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NEWS RELEASE - Welcome New Schools Mt Lebonan and Thomas Jefferson


The WPISL is proud to announce that Mt. Lebonan and Thomas Jefferson School Districts have joined the WPISL for the 2015 season.  

WPISL Meeting Minutes 8/8/15

Coaches and Member Representatives,

Below is a brief summary of the action taken and other items of interest from the August 8, 2015,WPISL General Membership Meeting.

A total of 11 member representatives or their designees of the 16 active members were in attendance.   All five of the board members were present.  In addition, there were several other coaches in attendance as well as members from potential new teams from Mt Lebanon and Thomas Jefferson.

The membership passed a Policy for the 2015 season that will require all umpires who service thewpisl to have clearances.  Those clearances include:

Act 34 - PA State Police Criminal Background Check

Act 151 - PA Child Abuse History

Act 114 - FBI Criminal Background Check

The documentation to substantiate that umpire have clearances will be implemented as follows.

  1. Each member will reach out to the umpiring association that provides umpires for that member.  Members can work together on this as several umpire associations provide umpires for multiple members.

  2. The member(s) will secure a list and copies of the clearance for the umpires the association is willing to provide who have clearances and are available to umpire wpisl games.

  3. The member(s) will submit that list and copies of each umpire clearances to Brian Cronin theWPISL secretary no later than Saturday, August 22, 2015 at the JV and Junior High Scheduling Meeting.   Clearance may be submitted electronically in advance of the meeting to Brian at

  4. The WPISL will review the list and clearances and develop a spreadsheet of each umpires who have provided their clearances, what association the umpire works for, and what member he/she services.

  5. If an umpire shows to a wpisl game and is not on the list; the following action should be taken.

  6. The umpire will be asked to leave the field and will not be paid.  Members should make sure the head of umpires for the association that services that member is aware of this.

  7. Instructions for umpiring, postponing and re-scheduling the game will be forthcoming from thewpisl.

The WPISL alerted the members that the league is looking to fill the offices of Secretary and one Executive Board Member.  Interested parties should contact Ed Vesely.

This year represents the 10th season for the WPISL.  Ralph Pagone volunteered to lead the way to promote the 10th anniversary through local news media.

The Constitution, By-laws and Rules will be updated and posted on the web-site with a few minor changes that were adopted in June 2014, but never updated prior to the 2014 season.

There was an error in the Agenda Published for the meeting.  The correct fees for 2015 are as follows.

  1. Varsity = $130 per team
  2. JV = $70 per team
  3. Junior High = $70 per team

A summary of the important upcoming dates are:

  • Declaration Dates – August 17 (Varsity) and August 24 (Jr. Varsity and Jr. High).



  • Scheduling Meetings – August 22 (Varsity) and August 29 (Jr. Varsity and Jr. High).  Meetings are at 9 am at North Allegheny High School in the Cafeteria located in the front of the building.

Joe Bolton asked that any member who wants to add photos from seasons past or this season can contact him at or post photos on the wpisl Facebook page.

One suggestion for awards this year at the playoffs include a promotional t-shirt in addition or in-place of the medallions.  Ed Vesely said he would look into the budget and see if that was feasible.

The following individuals will serve as the commissioners is to improve communications and attempt to address members concerns and questions as quickly as possible. 

  1. Varsity Commissioner: Ed Vesely
  2. JV Commissioner: Brian Cronin
  3. Junior High Commission: Frank Byers

If you have any pre-season comments or concern, please e-mail the league at or me, so we can address them as soon as possible. 

Ed Vesely

WPISL – President 

 412-337-8617 (cell) 



WPISL Annual Organization Meeting 8/8/15



LINK to Flier

Members sand Coaches,

The Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Softball League (WPISL) is pleased to announce that the next general membership meeting will be held on Saturday, August 8, 2015 at 10 am at the Ponce Room at the Baierl Center located on the campus of North Allegheny High School.  Please hold that date on your calendar and if your member representative cannot attend please, plan on sending an alternate.  An agenda will be sent out later this month.  If you would like an item on that agenda, please let me know.

Ed Vesely

WPISL – President


412-337-8617 (cell)



WPISL 2014 Playoffs

Montour wins 2014 WPISL Varsity Championship over West Allegheny 19-6


2014 WPISL Playoff Bracket Link




Instructions For Reporting Scores

Both teams should report the official scores to the league within a day of games being played by either sending an email to or sending a text message to 724-561-2772.

The message should contain if it is for Varsity, JV or Jr High; date of games, names of the schools involved and the scores

WPISL Varsity Champions 2006 - Present

2006 - North Allegheny (Photo)
2007 - Fox Chapel (Photo)
2008 - North Allegheny (Photo)
2009 - West Allegheny (Photo)
2010 - Bethel Park (Photo)
2011 - North Allegheny (Photo)
2012 - Fort Cherry (Photo)
2013 - Montour (Photo)
2014 - Montour (Photo)

Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Sep 5
Bethel Park @ Peters Township 11:00am Peterswood Park Field Field #10 (Peters)
Peters Township @ Bethel Park 1:00pm Peterswood Park Field Field #10 (Peters)
Plum @ North Hills 4:00pm Herb Field (North Hills)
North Hills @ Plum 6:00pm Herb Field (North Hills)
Sunday,  Sep 6
Mt. Pleasant @ Penn Trafford 12:00pm Penn Township Municipal Park (Penn Trafford)
Penn Trafford @ Mt. Pleasant 2:00pm Penn Township Municipal Park (Penn Trafford)
Hampton @ Shaler Area 5:00pm Reserve Elementary (Shaler)
Shaler Area @ Hampton 7:00pm Reserve Elementary (Shaler)
Monday,  Sep 7
Seneca Valley @ North Allegheny 2:00pm Marshall Middle School (North Allegheny)
North Allegheny @ Seneca Valley 4:00pm Marshall Middle School (North Allegheny)
Thomas Jefferson @ Baldwin 6:00pm Baldwin Municipal Field (Baldwin)
Baldwin @ Thomas Jefferson 8:00pm Baldwin Municipal Field (Baldwin)
Sunday,  Sep 13
Plum @ Mt. Pleasant 12:00pm Frick Park (Mt Pleasant)
Hampton @ North Allegheny 12:00pm Marshall Middle School (North Allegheny)
Shaler Area @ Penn Trafford 1:00pm Penn Township Municipal Park (Penn Trafford)
Bethel Park @ Baldwin 2:00pm Baldwin Municipal Field (Baldwin)
Mt. Pleasant @ Plum 2:00pm Frick Park (Mt Pleasant)
North Allegheny @ Hampton 2:00pm Marshall Middle School (North Allegheny)
Penn Trafford @ Shaler Area 3:00pm Penn Township Municipal Park (Penn Trafford)
Baldwin @ Bethel Park 4:00pm Baldwin Municipal Field (Baldwin)
West Allegheny @ Seneca Valley 4:00pm Graham Park H (Seneca Valley)
Peters Township @ Thomas Jefferson 5:00pm Mowery Park (Thomas Jefferson)
North Hills @ Montour 5:00pm TBA
Seneca Valley @ West Allegheny 6:00pm Graham Park H (Seneca Valley)
Thomas Jefferson @ Peters Township 7:00pm Mowery Park (Thomas Jefferson)
Montour @ North Hills 7:00pm TBA
Sunday,  Sep 20
Penn Trafford @ Plum 11:00am Plum Borough Fields (Plum)
Thomas Jefferson @ Bethel Park 12:00pm Bethel Park High School (Bethel Park)
Montour @ Mt. Pleasant 12:00pm Frick Park (Mt Pleasant)
Seneca Valley @ Hampton 1:00pm McCully (Hampton)
Baldwin @ Peters Township 1:00pm Peterswood Park Field Field #10 (Peters)
Plum @ Penn Trafford 1:00pm Plum Borough Fields (Plum)
Bethel Park @ Thomas Jefferson 2:00pm Bethel Park High School (Bethel Park)
Mt. Pleasant @ Montour 2:00pm Frick Park (Mt Pleasant)
Hampton @ Seneca Valley 3:00pm McCully (Hampton)
Peters Township @ Baldwin 3:00pm Peterswood Park Field Field #10 (Peters)
West Allegheny @ North Hills 4:15pm Herb Field (North Hills)
North Allegheny @ Shaler Area 5:00pm Reserve Elementary (Shaler)
North Hills @ West Allegheny 6:15pm Herb Field (North Hills)
Shaler Area @ North Allegheny 7:00pm Reserve Elementary (Shaler)

For a complete schedule listing, click here!