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Note:  The schedule below is for your convenience,  however it is not official.  We strive to keep it accurate, however mistakes can happen.   If you notice or suspect an error,  please refer to your paper schedule given by your coaches.  The paper schedule is official.  Rescheduled games will not be posted here. 

Upcoming Games

Tuesday,  May 26
Rookie Girls
Westville Fire Dept. (W) @ Andie Mae's Ice Cream (B) 6:00pm Bismarck East
Oakwood 2 @ Georgetown Lion's Club (G) 6:00pm Georgetown-Thompson
Oakwood 1 @ CMS Accounting (W) 6:00pm Westville-Attutis
Rookie Boys
Catlin Cardinals @ Catlin White Sox 6:00pm Catlin C
Minor Boys
Bismarck Fire Dept. (B) @ Catlin Diamondbacks 6:00pm Catlin B
Oakwood 2 @ Mr. Trophy (G) 6:00pm Georgetown-Wise
Oakwood 1 @ High Tech Karaoke (G) 8:00pm Georgetown-Wise
Catlin Indians @ Obsessive Detail (W) 8:00pm Westville-Sole
Major Girls
Yard Stor (G) @ Myers Flooring (B) 6:00pm Bismarck North
Catlin Storm @ Oakwood 1 6:00pm Obenland Field (Oakwood)
Fox Quad Farms (B) @ Westville Custom Print (W) 6:00pm Westville-Sole
Twilight Girls
Catlin Thunder @ Panther Creek Taxidermy (G) 6:00pm Georgetown-Chandler
LaPotasina (B) @ Lanz Heating & Cooling (W) 6:00pm Westville-Youhas
Oakwood @ Bismarck Little Angels (B) 8:00pm Bismarck North
On Time Logistics (G) @ Julees Shooting Star (W) 8:00pm Westville-Youhas
Wednesday,  May 27
Rookie Boys
Dawson Logistics (W) @ Catlin Cardinals 6:00pm Catlin C
Casey's General Store (G) @ Tilton (T) 6:00pm Tilton C
Terminix (B) @ Westville Sportsman's Club(W) 6:00pm Westville-Attutis
Oakwood 2 (O) @ Shirley's Custom Lights (G) 8:00pm Georgetown-Thompson
Minor Girls
Catlin Wildcats @ Catlin Thunder 6:00pm Catlin B
Crane Roll-Off (W) @ Lagacy Electric (G) 6:00pm Georgetown-Thompson
Sunset Funeral Homes (G) @ Oakwood 2 6:00pm Obenland Field (Oakwood)
Georgetown Foods (G) @ A Blessed Mess Boutique (W) 6:00pm Westville-Sole
Major Boys
Oakwood 2 @ Watson General Tire (B) 6:00pm Bismarck North
Oakwood 1 @ G'town American Legion (G) 6:00pm Georgetown-Chandler
Catlin Cardinals @ Junkyard Dogs (G) 6:00pm Georgetown-Wise
Robinson Auto Body (W) @ Phoenix Consulting (T) 6:00pm Tilton A
Top Club PC (W) @ Latoz Hardware (W) 6:00pm Westville-Youhas
Thursday,  May 28
Rookie Girls
CMS Accounting (W) @ Catlin Storm 6:00pm Catlin C
Oakwood 2 @ Oakwood 1 6:00pm Obenland Field (Oakwood)
Westville Fire Dept. (W) @ Georgetown Lion's Club (G) 6:00pm Zamberletti Park
Minor Boys
Oakwood 2 @ Catlin Diamondbacks 6:00pm Catlin B
Catlin Indians @ High Tech Karaoke (G) 6:00pm Georgetown-Wise
Bismarck Fire Dept. (B) @ Mr. Trophy (G) 8:00pm Georgetown-Wise
Barney Realty (W) @ Toyota of Danville (W) 8:00pm Westville-Youhas
Major Girls
MS Salon (W) @ Fox Quad Farms (B) 6:00pm Bismarck North
Catlin Storm @ Indian's Pizza (W) 6:00pm Westville-Sole
Oakwood 2 @ Ceader's Collision Repair (W) 6:00pm Westville-Youhas
Double S (B) @ Westville Custom Print (W) 8:00pm Westville-Sole
Twilight Girls
Oakwood @ On Time Logistics (G) 6:00pm Georgetown-Chandler
Julees Shooting Star (W) @ LaPotasina (B) 8:00pm Bismarck North

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Upcoming Events

Saturday,  Jun 20
Georgetown Starwalt Memorial Baseball Tournament
Saturday,  Jul 4
Georgetown 4th of July Softball Tournament

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