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WPISL Annual Organization Meeting 1/31/16


WPISL – 2016 - Annual Organization Meeting Announcement

Members, Coaches, and interested parties,

The Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Softball League (WPISL) annual organization meeting will be held on Sunday, January 31, 2016 beginning at 5 pm at the Ponce Room of the Baierl Center on the campus of North Allegheny High School.  The street address for North Allegheny High School is

10375 Perry Hwy,

Wexford, PA 15090

The WPISL “Constitutions, By-laws, and Rules” in the link below includes two amendments in the Constitution Section for member review and consideration.  The intent of the changes to address administrative issues that have been brought to our attention this past year.  These changes will be placed on the Agenda for a vote of the membership at the January 31, 2016 meeting.

The primary purpose of the annual organization meeting is for the members to elect officers.  This year the membership must vote to for candidates to fill the offices of President and Scorekeeper. The duties for these offices and the voting procedures are provided in the Constitution portion of the “Constitution, By-laws and Rules”.

If anyone is interested in running for these offices, and would like to nominate themselves or someone else in advance of the meeting so their names can be placed on the pre-printed ballots, please let Ed Vesely know no later than Wednesday, January 27, 2016.  If you would rather nominate yourself or nominate someone else at the meeting, we will add that person’s name to the ballots at the meeting.

For everyone’s information, our current President (Ed Vesely) and Scorekeeper (Joe Bolton) have informed the Board that they intend to run for office again in the same capacities.  

In addition, in 2015 no one was elected to fill the office of Treasurer.  Executive Board Member Frank Byers volunteered to fill that position for 2015 and 2016.  We thank Frank for taking on those duties.  Per the WPISL Constitution, the Board shall consist of eight members.  As such, the Board is looking for candidates to fill Frank’s Executive Board position for 2016, while he serves as the Treasurer.  The duties an Executive Board Member is provided in the Constitution portion of the attached “Constitution, By-laws and Rules”.  One additional duty not spelled out in the Constitution is the Executive Board member is expected to serve as scorekeeper and administrator during the WPISL Playoffs for at least one and possibly two games.  Interested candidates should contact Ed Vesely.  The Board will meet sometime after the annual organization to appoint someone to this position.

The secondary purpose of the meeting is to get feedback from the membership on the 2015 season.

If you would like any discussion items put on the Agenda in advance of the meeting, please let Ed Vesely know by no later than Monday, January 28, 2016.   If you would like to propose changes to the Constitution, By-laws or Rules, please let Ed Vesely know so they can be added to the Agenda for discussion.

Also, we will also be looking for volunteers to serve on and chair the Rules, Scheduling, Publicity and Umpire Committees.


If you know any new teams or organizations who my want to join the league, please let them know of our January 31, 2016 meeting.


WPISL 2015 Playoffs

Plum Defeats Montour 21-14 for WPISL Championship


2015 WPISL Playoff Bracket Link
 article link


Instructions For Reporting Scores

Both teams should report the official scores to the league within a day of games being played by either sending an email to or sending a text message to 724-561-2772.

The message should contain if it is for Varsity, JV or Jr High; date of games, names of the schools involved and the scores

WPISL Varsity Champions 2006 - Present

2006 - North Allegheny (Photo)
2007 - Fox Chapel (Photo)
2008 - North Allegheny (Photo)
2009 - West Allegheny (Photo)
2010 - Bethel Park (Photo)
2011 - North Allegheny (Photo)
2012 - Fort Cherry (Photo)
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2014 - Montour (Photo)
2015 - Plum (Photo)