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Upcoming Games

Monday, Jun 27
Rookie Girls
Tuggle Construction (G) @ Denise's Cuts and Stuff (B)6:00pmBismarck East
LaPotosina (B) @ J & A Properties (G)6:00pmGeorgetown-Thompson
Latoz Hardware (W) @ Toyota of Danville (W)6:00pmWestville-Attutis
Catlin Thunder (C) @ Catlin Express (C)8:00pmCatlin C
Owen's Trucking & Excavation (O) @ CMS Accounting & Tax Serv. (W)8:00pmWestville-Attutis
Minor Girls
Catlin Illini (C) @ Catlin Ironbirds (C)6:00pmCatlin C
Full Fill Industries (B) @ Hall Law Firm (O)6:00pmOakwood- West
Minor Boys
On Time Logistics (G) @ Catlin Blue Jays (C)6:00pmCatlin B
Westville Sportsman's Club (W) @ RP Lumber (W)6:00pmWestville-Youhas
Catlin Mudcats (C) @ Hayne Concrete (O)8:00pmOakwood 3-East
Major Girls
Catlin Waves (C) @ Andi Mae's Ice Cream (B)6:00pmBismarck North
Tuggle Construction (G) @ Shirley's Custom Lights (G)6:00pmGeorgetown-Chandler
Indian's Pizza (W) @ All Source Rental (O)6:00pmOakwood 3-East
Double S (B) @ MS Salon (W)6:00pmWestville-Sole
BJ Trucking and Excavating (O) @ Crane Roll-Off (W)8:00pmWestville-Sole
Tuesday, Jun 28
Rookie Boys
Westville Fire Dept. (W) @ Terminix (B)6:00pmBismarck East
Junkyard Dogs (G) @ Catlin Cardinals (C)6:00pmCatlin C
Sunset Houghton (G) @ Dukes Farms (G)6:00pmGeorgetown-Thompson
Catlin White Sox (C) @ Mr. Trophy (O)6:00pmOakwood- West
Obie's Arctic Chill (O) @ Ed Barney Attn. at Law (W)6:00pmWestville-Attutis
R & S Quick Properties (W) @ Catlin Angels (C)8:00pmCatlin C
Harris Insurance Agency (B) @ Gold Rush Pawn Shop (W)8:00pmWestville-Attutis
Minor Girls
Hall Law Firm (O) @ Lagacy Electric (G)6:00pmGeorgetown-Wise
Revive Salon (W) @ Westville Custom Print (W)6:00pmWestville-Sole
Catlin Ironbirds (C) @ Lambert Farms (G)8:00pmGeorgetown-Wise
Major Boys
Catlin A's @ Tuggle Construction (G)6:00pmGeorgetown-Chandler
Alvarez Indust. Cleaning (W) @ Little Nugget Steakhouse (O)6:00pmOakwood 3-East
Bismark Men's Club (B) @ Westville American Legion (W)8:00pmWestville-Sole
Twilight Girls
Panther Creek Taxidermy (G) @ Fox Quad Farms (B)6:00pmBismarck North
Lanz Heating and Cooling (W) @ Julees Shooting Star (W)6:00pmWestville-Youhas
Catlin Storm (C) @ Todd's Auto Body (O)8:00pmOakwood 3-East
Wednesday, Jun 29
Rookie Girls
Latoz Hardware (W) @ Denise's Cuts and Stuff (B)6:00pmBismarck East
Catlin Express (C) @ Catlin Thunder (C)6:00pmCatlin C
Toyota of Danville (W) @ Owen's Trucking & Excavation (O)6:00pmOakwood- West
J & A Properties (G) @ CMS Accounting & Tax Serv. (W)6:00pmWestville-Attutis
Lawlyes Attny. Group (W) @ LaPotosina (B)8:00pmBismarck East
Minor Boys
RP Lumber (W) @ Catlin Mudcats (C)6:00pmCatlin B
Westville Sportsman's Club (W) @ On Time Logistics (G)6:00pmGeorgetown-Wise
Big Rig Truck Painting (O) @ Hayne Concrete (O)6:00pmOakwood 3-East
Major Girls
Tuggle Construction (G) @ Double S (B)6:00pmBismarck North
Shirley's Custom Lights (G) @ Catlin Waves (C)6:00pmCatlin A
Andi Mae's Ice Cream (B) @ MS Salon (W)6:00pmWestville-Sole
Crane Roll-Off (W) @ All Source Rental (O)8:00pmOakwood 3-East
BJ Trucking and Excavating (O) @ Indian's Pizza (W)8:00pmWestville-Sole
Twilight Girls
Catlin Storm (C) @ Lanz Heating and Cooling (W)6:00pmWestville-Youhas
Tuggle Construction (G) @ Panther Creek Taxidermy (G)8:00pmGeorgetown-Wise

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