Last Updated: December 20, 2014
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41 Days
Updated Execution and Difficulty Score Sheets!
Our Email address
Join us on SATURDAY, JANUARY 31, 2015 for the 38th GRC!

Greater Rochester Cheerleading and Dance Championships

Awesome Judges' Training at AQ

On Saturday, December 13, the entire Judging Staff of GRC met at The Aquinas Institute to review and practice each of the judging responsibilities on the panels. We spent a great deal of time on Difficulty and Execution. It was an outstanding training. We evaluated teams with each of the score sheets and had thorough discussions around the scores and grids. Be confident in the knowledge that we take this seriously and want to provide the best evaluation process for your team!

Rosters, Pictures and Ads, Additional Coaches/Assistants, Photographers

Coaches - Don't forget to get those team rosters and team pictures into us! Please send your roster FIRST NAME, LAST NAME along with the coach name(s). You don't want to miss out on having your team as part of the GRC  program!

Wish your team good luck by placing an ad in the program! Look in our informational brochure to find how and where to send your rosters, pictures and ads.

Don't forget to register ALL the names of your coaches and assistants! Each team is allowed two coaches or assistants. If you have two teams attending, that would give you 4 coach/assistant entrances as part of your entrance fee. Above that, it is an additional $6 per person.

We do not let photographers on the floor that are not already vetted or performing a service for GRC or the media. In order for a photographer to be allowed on the floor, they must have a PRESS PASS (Media pass from a local news agency). Or, the Athletic Director must approve a photographer that can take photos of your performance for a local paper or school yearbook. We must have WRITTEN PERMISSION from the Athletic Director with a specific name and purpose of the photographer. That photographer will not have permission to photograph any other teams at the competition. If there are photographers taking your team's pictures and they have not gone through this process, please inform our staff immediately. They will be escorted from the building by Security. You do not want to allow anyone to take pictures of your teams unless they have gone through this process. We have had problems with several photographers in the past that are there taking pictures for their own profit or have no intention of selling the photos but are taking the photos for their own purposes.


November 21, 2014

If you are wondering whether or not GRC is a NYSPHSAA sanctioned event, we are! Here is the follow up email we received from Todd Nelson of the NYSPHSAA in August after submitting paperwork.


I received a sanctioning application for your event on 1/31/2015.  I noticed that there were no schools from outside of NY attending the event.  If this is true then there is no paperwork needed for this event.  Only member/approved schools can attend this event.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  Thanks.


Todd Nelson

8 Airport Park Blvd

Latham, NY 12110



Who's Attending

Registrations are arriving!

* = Roster
+ = Team Photo

Avon Modified, JV and Varsity
Cal-Mumford +JV and *+Varsity
East Irondequoit Modified, JV and *+Varsity
East Rochester Varsity
Fairport Modified, JV and Varsity
Gananda JV and Varsity
Gates-Chili *+Modified, *+JV and *+Varsity
Geneseo JV and *+Varsity
Honeoye Falls Lima JV and Varsity
Hornell JV and Varsity
Letchworth JV and Varsity
Penfield Dance Team
Pittsford +JV and +Varsity
Red Jacket JV
Victor Modified, Freshman, JV and Varsity
Wayland Cohocton JV and Varsity
West Irondequoit *JV and *+Varsity
Williamson Modified and Varsity
York Varsity

Check Out Our New Brochure and Registration Form!

November 3, 2014

Download our brochure and registration form here or on our Handouts Page. Be sure to take a look at our new checklist attached to the registration form. It allows you to tell us about your routine so that we can place you in a division with other teams that have similar abilities and size wherever we can. The new checklist will help us to make the playing field as fair as possible! The checklist is OPTIONAL. It is simply another tool for us.

Coaches: We will be asking for your updated team numbers on the day of the competition. This is for the difficulty judges when evaluating the number of members jumping, tumbling, and stunt groups on a team during the routine. We will be using the majority plus one formula, as is used at the Sectional and State levels.

Updated Execution and Difficulty Score Sheets!

November 3, 2014

We have updated our Execution and Difficulty Score Sheets to reflect the changes in the Sectional and State rubrics. Please note that we have continued to break down the judging panels to evaluate your teams as efficiently and fairly as possible. Our Execution Judges will be evaluating either Jumps, Tumbling, Motions, Dance or Stunts, Pyramids, Tosses, Dismounts, Transitions. Our Difficulty Judges will be evaluating either Tumbling, Jumps, Motions/Dance or Stunting, Pyramids/Tosses. (click on the links to see the score sheets, or go to our Handouts page to click on the score sheets).

We will have a Scribe who will script your entire routine and be an additional resource to our judging panel. The Scribe will not assign a score, but is a way for the panel to be sure that they see  all of the elements a team has choreographed into their routine. You will not receive a copy of the Scribe's score sheet. It is simply used as a tool for our panel.

We will continue to use our Point Deduction Judges to evaluate bobbles, falls, and transition collisions. Note that on the Point Deduction score sheet, we have spelled out the deductions/points and included Major Collapse as a choice for the PDJ. See our Point Deduction score sheet here or on our Handouts page.

Don't forget our Requirement Criteria score sheet to be sure that you have included all of the elements you must have in your routine. You must also be sure that your routine is no longer than 2 minutes and 30 seconds. You can click above or check out the score sheet on our Handouts page.

Our Commentary Judge will commentate your routine in real time as a voice over to the team DVD that you will receive 30 minutes after your routine. You can watch the DVD in our viewing area. This DVD is yours to keep! There is no score assigned to your commentary DVD, but it is a great way for your team to hear a judge's perspective on the routine and get feedback. Remember that what the Commentary Judge is stating may or may not be reflected in the scores. This is simply a tool to use with your team. It is not evaluative.

Final Results for 2014

January 20, 2014

Congratulations to all of the teams who competed! Click here for our final results!

GRC Elite 8 2014

January 20, 2014

Avon Varsity
Fairport Varsity
Fairport JV
Hornell Varsity
Penfield Varsity
Penfield Dance
Perry Varsity
Spencerport JV

Scholarship Winners

January 20, 2014

Greater Rochester Memorial Scholarship: Meghan Crawford, Fairport

Sister Marlene McQueeney Scholarship:   Josephine Scherer, Red Jacket

Junior and Senior Individual Winners

Senior: Christiana Glover Greece Olympia

Junior: Julie Holmes Avon

Magic Moments Photography for Competition action shots

Be sure to visit Magic Moments Photography for your team photos and action shots from our official team and action photographers at Magic Moments Photography soon!

Paper Moon Productions Official Videographers of GRC!

GRC welcomes Paper Moon Productions as our official videographer for the 37th anniversary event. Click to download the order form. DVD's will be available at the event or full event DVD's can be ordered and mailed. Find the ordering information on the HANDOUTS page.

Sign Our Guestbook!

Look on the right hand side of this page under our logo and our web address, you will find our Guest Book. Click on it and leave us a message! We would love to hear from you!

Our Warm Up Area is National Federation Approved!

November 11, 2011
INDIANAPOLIS, IN (February 14, 2011) — The new high school spirit rules changes approved by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Spirit Rules Committee at its January 8-10 meeting minimize the risk potential created by certain performance surfaces, props or stunts. The changes, which were subsequently approved by the NFHS Board of Directors, will take effect with the 2011-12 school year.
One of the most significant changes deals with allowable stunts on a basketball court or track. Changes to Rules 2-6-7, 2-9-7 and 2-10-2 require that any airborne twisting tumbling skills, basket tosses, elevator tosses or similar multi-base tosses and twisting dismounts take place only on grass (real or artificial) or a mat.
Similarly, twisting during quick/load-in tosses is restricted to grass (real or artificial) or a mat per changes made to Rule 2-10-7.


Our History

Over 30,000 cheerleaders, both boys and girls, have competed over the past three decades at the annual late-January Championship, which includes a Senior Individual Competition (initiated in 1982), where 12th graders display their talent separate from their squad performances. In 1990, the Sister Marlene McQueeney Memorial Scholarship was instituted for a graduating senior cheerleader with at least a 3.50 GPA.

Val Snelgrove (Greece Olympia H.S. coach) and Debbie Smith (Edison Tech coach) began the Championship in 1978 under the name of The Monroe County Cheerleading Championship, with 30 squads (350 individuals) competing at Greece Athena. Cheryl Johnson (Greece Olympia JV coach) replaced Smith as co-Director in 1984; and, because of the need for more space (50 squads a year competing), the event was moved to SUNY Brockport in 1988 and renamed The Greater Rochester Cheerleading Championship.

In 1990, due to overflow numbers of competitors and spectators, the Championship moved to its present location at Blue Cross Arena (then known as the Rochester War Memorial). On its 15th annniversary in 1992, the event honored Bishop Kearney H.S. as its "Team of the Decade" for its many Championship successes. The 1994 competition was the Championship's first year with over 1000 cheerleaders and included 70 squads, 90 Senior Individual Competitors, and a most-gratifying 2,600 spectators.

We've continued to grow and evolve into a nationally recognized competition. We expect to have over 1,800 cheerleaders and dancers this year as well as close to 5,000 spectators!

Our Committee

Cheryl Johnson - Co-Director
Val Snelgrove - Co-Director
Dina Barnard
Carolyn Benham
Chrissy Doggett
Leslie Galusha
Marcey Garno
Jennifer Kasanov
Wendy Speciale

Greater Rochester Cheerleading and Dance Championships

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