Last Updated: July 8, 2015

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Saltillo Park and Rec Baseball and Softball Coaches

We want to thank all the coaches for your time spent coaching our youngsters here in Saltillo.  It takes a lot of your time and there's a lot of work involved in coaching a team.  Coaches can make a difference in the lives of these kids.  We hope you will consider coaching again next season.  Thanks again.

Football Season

Saltillo Park and Rec begins football and cheer registration August 3rd.  We offer flag football for boys 6-7 and 8-9 years of age.  Tackle football for 9-10 and 11-12 year olds.  Cheer is for girls ages 4-12.  Cheer squads will cheer for the football games.

Games begin in early October.  Games will be played on Monday nights and/or Saturdays.  Teams will normally play one game a week.  Scheduling depends on the number of teams we have.

Flag football players and cheer girls will be contacted by a coach once we have coaches in place.  Each team needs a sponsor to buy the team uniforms.  If teams cannot find a sponsor parents will be responsible to provide a uniform for their child.

All tackle players will have a workout night Monday, August 24th at the Sportsplex at 6:30.  Players need to wear shorts and t-shirts and football cleats.  Tackle coaches will help with the workout.  Players will be notified by coaches later in the week informing them about teams, equipment and practices.  Helmets, shoulder pads and pants are furnished by Park and Rec.  Sponsors will need to be found to pay for game jerseys.  Otherwise parents will buy them.  Each player needs a mouthpiece.

Registration ends August 21st.

Soccer Season

Saltillo Park and Rec soccer season will start in early October and it will go for about 6 weeks.  Teams will also play in the spring.  There will not be a spring season for U6 teams. 

Registration starts August 3rd and ends August 21st

Children ages 4-14 may sign up. 

Practices will begin as soon as coaches are rounded up.  Please check the Coach spot on the form if you can coach a team.  Finding coaches always takes a lot of time and effort on our part calling parents to see if they will coach. 

Sponsors are also needed.  Sponsors pay for team uniforms.  If teams cannot get a sponsor it will be the parents responsibility to purchase a uniform for their child. 

Games will be on Tuesday and Thursday nights and possibly some Saturdays.  Teams will usually play 2 games a week. 

We have an Opening Day each year on Saturday morning in early October.  Teams have pictures made and play a game.  This date will be set later.

Please register early.  Sign up to coach if you can.  Sponsor a team if you can.  Coaches and sponsors make the program go.

AED Donation

August 6, 2014

The Saltillo Women's Club and the Northeast MS Down Syndrome Society have donated 3 AED's to the City of Saltillo.  We will now have an AED at all our athletic field complexes and the Saltillo Community Center.  We are very thankful for the donation but at the same time we hope that we will never have to use them.