LITTLE LEAGUE GIRLS SOFTBALL!! SNLL will offer Little League Girls softball starting in Spring 2015!! More details to come.  

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11 Days


Summerlin North Little League will once again be distributing free SNLL t-shirts to the 260 players and 60 coaches on Fall teams in the T-ball through Junior Divisions.

SNLL needs three more sponsors to start production of the t-shirts. The cost to be one of the eight sponsors on the back of the shirt is $450. If you are interested, please e-mail SNLL VP Russell Taylor at and he will provide you with the sponsor form to complete.

Here are the businesses who will be sponsoring the FREE t-shirt this fall:














Many SNLL coaches have asked why they can't bring 8 to 10 players - or even a whole team - with them for their fall ball team. All 11 Little Leagues in District 4 were given the following directive by District Administrator Mike Aker earlier this year: "Little League does not allow the registration of teams, only players. The assignment of players to teams must follow the Little League operating manual.  However, this is where some leeway is allowed in the fall since the fall is considered the training and development season. We have received permission from Regional to allow up to and only 6 players to be brought onto a team intact. All other players on the team must be assigned to the team by the league either by a formal selection process or randomly." SNLL complied with this directive from D4 by allowing teams in the competitive divisions of AA, AAA and Majors to secure 6 players on their team and then evaluate and draft the remaining players for their team.






In an effort to accommodate for Little Leaguers to play with their classmates, and ease the burden on parents and guardians, Little League has amended its residency requirements to allow children to play in the local league whose boundaries where they attend school is located. To verify enrollment, parents will need to bring an official school document, such as a report card or school enrollment form, confirming enrollment in the school for the current academic year, dated before October 1, 2014.

"Little League is always looking for more ways to give all children the opportunity to have the best Little League experience possible," said Patrick Wilson, Little League Senior Vice President of Operations and Program Development. "This new rule will provide more flexibility for families to participate in the leagues that best fits their children."

If your child attends any of the following schools in SNLL boundaries, he/she can play in SNLL without any special waiver and will be eligible for All Star consideration:

William Lummis Elementary School
Ethel Staton Elementary School
John W. Bonner Elementary School
Richard Bryan Elementary School

Ernest Becker Middle School
Sig Rogich Middle School

Palo Verde High School

Adelson Educational Campus
L’il Scholar
The Meadows School
Shenker Academy
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Merryhill School (2160 Snow Trail)
Merryhill School (10050 Alta)


The Summerlin North Little League 50/70 All Star Team will battle the Carson City Little League All Stars in a best-of-three series July 12-14 in Carson City, Nevada to determine the 50/70 Division state champion.  Carson City Little League, the defending 50/70 Division state champion, defeated Sparks Centennial Little League for the District 2 Championship late last month.  Summerlin North Little League defeated Red Rock Little League for the District 4 Championship and will be SNLL's only team competing for a state title this year in Carson City.

"This is real baseball," spectators often observe when they watch 50/70 games in action.  Lead offs, pick off moves, a larger field allowing for more strategic game play... these all combine to produce an exciting, often high-scoring brand of baseball that rewards good fundamentals and powerful bats.  SNLL players range from League Age 11 to League Age 13.

The SNLL Pirates - from which the SNLL 50/70 All-Stars were selected - went 13-1-1 in regular season play, piling up 186 runs and allowing just 59.  The team hit .389 for the season and thumped 28 extra base hits.  As a team, the Pirates stole 97 bases and were caught stealing only 3 times.

The SNLL 50/70 All Stars competed in an epic nine-inning, four hour battle with the Red Rock All Star Team in the first game of the District 4 50/70 Division tournament, ultimately winning 14-13 in a game that will long be known as “The Night the Lights Went Out in Summerlin” after a dramatic power outage in extra innings temporarily halted play. The SNLL All Stars went on to pitch a combined no-hitter to defeat the Western All Stars 17-1 in the second game of the playoffs.  The team ultimately won the District 4 Championship Game 26-14 in a rematch with the Red Rock All Star Team, in a back-and-forth game that featured six lead changes and a remarkable 15-run fifth inning that broke the game wide open for SNLL.

The winner of the 50/70 Division state championship won't have any time to rest on their laurels.  Just three days after the end of the state tournament, the Little League World Series West Regional Tournament gets underway in Nogales, Arizona.  Ten teams from the western states - from as far away as Hawaii and Washington - will convene in Nogales for four pool play games, followed by a single elimination playoff.  The West Regional Champion then heads to Livermore, California for the Little League 50/70 World Series in early August.

Good luck to Reece Ashcraft, Brandon Ashe, Nick Brahms, Will Byerman, Eli Duncan, Jacob Gutierrez, Jackson Hall, Derek Krohn, Lucas Laurita, Dominik Riezler and Shane Taylor, as well as manager Russell Taylor and coaches Robert Ashcraft, David Byerman, and John Laurita.  A great group of ballplayers whose hard work and determination have made Summerlin North Little League proud!




Summerlin North Little League Red Sox win Minor Division Tournament of Champions

Congratulations to the AAA Red Sox Champions of the District Four Tournament of Champions and first-ever TOC banner for Summerlin North Little League. 

After securing both the regular season and SNLL tournament championship, the team had momentum riding on its side.  In the first game of tournament, the team drew the Lone Mountain Giants. From the start, it was a pitchers dual.  However, in the end, the Red Sox prevailed and took Game #1 4-3. 

Game #2 the Sox had their work cut out for them having to face the first-place Braves from district powerhouse Mountain Ridge.  After multiple lead changes and an exciting game, the team made some key defensive plays to end the game with an 8-7 victory.  The team would face inter-league partner the Western Mudhens in the semi-final game.

Against the Hens, Jackson Tanko took the mound, never left and completed the game.  Tanko had four strikeouts, gave up only two runs and three hits.  The offense was lead by Shea Keyes with a two hit, four RBI game.  The Red Sox cruised to a 12-2 victory while earning a spot in the championship game.

The championship was a picture perfect setting as the Red Sox faced the Western Stars.  Earlier in the season, the Stars gave the Red Sox their only loss, so it was fitting that these two teams would face each other in this game.  After the Red Sox took an early 5-0 lead, the Stars put together several strong innings to get back into the game.  The teams found themselves in a 8-8 tie.  During the top of the fourth, Red Sox pitcher Shea Keyes was struck by a ball and had to leave the game.  Thankfully, he's doing well.  In relief of his fallen teammate, Chris Frankot came in and closed out the inning with no runs.  In honor of Shea, the team put together a championship inning; scoring five to secure the championship.  The team had season high 18 hits for the game.  Andrew Ayson lead the team with two hits and four RBIs. 

The Red Sox end the season with a 25-1 record, SNLL regular / tournament winners and champions of District 4. 

Team: Andrew Ayson, Alex Minkoff, Paisley Nickelson, Brantley Lytle, Shea Keyes, Davis Whetten, Jackson Tanko, Chris Frankot, Corey Burkhead, Bryson Mariano, Jacob Hanratty, Davis Whetten.  The Manager is Joe Ayson.  Coaches are Bob Keyes, Sean Tanko, Kevin Hanratty, Josh Whetten, Ken Lytle. 

Thanks to our sponsors: the Hanratty Law Group, Turf Sporting Goods, Coach Manny Abeyta, Caroline Byerman and Summerlin North Little League for their support this season.




SNLL 9/10 All Stars make tournament championship for the first time in 11 years

After one of the most exciting championship games on Monday night, the North All Stars forced a second championship game Tuesday against the talented Mountain Ridge team. This would be the third meeting between these teams in four days of tournament play at Children's Memorial Park.  The night before, with the North down 2-8, the team put together an incredible 11-run third inning and closed the game with a 16-12 victory. 

During the first two innings of Tuesday's game, North pitchers did their jobs keeping the Ridge's batters at bay holding them to one run.  Karthic Gondy started for the North.  Gondy's combination of pin point fastballs and off speed change-ups kept Mountain Ridge aggressive hitters guessing.  However, in the third inning, fatigue from hot temperatures and a week-long tournament began to set-in as the SNLL gave up eight runs in the third.  Although SNLL would load the bases twice and out hit their opponent, they were only able to score one run in the sixth.  Mountain Ridge added a few more runs to take game three and the District 4 9/10 championship by the score of 14-8. 

Considering SNLL is the third of the size of Mountain Ridge, the SNLL 9/10 All Stars had a remarkable run.  Many of the North's All Stars have played in the league since t-ball.   Their competitive spirit was the envy of the tournament and their performance was one of the best in recent years.  With a couple more years left ahead, the future looks bright for these All Stars.

Team members include:  Andrew Ayson, Kade DeSantis, Chris Frankot, Shea Keyes, Karthic Gondy, Bronson Mariano, Alyssa Maillaro, Paisley Nickelson, Jake Paszek, Colin Smith, Jackson Tanko, Davis Whetten, Ozzy Zawislak

The coaches are:  Chris Trenton, Manny Abeyta, Rob Zawislak.  The team was managed by Joe Ayson



Upcoming Fall Season Games

Monday,  Nov 3
North Giants @ North Yankees 5:00pm - 6:00pm Trails Park field #1
Lone Mtn. Dodgers @ Lone Mtn. Giants 5:00pm - 6:00pm Trails Park field #2
A Division
North Phillies @ North Red Sox 6:15pm Trails Park field #1
North Rangers @ North Blue Jays 6:15pm Trails Park field #2
JUNIOR 54/80
North Pirates @ Summerlin South 5:15pm Trails Park field #3
Western Dbacks @ Peccole Mariners 7:30pm Trails Park field #3
Tuesday,  Nov 4
AA Division
Lone Mtn. Cubs @ Western Giants 5:15pm Childrens 1
Western Twins @ Lone Mtn. Tigers 5:15pm Childrens 2
North Storm @ Lone Mtn. Yankees 5:15pm Trails Park field #2
Lone Mtn. Giants @ North Cardinals 7:15pm Trails Park field #1
Western Yankees @ North Rays 7:15pm Trails Park field #2
JUNIOR 54/80
Peccole Orioles @ Lone Mtn. Braves 5:15pm Trails Park field #3
Cheyenne Dodgers @ Western Cardinals 7:30pm Trails Park field #3
Wednesday,  Nov 5
AAA Division
Lone Mtn. Tigers @ Cheyenne Angels 5:15pm Childrens 1
Western A's @ Lone Mtn. Cubs 5:15pm Childrens 2
Western Rangers @ North Tigers 5:15pm Doc Romeo #1
Lone Mtn. Nationals @ Cheyenne Braves 5:15pm Seastrand E
Lone Mtn. Dodgers @ Cheyenne Red Sox 5:15pm Seastrand W
Cheyenne Yankees @ North Yankees 5:15pm Trails Park field #1
Western Nationals @ North Brewers 5:15pm Trails Park field #2
Western Pirates @ Western Tigers 5:15pm Doc Romeo #2
Lone Mtn. Padres @ Cheyenne Angels 7:30pm Doc Romeo #1
Western Royals @ North A's 7:30pm Doc Romeo #2
Lone Mtn. Angels @ Cheyenne Dodgers 7:30pm Seastrand E
Lone Mtn. Dodgers @ Cheyenne Padres 7:30pm Seastrand W
Cheyenne Yankees @ North Dragons 7:30pm Trails Park field #1
Western Dodgers @ North White Sox 7:30pm Trails Park field #2
Thursday,  Nov 6
North Brewers @ Western Angels 5:00pm - 6:00pm Trails Park field #1
North Angels @ Western Orioles 5:00pm - 6:00pm Trails Park field #2
A Division
North Red Sox @ North Rays 6:15pm Trails Park field #1
North Blue Jays @ North Dodgers 6:15pm Trails Park field #2
Saturday,  Nov 8
Western Orioles @ Lone Mtn. Dodgers 10:00am - 11:00am Doc Romeo #3
North Brewers @ North Red Sox 10:15am - 11:15am Trails Park field #1
North Yankees @ North Angels 11:30am - 12:30pm Trails Park field #1
AA Division
Lone Mtn. Cubs @ North Storm 11:00am Trails Park field #2
Lone Mtn. Yankees @ Western Yankees 12:00pm Doc Romeo #1
Western Giants @ Lone Mtn. Tigers 12:00pm Doc Romeo #2
North Nationals @ Lone Mtn. Giants 1:00pm Trails Park field #1
North Rays @ Western Twins 1:00pm Trails Park field #2
AAA Division
Cheyenne Red Sox @ Western Nationals 2:00pm Doc Romeo #1
North Brewers @ Western Rangers 3:00pm Trails Park field #1
Cheyenne Yankees @ North Tigers 3:00pm Trails Park field #2
Lone Mtn. Tigers @ Lone Mtn. Cubs 4:00pm Childrens 1
Lone Mtn. Nationals @ Cheyenne A's 4:00pm Childrens 2
Lone Mtn. Dodgers @ North Yankees 4:00pm Doc Romeo #1
Cheyenne Braves @ Western A's 6:00pm Doc Romeo #1
Western Tigers @ Western Royals 2:00pm Doc Romeo #2
Cheyenne Dodgers @ Western Dodgers 4:00pm Doc Romeo #2
Lone Mtn. Padres @ North White Sox 5:15pm Trails Park field #1
Cheyenne Yankees @ North A's 5:15pm Trails Park field #2
Lone Mtn. Dodgers @ North Dragons 6:00pm Childrens 1
Lone Mtn. Angels @ Cheyenne Cardinals 6:00pm Childrens 2
Cheyenne Padres @ Western Pirates 6:00pm Doc Romeo #2
Monday,  Nov 10
North Angels @ Lone Mtn. Giants 5:00pm - 6:00pm Trails Park field #1
Lone Mtn. Dodgers @ North Brewers 5:00pm - 6:00pm Trails Park field #2
A Division
North Phillies @ North Rays 6:15pm Trails Park field #1
North Rangers @ North Dodgers 6:15pm Trails Park field #2
Saturday,  Nov 15
A Division
POSITION/TBD @ Winner in Pool Play 9:30am Trails Park field #1
POSITION/TBD @ Winner in Pool Play 9:30am Trails Park field #2
Monday,  Nov 17
A Division
Semi-final Winner @ Semi-final Winner 5:15pm Trails Park field #1

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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