Last Updated: October 30, 2015

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2015 Tournament Brackets

June 28, 2015

All tournament brackets (Pee-Wee, OGSO & Hot Stove) are now available on-line. Follow the 2015 Tournament Information link in the Main Menu to view the online brackets.

2015 Scedules, Standings & Game Results

April 26, 2015

The 2015 Schedules and 2015 Standings & Game Results web pages are now available. Follow the links in the Main Menu to access the web pages.


Badger, Hartford & Garfield H-G-F Managers

April 26, 2015

All H-G-F games between Badger (Kinsman), Hartford and Garfield (Garrettsville) have been scheduled at the Champion Athletic Club complex. Two Saturdays were selected May 16 and June 6 for these games with game times of 12:20 and 3:00. There were also two G games and two F games scheduled during the week.  Please check the Special Games information on the schedule cover sheet for your specific game times. In the case of rain outs on either Saturday, the games will be rescheduled for the following Saturday 5/23 and 6/13 respectively.

The fields will be lined and ready for play. Greg Rable schedules all umpires on the Champion fields and has agrred to schedule umpires for these games. If you wish to provide your own umpires, contact Greg (330-442-8633) and let him know in advance so he won't schedule any umpires. If you wish to have Greg schedule umpires, you will need to pay the umpire fees for your home games. The fees are $25 for H & G and $50 for F. Please submit the umpire fees to the concession stand.

If the managers of both teams agree, they can chose to play the games on the normal home game field. In this case, please notify Steve Smith (330-219-3683) or Debbie Daugherty (330-979-5095) in advance so they can make the necessary notification to the Champion organization.

These special arrangements were made to minimize the long distance travel. Your cooperation in following the above is greatly appreciated.

2015 Calendar

April 22, 2015

The 2015 TCYBS calendar is now available:

 2015 TCYBS Calendar

State Of Ohio Concussion Return-To Play Law

February 19, 2013

All OGSO Managers, Coaches and umpires must comply with this law that
goes into effect April 26, 2013!!

Use this site to get your free certification. NHFS Free Concussion Course

  • Click on the button that says, please login to order. In the window that appears , click to register.
  • When your registration is complete you may "order" the free concussion course offered along the left hand
          side of the page. Continue following prompts. Although it may look like you'll be charged for the course,
          there is no cost.
  • Once you've completed "checkout," you'll be able to take the free online course and print a compliance certificate.

If you want additional information on this law go to Healthy Ohio :: Concussion in Youth Sports: Ohio's Return-to-Play Law

Background Screening Web Sites

March 20, 2015

OGSO, Pee-Wee and T-Ball :: All OGSO Girls, Pee-Wee Boys & Girls and T-Ball team managers & coaches must have a back ground screening completed from Lexus/Nexus. The cost is $6.00 per Manager/Coach

First Advantage

HOT STOVE BOYS :: All Hot Stove boys team managers and coaches must have a background screening completed from NCSI. All managers and coaches must apply for a background screening for the 2011 season at a cost of $21.50. Prior to starting the application process on the web site below, obtain your local's ID number from your President or head of your local.

NCSI Web Site

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