Last Updated: April 23, 2017
  • JV Tournament April 24 and 25 3:15 PM

JV Tournament

 The JV tournament will be Monday and Tuesday April 24-25. Matches will be played at Valhalla and Granite Hills.

 Singles at Granite Hills, doubles at Valhalla.

 Players must arrange their transportation to the matches (no bus).

 Singles Players
 Kai Parel-Sewell
 Luke Putrus
 Johnny Meram
 Ryan Ayala
 Rami Awakeem

 Doubles Teams
 Majd Alkuree-Brendan McGinley
 Brady Francisco-Majid Michael
 Mudhar Basim-Yousif Hindi
 Sebastian Aguilar-Justin Mosa
 Ben Kajy-Chaska Kentish

Boys Tennis Matches

 April 18 @ Helix 
     Varsity 4-14 - The Norsemen closed the regular season with a loss to the Highlanders bringing their season record to
     2-8 in league and 7-10 overall.
     JV 8-7 - Ryan Ayala won three sets of singles and Majd Alkuree-Brendan McGinley won three sets of doubles.
     The other sets were added by Rami Awakeem and Sebastian Aguilar-Mudhar Basam. The win lifted their final
     record to 4-6 in league and 7-8 overall.

 April 5 vs. Patrick Henry 
     Varsity 6-12 - Though the Patriots proved stronger than the Norsemen, the doubles team of Jacob Ibbetson-Ethan
     Wood swept their three matches.
     JV 10-8 - The singles players accounted for 8 of the 10 points won by the Norsemen. Congratulations Kai Parel-
     Sewell, Ryan Ayala, Johnny Meram, Brady Francisco
, and Majid Michael!

 April 4 vs. West Hills 
     Varsity 16-2 - The Wolfpack were missing a couple players and the Norsemen hammered home the advantage as
     Nolan Carroll, Jacob Ibbetson-Ethan Wood, Dawson de Beaumont-Jacob Kattoula, and Luke Putrus-Harris
swept their matches. 
     JV 14-1 - Kai Parel-Sewell, Johnny Meram, Ryan Ayala, Brady Francisco, Rami Awakeem, Mudhar Basam-
     Yousif Hindi, Sebastian Aguilar-Justin Mosa, Ben Kajy-Chaska Kentish
, and Majd Alkuree-Majid Michael
     contributed to the Norsemen's victory.

 March 30 @ Santana 
     Varsity 7-11 - The Norsemen continue to show marked improvement as the season progresses. Scott Hale swept his
     singles and Nolan Carroll add two more. 
     JV 10-8 - Majd Alkuree-Majid Michael won three sets and Johnny Meram won two in leading the Norsemen to the

 March 29 vs. Steele Canyon 
     Varsity 5-13 - The Norsemen battled but came up short against the Cougars. Scott Hale and Nolan Carroll scored
     in singles while Jacob Ibbetson-Ethan Wood and Jacob Carroll-Saul Martinez won in doubles.
     JV - 4-14 - All the Norsemen's points were put up by the doubles teams of Mudhar Basim-Yousif Hindi, Ryan
     Ayala-Johnny Meram
and Brady Francisco-Brendan McGinley.

 March 28 vs. Grossmont 
     Varsity 2-16 - Though the overall score appears one-sided, the Norsemen doubles teams showed a marked
     improvement in just a couple short weeks. Jacob Ibbetson-Ethan Wood and Jacob Kattoula-Saul Martinez were
     able to win sets and fought through every point.
     JV 6-12 - Luke Putrus won a set of singles while Ryan Ayala-Johnny Meram and Mudar Basim-Yousif Hindi won
     two sets each. Ben Kajy-Justin Mosa added the final point for the Norsemen.

 March 23 vs. Helix 
     Varsity 8-10 - Everyone contributed as the Norsemen won three sets of singles and five sets of double. The total
     allowed the Highlanders to escape with a hard fought win. 
     JV 13-5 - Chaska Kentish, Ryan Ayala, and Johnny Meram each won two sets of singles and Majd Alkuree-Majid Michael
     and Mudar Basim-Yousif Hindi added three sets of doubles each.

 March 22 vs. Christian 
     Varsity 15-3 - Due to missing players Luke Putrus and Johnny Meram were asked to to step up to varsity and help
     the team. They performed well helping the Norsemen to a solid win.

 March 21 @ Steele Canyon 
     Varsity 4-14 - Valhalla won two sets by default and Jacob Ibbetson-Ethan Wood won the other two sets as the
     Cougars dropped the Norsemen.
     JV 2-16 - Ryan Ayala-Johnny Meram and Mudhar Basim-Yousif Hindi each won a set for the Norsemen's score.

 March 17 vs. Calexico 
     Varsity 8-10 - Calexico won 7 of the 9 doubles points while Valhalla's singles players won 6 of the 9 singles points.
     Though Saul Martinez, Nolan Carroll, and Scott Hale won 2 sets each, the Norsemen came up just short in the
     final score.  
     JV 0-9 - The Bulldogs could not field a full JV team, but the players they had available made short work of the
     Norsemen on this day.

 March 16 @ West Hills 
     Varsity 12-6 - Nolan Carroll swept his three matches in leading the Norsemen charge over the Wolfpack.
     JV 9-9 (71-79) - Luke Putrus won three sets and Rami Awakeem won the last set of the day 7-6 (10-8) to draw
     the Norsemen level in sets. The Wolfpack won more total games to take the match.  

 March 14 vs. Santana 
     Varsity 3-15 - The Norsemen's points came in doubles with Jacob Ibbetson-Ethan Wood winning two sets and
     Nolan Carroll-Saul Martinez adding one.
     JV 8-10 - Luke Putrus and Majid Michael led the Norsemen winning two sets each in singles. Ryan Ayala-Johnny
     Meram added two more in doubles. Chaska Kentish and Majd Alkuree-Brendan McGinley also contributed set

 March 9 @ Grossmont 
     Varsity 0-18 - The Norsemen moved up a level in competition when they opened league play at Grossmont.  
     JV 5-11 - Despite the outstanding efforts of Johnny Meram in singles and Mudhar Basim-Yousif Hindi in doubles,
     the Norsemen dropped their opening league match.  

 March 8 vs. Orange Glen 
     Varsity 16-2 - Scott Hale won three sets of singles and Dawson de Beaumont-Harris Siddiqi won three sets of
     doubles as the Norsemen moved their preseason record to 4-0.

 March 7 @ Monte Vista 
     Varsity 13-2 - Darkness cut the match short, but before darkness hit Jacob Ibbetson-Jacob Kattoula won three
     sets while Saul Martinez, Nolan Carroll, and Scott Hale won all their sets too.
     JV 24-1 - The Norsemen switched their line up around and it worked well. Every member of the JV team was able to
     play in the match and every member of the team won at least two sets in driving the team to victory. Mudhar Basim
     dropped just one game in sweeping his matches. 

 March 2 vs. Granite Hills 
     Varsity 15-3 - The doubles teams of Jacob Ibbetson-Jacob Kattoula, Kai Parel-Sewell-Ethan Wood, and Dawson
     de Beaumont-Harris Siddiqi swept their nine sets in leading the Norsemen. Not to be outdonw, Nolan Carroll swept
     his singles sets.  
     JV 11-7 - Ryan Ayala-Johnny Meram guided the JV team to victory.

 March 1 vs. El Camino 
     Varsity 10-8 - The Norsemen caught the Wildcats shorthanded and were able to sweep doubles. Saul Martinez won a
     set of singles to scratch out the win. 
     JV - 4-4 (31-34) - Majid Michael, Ryan Ayala-Johnny Meram, Muhar Basim-Yousif Hindi, and Majd Alkuree-
     Brendan McGinley
won sets, but the Norsemen came up just short in total games.

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