Player Safety

Secaucus Little League is committed to ensuring that the players in our league play and practice in the safest environment we can provide.  We want nothing more than for your children to enjoy their experience while learning the game that we all love.  Every year, we strive to have a 100% injury free season!  To assist in achieving our goal, we are instituting the following field policies, effective immediately:

  • ONLY players who are either involved in the game being played or the practice being conducted, are allowed on the field.  Coaches may invite/allow others on the field but it is ONLY with their explicit permission.
  • Our batting cages/bullpens are for exactly those purposes.  They are not for the kids to play games in while there are games being played on the field.  They are ONLY for the use of teams during games or practices.

Coaches at every level are required to carry this policy out and will be held accountable for its enforcement however we need the help of you, the parents of our players.  Please let your children know of our policy.  Please make them understand this is for their benefit and well being.  Thank you all for your understanding and assistance.  If you have any questions, please email us through our website by clicking here.


Upcoming Games

Saturday,  May 30
Minor League
6th Place @ 3rd Place 3:00pm Buchmuller Park
5th Place @ 2nd Place 5:30pm Buchmuller Park
4th Place @ 1st Place 8:00pm Buchmuller Park
Remington Vernick & Arango @ Xchange at Secaucus Junction 10:00am Buchmuller Park
Baseball 101 @ Giovanni's Deli 12:30pm Buchmuller Park
Monday,  Jun 1
Major League
Kiwanis @ PBA 8:00pm Buchmuller Park
Minor League
J. Pyskaty Disposal @ Secaucus Paving 5:30pm Buchmuller Park
Houlihan's @ Remington Vernick & Arango 5:30pm Clarendon School
Tuesday,  Jun 2
Major League
K & S @ Lichtenberger Insurance 8:00pm Buchmuller Park
Minor League
Secaucus Martial Arts Center @ Kelly Interiors 5:30pm Buchmuller Park
Wednesday,  Jun 3
Minor League
Natoli's Deli @ Kelly Interiors 5:30pm Buchmuller Park
Re/Max Infinity @ Uniforms by Rose 5:30pm Clarendon School
Saturday,  Jun 6
O'Connor Plumbing @ Take Back Secaucus 10:00am Buchmuller Park
Xchange at Secaucus Junction @ Baseball 101 12:30pm Buchmuller Park
Wednesday,  Jun 10
Giovanni's Deli @ Re/Max Infinity 5:30pm Clarendon School
Thursday,  Jun 11
Uniforms by Rose @ O'Connor Plumbing 5:30pm Clarendon School
Friday,  Jun 12
Take Back Secaucus @ Houlihan's 5:30pm Clarendon School

For a complete schedule listing, click here!