in Brooklyn and Queens will go head to head to determine who is the best in the boroughs. Old rivals from diffent league are going to meet once again and try to domininate and stand alone as only one champion can be crowned. 

Upcoming Games/Practices

Sunday,  Apr 27
Brooklyn Dodgers @ Tigers TBA St Johns #1
Rays @ Gashouse Gorillas TBA St Johns #2
Sajoma @ Tropix TBA St Johns #2
Black Yankees @ STL TBA St Johns 3
Caton Ballers @ Corazol TBA TBA
Tigers @ Brooklyn Dodgers 9:00am St Johns #1
Gashouse Gorillas @ Rays 9:00am St Johns #2
Corazol @ Caton Ballers 9:00am TBA
Ghost Squad @ Heavy Hitters 12:00pm St Johns #1
Tropix @ Sajoma 12:00pm St Johns #2
Black Sox @ A's TBA Smoky #2
Bad Intentionz @ Sun Devils TBA St Johns #1
Heavy Hitters @ Ghost Squad TBA St Johns #1
D Block @ Knights TBA St Johns #2
Lions @ Tabu TBA St Johns 3
Tabu @ Lions 1:00pm St Johns 3
A's @ Black Sox 2:00pm Smoky #2
Sun Devils @ Bad Intentionz 3:00pm St Johns #1
Knights @ D Block 3:00pm St Johns #2
STL @ Black Yankees 4:00pm St Johns 3

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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