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With our season set to start in just a few weeks. We would like to take the time to let everyone know, that the organization is in need of volunteers for the 2016 season. We are set for the 2015 season.  With most of the existing board members children graduating out of the program at the end of this season, it leaves a lot of positions to be filled.


These include:




Vice President




Cheer Director


2 Contact Football Directors




In order for the program to continue after this season, these positions must be filled by the end of October. Normally nominations for these positions take place in September. But with such a high number of positions needing filled, we wanted to start now. So it is now up to the parents that will have children in the program next year to step up and fill these positions for the children .





Any questions or concers, please contact us at bsyaa13@gmail.com

Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Oct 10
Biglerville White @ Bermudian Red 10:00am Bermudian High School
Littlestown Cowboys @ Bermudian Gray 10:00am Bermudian High School
Bermudian White @ Littlestown Chargers 10:00am Littlestown
Sunday,  Oct 11
Bermudian JV @ Baresville Bears 1:30pm Bearsville Elementary
Bermudian Varsity @ Baresville Bears 1:30pm Bearsville Elementary
Saturday,  Oct 17
Biglerville Black @ Bermudian White 10:00am Bermudian High School
Littlestown Eagles @ Bermudian Red 10:00am Bermudian High School
Bermudian Gray @ Biglerville White 10:00am Biglerville Elementary
Bermudian JV @ Upper Adams Canners 6:00pm Biglerville High School
Bermudian Varsity @ Upper Adams Canners 6:00pm Biglerville High School
Sunday,  Oct 25
SYC Warriors Red @ Bermudian JV 1:30pm Bermudian High School
SYC Warriors Red @ Bermudian Varsity 1:30pm Bermudian High School

For a complete schedule listing, click here!